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UFO Mysteries: Disclosure, False Flags, Skeptics and the Nimitz Encounter

The gifted Mouthy Buddha is back to take a look at the stage-managed UFO disclosure project spearheaded by Tom DeLonge and To The Stars Academy (TTSA), the “public benefit” company populated by ex-CIA and Pentagon types.

Their major Mainstream Media push began a year ago, with the publication of articles in the New York Times and Washington Post about a Pentagon program researching UAPs (the new word for UFOs) and a 2004 UFO Encounter with the crew of the supercarrier USS Nimitz. These were written by Pentagon correspondent Helene Cooper, New York Times journalist Ralph Blumenthal and the Huffington Post’s Leslie Kean, all of whom were urging the world to take the phenomenon seriously, in an about-face from decades of official denial and ridicule on the topic.

Mouthy reminds us that the CIA has been at the center of every major American false flag operation, so it’s perfectly reasonable to speculate that TTSA was set up to create an us-versus-them threat narrative and he says, “The reason we’re seeing what appears to be UFO Disclosure is because elite sections of the intelligence agencies are setting the stage for an orchestrated and fake alien invasion, in order to pursue a particular agenda.”

He notes the solemnity of Fox News pundits interviewing abductees, treating them with respect and he rightly asks, “Why did the Pentagon do this at all? The public didn’t have to know – or did we?”

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