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The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was abused by the SES Globalist moles within the US Government, in order to overthrow Donald Trump.

Disturbingly, Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson had been working with Democrats to renew this legislation and although he was overruled by the House on Wednesday, the Uniparty got together and pushed it through on Friday.

As Tore Maras tweeted and discussed in her podcasts last November, a major battlespace of FISA has been social media and how the unprecedented de-platforming of millions of social media accounts during the Trump Era was for the purpose of sending ALL of the data from those millions of accounts to the FBI, so that they could work up ways to frame us as “Domestic Terrorists”.

As we’ve seen, this is exactly what these SES criminals do.

The grounds for my numerous de-platformings were extremely spurious. The Government just wanted to get me away from the Normies and to get my data. Being that I’d had my Facebook and Twitter accounts for around 16 and 13 years, respectively, that’s a lot of data.

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, I thought I’d be able to get back on but after three rejections over the course of several months, I gave up.

But why would I even want to give these assholes more data? The internet has been weaponized to get us to build our own social credit prison, the more we use it. We’ve been using the internet every day, without fully grasping that it is using us to build the Internet of Things (IoT), the Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) and the Internet of Behaviors (IoB), to say nothing of Artificial General Intelligence.

Last November, I got a glimmer as to potentially why I’m not being let back on Twitter and a glimmer that justice may be restored and that we will have something like an Internet Bill of Rights in the not too distant future, when Tore tweeted the following [emphases mine]:

“Here is some food for thought . Before I was banned from twitter in 2021 I posted this. I told you what is happening to your tweets and DMs. Now they have to tell you because @elonmusk said NO. Those that didn’t get their accounts back were mostly under FISA– or lumped up in POTUS supporters that made a difference…. People OFF SCRIPT… others were NOT important or are working with feds. Look and behold – now 2 years later. The question you should be asking is WHO told you and WHO didn’t. The accounts that have not been reinstated are being used as evidence against deep state=GITMO

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Tucker wears the red string on his wrist To show he is part of the club and studies the Kabbalah.
      His job is to sow division via the false L/R paradigm.

      Tucker won’t speak out against the Kabbalists. We have a UNIPARTY that 100% supports the Kabbalists. Tucker won’t tell you about the Uniparty Cabal.

      The Cabal controls campaign finance, the corporate media, social media and both factions of the UNIPARTY.

      I don’t trust anyone who is part of the Cabal, including Tucker – even if 100% of what he says is true.

  • getting white pilled is the best thing you can hope for you can’t logic your way out of this mind crap trap . the fools running this game on us are exposed naked ass dancing for their deep state dinner the price of which is coming due now the tip due to inflation is staring you in the face what will the suckers do go find your knee pads and get comfortable . you can’t fight the power and you still have to pay for the ditty dinny party you can stand up and make a run for the door or you can stop supporting it with your energy and attention . cut the cord just bobbit they can’t put us all in jail besides we already in there and they could use sum shrinkflation .

  • Priorities, Tucker asks?

    Republican House leader told the nation what his numero uno priority is—support for the political state of Israel!! Look up the record. He said it.

  • We are not foreign adversaries, We The People of this Constitutional Republic.

    Dissolve FISA and those involved in it!


    Mike J. Is now a TRAITOR to this Constitutional Republic.


    We The People are going to walk all over you soon

    • All politicians must be eliminated, Repeat “ALL” .. The toilet to Hell must be FLUSHED … Have a plan and execute the ‘plan’ 300,000,000 surprise plans against the NATO thinking Nazis who travel the same path, at the same time of day to the same slaughter grounds, wearing bright yellow and blue (Ukraine/ucla colors)
      Tape and Ribbons on the nato trained Loud, Noisy Undisciplined rag tag NATO’s gay NAZIS beckoning the Russians to “See Me” if not “Hear Me” the small drones buzzing Nazis heads, with many satellites taking precise coordinates overhead dial in advanced high tech supersonic weaponry to vaporize NATO-NAZI Zelensky’s last Male Soldiers .. soon Ukraine must start the BM (big Mike) transgender modification procedures mutilating Ukrainian female soldiers in to “half men” similar to the 4′-2″ NATO super-eLf “Zelensky” faster than the low tech US Sanction Gun, less accurate than the low tech ” US-SCUD” missiles fired from a shot gun style US Patriot Defense System (aim 40 ea. SCUD missiles in the general area you detect incoming, and hope, the no tech shot gun approach hits at least a duck passing by. )
      wE aRe….wE aRe …. wE aRe …. “NATO” … O’sLimey, Trudolf, Macron, sUpeR eLf Zelensky, eLmer F. Biden “FUDD” Fag-5

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