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I had a whole news show planned for Friday night but then, American Media Periscope founder, John Michael Chambers showed up and we had a conversation, instead.

I begin by talking about Dr Joseph Mercola, who was de-banked by Rockefeller-owned Chase Bank. Chase not only shut down Dr Mercola’s bank account but they also shut down the accounts of his employees AND their family members! The Rockefellers apparently want to transform the United States into North Korea.

Mercola had already been de-banked by another institution a few years ago and he was threatened to such a degree; that he would be sued and that his web domain that he’s operated since 1997 would be seized, that he was forced to remove 26 years of content from his website. He no longer leaves posts up there for longer than 48 hours, having now moved his blog to Substack. That he’s been de-banked again – in addition to his employees and their family members – is a signal to him that the Satanic Deep State is getting ready to launch a new attack that makes COVID look like a walk in the park.

John Michael Chambers is no stranger to de-banking and de-platforming; he was de-platformed by all of the social media companies and he was de-banked by PayPal, so I wanted to get his 40,000 foot view of this second de-banking of Dr Mercola.

We’ve also all been hearing lots of rumors about the imminent collapse of the US dollar and/or the imminent collapse of the entire Western banking system and how everybody in the so-called “Free World” will soon be effectively de-banked.

The Federal Reserve System has announced that their FedNow service has gone live. Greg Reese made a report about how the FedNow will be the transaction processing system for the Federal Reserve’s programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

Since John is a financial guy, I wanted to get his views on these rumors and developments and where he thinks things are headed financially, politically, geopolitically, etc over the next 24 months.

John talks about how the Federal Government of the US is about to collapse, just as the Soviet Union did but that this doesn’t
mean that the US dollar ends – same way that the Russian Ruble didn’t end. Like the Ruble, the USD will get severely pummeled for a while but it will survive.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Rockefellers Never owned Chase Bank. He served on the Board of directors.
    Rockefeller Family Never owned anymore than 5%. Which gave them the Nickname “Rockefellers Bank” or “The Family Bank.”

    This torched garbage stampede to demonize the Rockefeller Family, just because they were out to preserve the Indo-European Culture by building the Rockefeller Plaza, needs to Stop.
    Just like this nonsense about them in the University is demonized. It was Research.
    Let us hear their side: “The Rockefeller University”, Our History.
    Since there were others misusing their Grant money from the Philanthropist, than go chase that Rabbit hole.
    The Rockefeller Family Contributed greatly to Culture, Medicine & preserving National Lands, hence ‘Acadia National Park’ John Rockefeller Jr. greatest benefactor. Donated 11,000 Acres, while also contributed to build the 45 miles of “Carriage Roads” found within this National Park, crossing 16 Picturesque bridges alongside streams & woodlands. (Maine)
    ‘Grand Teton National Park’ donated large tracts that tripled the size. (Wyoming)

  • “ . . .  under a fully-functional CBDC system, these 98 percent or so of all transactions would be digital and would require similar energy and hardware costs to those currently incurred by Bitcoin.  That is, instead of the 144TWh per year used by Bitcoin, CBDCs would consume some 7,056TWh – more than three times the UK’s total 2019 energy consumption of 2,185TWh…  In an increasingly energy-constrained global economy, it should – but likely won’t – be clear that programmable CBDCs are a non-starter… a solution looking for a problem to solve indeed! “

  • “Do you not understand that closing Dr Ms accounts, like Nigel Farage’s in UK, the bankers knew it would create this reaction ? Its all part of the plan. Turn the people against the banks. They become unworkable ” OVERNIGHT ” ( think run on the bank ). Then the ” organizers ” will introduce digital currency also ” OVERNIGHT “.. and the people will be grateful for saving them from the evil banksters ” Did it no occur to you that introducing ” crypto ” in the past was tantamount to forgery…..a heinous crime in all countries because it could undermine their economy? Been a war strategy for eons ! Like 9 11 and jab; it was a test to see how the herd reacted so they could be more precise with their cultural engineering.”

  • I had started following John Michael several years ago. He disappeared and I couldn’t find him. So happy to get to hear him today!

  • People need to better understand the mindset of the filthy rich, as it is NOT as simple as, “The man that dies with the most toys wins!”
    Once one has enough wealth to have anything they desire, the numbers become moot, and it all becomes about power, and their ‘relative wealth’ and power is greatly increased by the poverty of others!
    In other words, the poorer we are, the richer they are and the greater the power they can exert over us, We the People!
    This is the explanation and rationale for the very old globalist agenda initiated by the banksters, as one is only as elite as the peasants are NOT, our prosperity is a direct assault on their prestige, an insult to their elitism, their ego!

    • Seen from our own POWER’s eyes :

      one is only as PARASITE as the GIANTS are persuaded to be dwarfs.

      the giants are us, the dwarfs are they.

      My tentative translation of some parts of linked text :

      “We, the chimpanzees of the futur, have not lost, and the machine has not won.
      The Human being is still an ongoing battle as long as he doesn’t abandon himself, and he doesn’t abandon himself as long as he thinks the things and says them with words.
      Naming a thing is crafting an idea, and ideas have unavoidable consequences. We must keep words and name things with the right words. We must shape ideas with their unavoidable consequences.

      The transhumans have only one idea : technology.
      We, the chimpanzees of the future, have only one technology : the ideas.
      Yet the ideas are more active, faster, more efficient than any technology, they are swifter and more powerful than Internet and the electric power.”…

      november 2014

  • The Only Thing to make Covid-19 Look Like A Walk In The Park is a false flag attack to make Super Yellowstone Volcano Erupt.
    Honestly IF Covid-19 Vaccines really have Graphene oxide in them (“Which they probably do”)
    Then those Transhuman people won’t die , they will be sub-human who will enter the new world order and do pledge in 2030.
    Which brings in the degal website 2025 u.s. population forecaste if 99 million people.
    Only Super Yellowstone Volcano can wipe out 250 million people.
    And currently the liquid magna is at 35% once it gets to 42% 48% and eventually creeps over 58% liquid magna that’s when it’s going To Hit The Fan.
    People should research and see who owns the bank they do their banking with.
    Here in Chicago IL , chase Bank gets a percentage of money everytime aventra bus card is loaded, itlike .50€ for every bus ride of $2.25 , that adds up.
    I sure hope Super Yellowstone Volcano doesn’t Erupt.

  • No one is understanding that BRICS supposedly was created by Goldman Sachs.
    So how will this be different except that it’s back by gold again?
    Can anyone explain Alexander as you are touching on it. Thank you

    • Goldman Sachs did not create the BRICS alliance. A Goldman Sachs analyst back in 2001 wrote a paper about how Brazil, Russia, India and China would have more people, resources and potential for economic growth than the “First World” and that they would dominate the world economy by 2050. The countries began meeting at the sidelines in the UN in 2006. At their 2009 Yekaterinburg meeting, they began talking about the need for a new global reserve currency.

      • The only thing right about the goldman sachs propaganda assessment of BRICS is they have more people.
        India has people and nothing else. They cannot take care of their own hence modi’s bribes and corruption with US UK Australia Europe to take in migrants who then scam the system to bring in their own and never leave, displacing indigenous Westerners. They have ZERO potential. SA is a similar joke. No power or water, Indians robbed their economy under Zuma.

    • Hi Sharon

      I found the article that Ties The Brics Nations to Rothschild and its a fairly new. Dated July 17 2023
      Good article it informative on how rot gained control of each Brics Nation.
      Here’s the link.


      The above link ick on 2nd highlight in article to find a search engine you can type into for searching.


      • That BRICS article is riddled with lies and omissions. So is the general BRICS narrative. The author states ‘anti imperialists rejoice’ at the collapse of the “Western Empire”. None of the BRICS is anti imperialist…they just don’t have a history similar to America. India is probably most corrupt nation of the lot.

        If BRICS have so many resources why is it that loads of Russians and basically the entire India desperately want to escape to the “collapsing Western empire”. Go look at all the deals India’s been doing with the “western empires” to let in hordes of their people. The situation in the US with decades of indian scams in tech and now other areas is too vast to mention here. Tons of indians sent back from borders of US & across Europe. India tops all lists for scams with everything immigration schools jobs – you name it. It’s a failed country and most of their wealth is a lie. It does have a lot of people with no way to survive decently hence their flight to the empire they supposedly are surpassing.

        Russia? Even before war they had serious lack of males. Now it’s worse and their females are fleeing to the West. They have a population problem worse than China and corruption in increasing.
        China has its own problems at home, with its endless BRI projects.
        Brazil is a volatile cultural hellhole.
        SA – can’t even power most of the country, plagued by violence and serious education problem and more

        Rothschild involvement has nothing to do with the behaviour of the people in each of these nations. Rothschild is not to blame for mass corruption and cultural plagues of India for example. IDK why the author portrays indian leaders as decent against the UK colonialists when Indians are far worse and still live in extreme empire slave societies – of their own making. They are far from civilised and bring that with them to the UK. Only in the West have their lives improved.

        These people would not be fleeing to America if their country was as successful as these indie bric-worshipping pundits claim it is. That this gold backed reserve will crush the US dollar with a finger snap is a laugh.

  • I’m asking everyone including you Ms. Alexandra Bruce and MICHAEL CHAMBERS. Are you believing Donald J Trump is going to save the USA and is that, here, your message? I have lots of things on my plate of reality and I’m having trouble with people who are smarter than myself saying something that makes not one drop of sense. I am a follower and one who greatly appreciates what you do, Ms. Bruce, on this platform. You are one of my go toes every single day!

    • Hi Terry,

      About your post , Mr. Joe Kelley commented awhile back on a different article that both sides are Controlled, democrats and Republicans they’re Controlled…

      Here’s a Good link ,
      Look at what’s REALLY GOING ON.

      Biden is on page 2 ,
      Trump I forgot page 1 or 2 ,

      Look up
      Trump law December 2017

      Look up
      Trump Law August 2017

      Basically those 2 laws Trump sighed Pur The Military in Charge of The FDA Food Drug Administration.

      Those 2 laws are not in the link ys have to research them separately,
      I have an article by Kyle who explains those 2 laws ,

      Why would Trump save the public when Trump did Operation Warp Speed ????
      Trump Still stands on Vaccines , same with Biden, same with JRK Jr.


      • Jimmy, I agree in general with your conclusions, except to say you might want to look more closely at RFK. True he is not against vaccines, he is against vaccine corporate control of government and MSM, and some vaccines, but not all and that pretty much goes for me too. He is not on board with Warp Speed Trump and he is very vocal about it! He has been highly critical of the way government under Trump’s leadership, handled the covid issue, but he has not publicly criticized Trump personally like he has Fauci. JD

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