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    The gifted Mouthy Buddha is back to take a look at the stage-managed UFO disclosure project spearheaded by Tom DeLonge and To The Stars Academy (TTSA), the “public benefit” company populated by ex-CIA and Pentagon types.

    Their major Mainstream Media push began a year ago, with the publication of articles in the New York Times and Washington Post about a Pentagon program researching UAPs (the new word for UFOs) and a 2004 UFO Encounter with the crew of the supercarrier USS Nimitz. These were written by Pentagon correspondent Helene Cooper, New York Times journalist Ralph Blumenthal and the Huffington Post’s Leslie Kean, all of whom were urging the world to take the phenomenon seriously, in an about-face from decades of official denial and ridicule on the topic.

    Mouthy reminds us that the CIA has been at the center of every major American false flag operation, so it’s perfectly reasonable to speculate that TTSA was set up to create an us-versus-them threat narrative and he says, “The reason we’re seeing what appears to be UFO Disclosure is because elite sections of the intelligence agencies are setting the stage for an orchestrated and fake alien invasion, in order to pursue a particular agenda.”

    He notes the solemnity of Fox News pundits interviewing abductees, treating them with respect and he rightly asks, “Why did the Pentagon do this at all? The public didn’t have to know – or did we?”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alien threats have been with us for decades….movies, books & news reports have all added to the inevitable belief that earth will sooner or later be invaded & taken over. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to infect very vulnerable minds that have been ‘chem trailed’ to death with frightening scenes of scorched earth scenarios ….. & zombie-like figures stalking survivors. And a ‘thank-you’ very much for handing over the ‘keys’ to planet earth… may now be disposed of. UFO’s should have and could have taken over our planet from the get-go if they wanted to. One might glance sideways to ‘missing Trillions’… over-the-top military & just plain & simple greedy evil earth aliens’…..or psychopaths as they are generally recognized by us. They have been on this planet for millions of years….I guess they find experimenting on us amusing….perhaps we are one of their computer games. Not sure what is hoped for by all the dissecting & studying of UFO’s…for sure we are a captive audience….where its’ all heading???? stay-tuned & tuned & tuned…..

    • Clif High is the guy but his view is refracted
      thru the lens of dimensions unzipped & compacted
      Time is a Wheel that eats It-Self Wholy
      Talmoody abogado with mashup guacamole
      the strange fruit as they say knows the Fall from the Tree
      In the Garden of Monads by the shore by the Sea
      by the Ocean of Kaos sits a Child who is dreaming
      His Uncle the Serpent sells used karmas and is scheming
      Round and round go the Globes from Adi to Malcouth
      A Fire-eating Gyre with gnosis halitosis and manger derangement
      A stranger is knocking Evermore on your Doors
      While you fill up your stockings in Christmas forlorns
      It’s Saturn Day Night from here in New Yonkers
      Take off your wreath Santa made out of thorns
      Tomorrow’s not coming It’s already been here and gone
      So awaken dear Cliffand pull back your lemmings
      Pull out Jeff Thomas from sweet Sally Hemmings
      Once Seed is planted there’s no looking back
      Carthago Delenda Est the Saltum is leapt
      Come Tomorra in Gemorra the lots will be cast
      Your taxes with be backed up in bit-chains forevermore
      And your midnighted Ravens depart in their ecstasies
      Deers blinded in lights headed for more phantasies
      They twist up their hystery with forearmed phylacteries
      While they bomb out your cities your homes and your factories
      Don’t worry ’bout ETs and UFOonic disclosures
      What’s passed is now presents to unrap neath the Tree
      Words said before will come back to haunt us
      Desires unfilled are gift returns of the Season
      Christ rides in on a Mueller on the Sunday of Palms
      While Hegel sells bagels while begging for alms
      He got 30 silvers for his sin-thesized Reasons
      His bowel runneth over from quantised easings
      In Basel they’re singing these Sages of bad Thyming
      of Rosary and the Purse slain from Jesuit widows
      They jump from their windows in Magdalene Twining Towers
      The ETs who invade us are but Ancestral Shadows
      Hybred Chimeras O Clif don’t you remember
      IOUs from Atlantis are now coming due
      Get down on your knees broken they may be
      Say pretty please maybe the Bank is forgiving
      But when you peddle fake sizzle and news for a living
      Don’t look for good Audit you smug muggles enthused
      There’s no more forgiving your credits are used up
      Your revels are now ended and the grave’s revelations
      Open their maws, when the Trumpets have sounded
      Leben’s Rauming is ended you kids are quite grounded
      This Spiel I am spinning this Mirror I hold up
      Is the horror of errors that are now ever unfolding
      The labyrinthine lies knot Ariadne’s fine thread
      Like Phanes our Mini-Taurus is hunted by Orion
      Privy Council sniffers and waffling SES’ers are cryin’
      Please forgive us sins Lord, we wuz just trying
      to pad our portfolios didn’t matter who was dyin’
      I’m sorry Prospero your Mid-Sumer night Perversions
      Your patented thievery and your promiscuous Promis’es
      Sold by Jerusalem Kushner in 666 versions of Ponzi
      has ended MY patience to the gallows you’re bound
      Ezra pounds for your flesh and for those shits cross the Pond
      Those Queen sucking cockers those Vatican bung holers
      Those ass-crack smoking lackies and pederast High Rollers
      The Agony and the Ecstasy from cradle to Rave
      the sour Oligarch lemonade you waterboard gargle
      You gargoyles in your marbled Belgravian tombs
      Now go ye down under and finger your plunder
      sleeping in Hades in dark catacombed rooms
      We’re sorry you were birthed from twisted disinterested women
      from wounded contused purple demonoid wombs
      Enjoy Obamarama sweet dreams of delusion
      Hawking your black unholy Hell hound confusions
      Begone horrid spectres old Dante is waiting
      To plot out your endings in one of his rings
      did my long winding spell make you delirious?
      Here take this Red Pill Mr. Leary and tomorrow query us
      Anon and anon good night all you sweet princes of Q
      This Rebus I’m ending
      Now say I Adieu !

    • Once Trump has hopefully drained the swamp, including those that own and thus gag the MSM, the world will discover that Extraterrestrials have been here on planet earth for millions of years. If it was not for the OFOT, the magnetic Pole Shit of circa 30 degrees that has very recently taken place would have been far worse. Furthermore, the Tectonic Plate shift that the OFOT have further managed to contain would have been quite devastating.

      Ever since JP Morgan the banker effectively undermined Nikola Tesla, this world of ours has been hijacked by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, whom own the banks, that own the world.

      As for the Pope aka the true Antichrist, and the Vatican, I would suggest those that are interested should read Outremer by Dan Carter.

    • Evidence stacking up that the SSP is the agency that is behind ALL NWO BS…and the CIA is in bed with it…so is the VATICAN.
      REMEMBER What Trump referred to the SSP as being…a “Space Force”…as if WE have “Enemies” in space???
      WHO else has those DEW Weapons responsible for all those strange FIRES happening around the planet? Those kind of weapons operate from HIGH above (Probably Secret Sattlelites)
      I also believe THEY will Never make it happen (Fake Alien Invasion)
      That site called “Operation Disclosure” is a Jesuit operation, Loaded with BS each day.

    • Ok sheep, do as your told, and some of you might live. World wide false flag coming. “And it’s all a lie”. That’s what Wernher Von Braun told Carol Rosin. As well as about third world countries, and terrorists, and a few other items. Every thing on the list has been played, so, get ready for the BIG lie to happen. And it’s the CIA bringing this forward, “that” in it self should tell you something. Once in that group you are in for life, you don’t retire. Since we have no transparency in government, no checks and balances, and everything is compartmentalized with security oaths with death promises. Yes we have a few problems. Sorry, my negativity is showing again. Dam I need to get positive again!

    • Mouthy Buddha fails here. He quotes bebunkery facts. UFO sightings are not that rare – only rarely reported. And of the true unknowns, the Air Force has previously admitted they are LIJELY alien.

      This guy isn’t moving the ball forward in ufology. You can skip this video.

      • This video isn’t about advancing ufology. It’s about asking why the official push for disclosure now? Why the gravitas displayed from news anchors who would have previously made fun of this?

    • How come I’m the only person who notices that all the aliens have ONE common feature, and that’s GREAT ABS. You never see any FAT aliens, ever. You can have reptilians, greys, insectoids, nordics, even blue chickens, but how come they’re all in great shape? Do they even have better self-esteem than we do? Maybe that’s part of a psyop/mind-control agenda to sell weight-loss pills or some newfangled complicated-looking exercise machine. The only fat alien was Jaba the Hutt, but he was a fictional character, so NO, that wouldn’t be a valid counter-argument.

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