There’s a vast YouTube genre of cynical “crisis acting” compilations made from the spate of mass-shootings over the past decade.

This video is a bit different and it’s particularly well done. It shows a degree of sophistication to the growing disaffection of a discerning public in regards to some Fake News propagated by the Mainstream Media.

It purports to be an audition tape posted by a professional actor, offering his crisis acting services to the “Globalist Elite”. He starts out:

“Are you an elite (sic)? Are your staged attacks not going as planned? Are your globalist agendas failing because you’re using sub-par crisis actors? Well, then look no further! Hi, I’m Harrison Hanks, the Ultimate Crisis Actor.”

What’s quite jaw-dropping, here is how right he is about the incredibly poor quality of “acting” that we see in actual CNN broadcasts. Harrison Hanks’ acting is FAR more believable than that of the official actors (or victims, depending on who and what you believe).

“Tired of green screen mishaps and disappearing noses?” He asks, “Me too! I’m green screen-ready, bonded and insured. I can morph into a thousand different faces. I offer reasonable rates – and I have no conscience!

“From homeless to police officer, from doctor to witness to your ace card: the grieving father, you can count on Harrison Hanks to push through your agenda.

“Regain their trust. Call Harrison Hanks for all your crisis needs.”

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  • love it so well done , the best was the guy telling the world how office fires weakened the steel & brought the 3 buildings downy on 911 , what a set up …911TRUTH is still the Biggy

  • So is that actually a satire, or did the guy actually appear in all those videos of false flag events?

  • Creative! David Wheeler never got an Oskar because he is such an over paid, lousy actor, but he had me almost falling out of my chair with laughter in the original expose of the Sandy Hook Frankenstein horror movie. A copy of that is here:

    It’s incredible that news actors like Megan Kelly are still shilling for this million dollar theatrical block buster, but she’s not the only news actor on board with the program.

    Jeff Bezos Amazon is on board too. When Jim Fetzer’s best selling book exposed this thriller for what it was, Amazon restricted sales. Pundits then went to work on Fetzer’s reputation, completely ignoring the overwhelming supporting evidences and extensive investigation by other reputable scholars. Didn’t matter – kill the messenger!

    This same tribe is behind killing another messenger – Trump!


    LOVE IT!!!! Sharing this with EVERYONE!! Thanks, Alexa!

  • Debbie, hilarious image! The video is priceless and completely on the money. Some of the worst actors AND these Deep State ghouls recycle them into so many roles. How many grieving parents go on a smiling nationwide tour a few days after their only son is supposedly murdered by terrorists? NONE. So stands the Sandy Hook evidence–horrid FALSE FLAG manipulation using children for their insidious political purposes. Worse?–running MSM annual remembrances of this lie. Disgusting.

  • that’s so true. Its like the cameraman turns to the intern that’s holding a tray of lattes and says quick put this wig on and get in front of the camera!


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