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    Financial analyst, Ed Dowd joins Brannon Howse with the latest figures on the genocidal campaign being waged against humanity by the promoters of the Death Shot.

    He says that 30 million Americans have either been killed, disabled or made chronically-ill from the vaxx, which is roughly 10% of the country’s population and 30% of the country’s workforce.

    Still, the vaxx continues to be pushed by the Government and therefore, by the medical community, so he says this trend will continue to worsen until the vaxx is stopped.

    Ed Dowd believes that the original plan behind the COVID PSYOP was to introduce a control system due to the imminent global economic system collapse, which he says is inevitable; we’re going to see a global sovereign debt crisis, all of the pension funds will eventually go bankrupt and the social contract has been utterly broken.

    He says that the original plan has been thwarted to some degree but that the Globalists are still going to try to implement the CBDC, which is what’s on deck next, in addition to kinetic wars.

    He notes that Warren Buffett announced that he sold all of his semiconductor stocks due to his concerns about an impending war with China over Taiwan (~80% of all semiconductors are now made in Taiwan).

    Ed says, “If the Oracle of Omaha says something like that, listen to him, because he probably has better inside knowledge than I do.”

    The current global monetary system with the US dollar as the world reserve currency is coming to an end after 78 years. He says, “These things have a time expiration on them and it’s now. And as this happens, countries are going into economic tailspins. China is a disaster right now. They hit a demographic wall in 2020, so they’re imploding. They need a Boogie Man and that Boogie Man is going to be everybody but themselves.”

    Ed Dowd also breaks the news that he is working as a treasurer on the presidential campaign of Robert F Kennedy, who wrote the forward to his book, ‘Cause Unknown’.

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    • War?
      Unless ‘policy’ has changed?
      “By the time you got to the first Bush administration, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they came out with a national defense policy and strategic policy. What they basically said is that we’re going to have wars against what they called much weaker enemies and these have to be carried out quickly and decisively or else there will be embarrassment—a way of saying that popular reaction is going to set in. And that’s the way it’s been. It’s not pretty, but it’s some kind of constraint.” ?

    • I don’t expect that there would be much change, neither do I trust him much.
      However, if I have to pick one, I would choose him.

    • Having another Democrat president will NOT be good for this country or the world. Sure I like what Kennedy has done against the vaccines but if he gets in his whole cabinet and congress will be Demorats and if he tries to go against the cabal they’ll wake him like they did his daddy and uncle

    • Perhaps everyone will awaken to the fact that Congressional Representatives are bought off, compromised, blackmailed and controlled by The City of London. We NEED Direct Democracy. And people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claim that direct democracy is mob rule, are controlled opposition. Of course it’s mob rule. It’s the whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. So stop sending boys and girls to do a man and woman’s job. Or maybe not. Put your heads up your a…. and keep sending more representatives to the District of Columbia, and watch NOTHING change except from Blue to Red and vise versa. Thanks, Capt Joe Kelley.

    • Hi,
      Things I have read about Kennedy Jr.
      1) He believes Climate Change is Real.
      2) Was in favor of Lockdowns, He doesn’t realize or admit Covid-19 doesn’t exist Can’t Be Isolated.
      3) He backed by elites connected to the swamp.
      4) He critizess the democrats,
      But says He Is A Democrat.

      He just another man That’s Willing To Be A Puppet for the elites.

      • He has also gone so far as to state that “climate deniers” should be jailed!
        I am unaware of his views on gun control. I really doubt that I want to know!

    • You should see the long white clots the ORs are pulling out, in my videos case, it was a liver drains, a non alcoholic liver abcess where these clots built up and became infected. The Modern a . We pulled them out, I have shedding, this is real. Look up my video on u 2b.
      All the elders of my family are dead. This was disgusting.

    • I’m confused after seeing Kennedy on a video very aggressively stating he’s totally in favor of vaccines and has had all his kids vaccinated. That doesn’t seem to jive with his supposed stance that vaccines can cause autism.

    • FREDDY the fraud FED bankster is D-E-D dead The FED bank is gone with the wind . CBDC is a nonstarter AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN nobody trust these crooks with their hard earned money enough to swap it for a gift card. The FRN will be scrapped for an asset backed new currency it will replace the old grifty FED bucks. No tailspin, No Fire sale, No crash and burn but a recovery of what was lost to us sovereignty and prosperity. Do Not Fear , we will have what has been stolen from us returned call it reparations for our centuries long enslavement . The DS has been offered the terms for their surrender . They will lose much so will they go peacefully or crap out and roll a snake eyes.

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