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Dr Robert Malone joined Steve Bannon on the War Room with his best understanding of what went on behind the scenes at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Steve asks him if he believes that Fauci and others at the NIH committed crimes beyond lying to Congress and Malone replies that his contacts at the CIA tell him that as a result of a “leak”, all CIA assets in China were killed and since the US no longer had any ears or eyes in China, they agreed to finance the Wuhan lab. The “quid pro quo” was that the US would be allowed “limited oversight” of the CCP’s biowarfare program there.

He says that Fauci, himself has admitted that the CCP needed to be “protected” and this directive was germane to the COVID origins cover-up that we all witnessed every time Fauci testified before Congress.

Malone continues, “At a time when the Federal Government policy was that we were not supposed ton have Gain of Function research, clearly we had Gain of Function research. Clearly, the intelligence community is at the center of all of this. That’s the big lesson foe me. I’ve been dragged into that realization. I haven’t wanted to believe that the United States intelligence community was at the center of this whole COVID crisis but I’ve come to the conclusion that that is the case. The US intelligence community, working together with the CCP were at the center of this entire affair…

“Mutants were created. They were in the process of being characterized. It appears that there was some events that resulted in infection of human personnel within the WIV. Those are the initial index cases, they occurred sometime around November 2019. Then, we had CCP staff move in, eliminate all those viral isolates and the associated records and the cascade of events came on.”

Steve says this means the US intelligence community knew about COVID and Wuhan in November of 2019. Malone replies, “That’s what I’m hearing…Hopefully, it’ll eventually come out in the hearings but it’s going to be treated as ‘confidential information’.

“I’ve also heard that Gottlieb directly intervened in the decision of the Government to switch from Moderna to Pfizer. Gottlieb has intel ties. He is involved within advisory committees within the CIA. And apparently, he went into the CIA, interacted, and there was a switch in national policy within 24 hours, in terms of the emphasis on which vaxxine to promote.”

Malone goes on to say that Anthony Fauci used burner phones in an effort to hide what transpired and also that Fauci intervened with one of the key research groups that was assigned within the CIA to determine if SARS-CoV-2 was of laboratory origin. “He intervened to dissuade them from that conclusion.”

Malone continues, “Once upon a time, I thought we were the good guys. Once upon a time, I thought this was a CCP operation. Once upon a time, I thought it must be some other entity that was the hidden hand behind this. What I’ve learned after this whole journey is – from friends that would know – a strong case could be made that the CIA is the most powerful organization in the world right now and it’s functionally rogue.

“What we have is a bunch of operational units within the CIA that are seeking to maximize their capital, their resources within their assigned mission space. I think a case can be made that part of what’s been going on here is a failure of leadership and control; that you’ve had these functional groups that are seeking to enhance their power base and their wealth, their resource base that have grown beyond their mission, really, it’s mission creep…

“What I understand is the Agency is absolutely, at this point in time, the most important organization in the world. It is largely autonomous. As we’ve heard in so many different ways and the latest was the testimony regarding the UAPs. We’ve got these multiple lines of evidence that the CIA is largely comprised of functional groups that have assigned mission space that operate in kind of an entrepreneurial way to capture capital and to operate within their assigned mission space relatively autonomously under guidance of their internal civilian command and those administrators seek to maximize power, scope and capital resources that they can capture and with the COVID crisis and the run-up in the biodefense industry, etc, they’ve had a great opportunity to grab at a whole new pile of capital, which they’ve used to expand their mission. This is classic mission creep.”

Malone then comments about the UFO hearings that took place, saying, “The story is not aliens. The story is the interface and complete arrogance of the Administrative State over decades. This is the clearest documentation – and the behaviors that you see – the complete integration with the press, the integration of the derision, defamation, gaslighting, etc, it’s the same portfolio, it’s the same checklist that we’re seeing deployed against Bobby Kennedy right now and that we’ve seen deployed throughout the COVID crisis. It’s like they have a standard playbook…

“In terms of what’s happened here over the last 3 years, what we’ve seen, in my opinion, is the fusion of the Administrative State and the intelligence community and what’s been assimilated, the vector that comes out of that is the ethics of the entire edifice have become the ethics of the intelligence community, which are essentially no ethics, they’re entirely situational. That’s where we get this vector that comes out that’s totally utilitarian and anything goes that advances the interests of that imperial state and the Administrative State that supports it.”

Steve asks him if he believes there is a depopulation motive behind COVID and the vaxx. Malone replies that although the State Department claims on its website that depopulation is not part of its policy, that we will know them by their actions and their actions during the COVID crisis are consistent with the Kissinger Report and subsequent reports, initially implemented by President Gerald Ford.

Malone says he’s not been able to find any replacement documents, which may either mean that those policies are still in place, unless they’ve been superseded by policies that are classified.

The two agree that over classification is a huge problem and that everything about COVID must be declassified immediately.

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  • The following is an excerpt from a piece published on the “gingerbreggin” substack (I have changed some words to ALL CAPS for emphasis):
    “…In January 2020, (Robert W.) Malone (,MD) published on ResearchGate an elaborate scientific paper with MIT researcher Darrell O. Ricke as the first author in which the two concluded that ALL COVID-19 vaccines, including mRNA, WERE TOO DEADLY TO BE GIVEN EVEN EXPERIMENTALLY TO HUMANS. The duo of Ricke and Malone followed this up by submitting the paper to Lancet, and the journal put the article up on its prepublication platform in March 2020…
    …Given how long it takes to conduct laboratory experiments, review the scientific literature, and write and edit an illustrated finished paper, the paper published in January 2020 reflected knowledge obtained at least several months or more earlier in 2019. (From the time Malone published compiled his research until the date in 2023 that he actually made a public statement about the dangers of mRNA “vaccines”) Malone may have held back on informing the public about the deadly effects of the genetic vaccines for three and a half years or more…”

    Find the completely excellent article here:

    IMHO, an ENEMY is in our midst, sucking up as much of the oxygen as he can get us to allow.

  • I agree the CIA is a despicable rogue organization that should be dismantled completely. Our Federal Government should be reduced by 90% too. Most of Congress is bought and paid for. We need new secured elections for everybody under National Guard surveillance, Blockchain paper ballots, single voting day, small precincts and counted by precinct poll workers the same day and results posted. No mail in or drop boxes except for military secured pouches with chain of custody secured.

  • Unless we change the system, nothing will change. The Globalists push their agenda, until like now, we begin to push back and then they pull back and say , sorry, all’s well. They wait another decade or so and start pushing again. We should not be fooled thinking the Republicans are our friends. When they get in office they give it all to the corporations. Big tech is screwing us now because of the power they got from the Republicans. All Representatives are bought off, blackmailed, compromised and controlled by The East India Trading Company and their banksters, located in The City of London. What we truly need is Direct Democracy. And anyone like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claim that direct democracy is mob rule are in fact controlled opposition. Because of course it’s mob rule. It’s the whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. Why would a free person allow someone else to make his laws and run his or her affairs? A German philosopher once said that, “… no one is more hopelessly enslaved than he who thinks he’s free “. Thanks for allowing me to speak, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Who cares about labs and leaks. There are no virus’ – its all about smart dust nano technology that was aerosolized then injected. Malone is a creep. Follow George Webb reporting on him.

    • Likewise; I have difficulty with a MD/Scientist, who continually utters UMMM as a response!
      Um, I understand a pause, Umm – yet this exceeds the norm and should be a red flag, with regard to his UMMM actual intelligence. As well, I have read information which states, he is not the developer of UMMMM… mRNA, which he claims to be.
      Is this an appeal to those who are still in college, high school or otherwise just hoping to fit in with the mold…Ummm, I wonder.

  • Now we know the DEEP STATE cockroaches ran the worldwide plandemic operation . The story tellers might try to confuse the situation to make their good guy side seem less culpable. The cover upper aided and abetted the situation by lying about lab leak but pretended to not know more than what just spilled out from his dirty friends. Getting to the truth may be an impossible task so maybe it’s better to just kill them all or Kim could use her truth machine on them.

  • Who was the head of the serpent agency Truman regretted creating, that did an end run around JFK to start a war with Cuba? JFK fired him! The same was a member of the Warren Commission which decreed that Oswald was the only one to blame for the assassination of JFK.

    Them as handles snakes sooner or later get bit by them.

    The city of light shining upon the fabled hill has gone dark and nearly everyone in the world knows it – except Americans!

    When anyone, any institution, any nation adapts Lucifer’s tactics, employs Lucifer’s tools, they become Lucifer’s servants. Lucifer is the destroyer, a murderer and the father of lies.

    • SAY HIS NAME: CIA designer and first director Allen W. Dulles. Kennedy fired him in 1961, for double-crossing the President in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, trying to trigger a war with Cuba for the deep state. After being relieved of his duties, he ran the CIA for months out of a private office and likely in the minds of many administered Kennedy’s assassination. All of these actions were seditious/treasonous, but who’s counting when it’s the deep state? Dulles, Kennedy’s worst enemy, later served on the notorious Warren Commission denying that there was any collusion and plot to kill the President of the United States despite the evidence and witnesses to the contrary. Allen Dulles is one of the worst domestic enemies this country ever had, and that’s truly saying something.

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