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    Sudan is explained in 2:22 minutes by Kenyan TikToker, David John Bwakali:

    “Two factions of the Sudanese military are fighting each other. One of them is led by Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan, head of the paramilitary group known as Rapid Support Forces. The other faction is led by the Sudanese Army Chief, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

    “So, why are they fighting? This is where Russia and USA come into the picture. You see, in the last couple of months, Russia has finalized a deal with Sudan to establish Russia’s naval base in Sudan’s Red Sea Coast. America’s not too happy with that. Actually, they’re furious.

    “America’s ambassador to Sudan, John Godfrey expressly warned Sudan not to seal that deal with Russia. But they’re going ahead and they’re doing just that.

    “And so, when the paramilitary unit began fighting the other faction of the Army, that wasn’t happening in a vacuum. The big problem is that you’re not going to hear this in the mainstream media. Neither are you going to hear a lot of African governments voicing this, which is very unfortunate, because Africa must learn to speak its truth and stand on this truth, because the truth shall set you free.

    “So it is left to the African people, we, the African people to speak this truth and tell America and Russia to get off Africa, to get their hands off Africa. The days of the Cold War, the days of the shenanigans of the Cold War are completely over and they cannot fight proxy wars in Africa at the expense of innocent African lives. That has to stop.

    “The fighting in Sudan must stop. The puppet masters must stop their evil, diabolic games.”

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    • You bet, they hate ya
      And they got valid reason to do so
      Corrupt US politicians and the military complex are pissing them off
      Same bullshit proxy war time after time

    • Taking yet another Proxy War between America and Russia in Africa and in Ukraine aside, I couldn’t help but notice than the “African” Commanders of these two rival military factions did have at least one thing in common:
      They both had Islamic Muslim names, not traditional African names.
      Apparently, this Sudan Situation is more of a “Proxy Jihad” than it is a “Proxy War” between America and Russia, and it seems that certain Black Muslims are also involved.

      • 70% of the Sudanese population claims to descend from 12th century migrants from the Arabian Peninsula (just across the Red Sea) and intermarriages with the indigenous populations of Sudan. This 70% identifies as “Arab” and speaks Sudanese Arabic and they have been Muslim for nearly a millennium.

        And yes, the situation is more complex than a “proxy war with Russia”.

        In her podcast yesterday, Tore Maras explained how the events unfolding in Sudan right now are evidence that the Obama administration is running things in the background through the US’ 4th Unelected Branch of Government.

        She reminds us about how in 2004, freshman Congressman Barack Obama, whose advisor at that time was the CIA’s John Brennan went to Darfur and when he came back, Obama played an important role in pushing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) legislation to “stop” the war in Sudan – which resulted in the creation of the new country of South Sudan.

        She said: “USAID went in there to destroy their economy. Obama went in there to sow division. They paid people to sow the division.”

        Tribal disputes between the farming tribe and the cattle herding tribe had existed for ages but they were inflamed when the US State Department divided the territory of Sudan in such a way as to deliberately create famine, by putting the farmers in the desert wasteland and giving the rich farmland to the cattle herders – while also trying to rid the world of beef.

        No wonder the world hates America.

      • That is a correct observation Farris, The Arab Muslims controlled the Congo in Africa & its Slave Trade there & the famous Zanzibar Slave Trade Post island, from 640AD till the late 1920’s, but technically the Muslim Arab’s still continued slavery into the 1970’s in places like Saudia Arabia & other parts of United Arab Emirates.
        What the Sudan African man is stating is that he prefers to be enslaved by the Arab Muslims, I say have at it, with the condition to send back all Sudan black African’s and Arab descent from the Western Country’s, back to Sudan.

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