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Many people are sending me what they call evidence, proving that the Ferguson riots are staged astroturf events paid for by a George Soros group.

Until I’ve had the time to review the events at Ferguson, I will withhold comment and hark back to another one of many recent events which have similarly been called “false flag attacks,” Sandy Hook.

Back in December 2012 and I voiced the opinion of many who questioned the veracity of the reports about Sandy Hook, given the appallingly unprofessional chroma key/green screen FAIL by what was supposed to be a professional CNN crew. They did not light Cooper properly to “pull” a successful matte.

The result was that Cooper’s nose faded into the fake background, during his apparently bogus, “on-location” interview with the [crisis actor] mother of a purportedly “murdered child”, outside the venue for the Connecticut funeral service [green screen backdrop].

I was bulldozed by “outraged” people, exploding at me for my callousness. In fact, the reaction was so overwhelming, that I felt compelled to force-redirect that post’s URL to a page I’d made which was comparatively milquetoast but still on-topic.

All I can say for sure of that particular footage is that it did not appear that Cooper was on location at the Connecticut funeral home. He appeared to be in a New York City studio with a crew that did a crappy lighting job.

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