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Woo-woo alert!

Ten days ago, I ran the Leak Project’s podcast with clif high, which drew a lot of angry replies, mostly due to clif’s VERY controversial suggestion that a major reason why the Military Industrial Complex wants to implement the 5G network is because noxious 5G radiation can overcome the “space aliens'” mind control over human beings.

Many reacted because they felt that clif and/or I were advocating 5G technology, when I was just reporting what was said and that clif wasn’t advocating 5G, he was stating what he believed to be true, namely that a species replacement program is underway, along the lines of what occurred when Homo sapiens replaced Neanderthals, while at the same time acknowledging that 5G radiation is harmful.

Leak Project’s Rex, who is an experiencer returns in this mountaintop podcast alone to address the issues raised. He says his main concern in life is to find out who controls the world. His research and his experiences have led him to believe that, “There’s probably some type of non-human faction controlling [things] behind the scenes at a large scale,” at a level above the money masters.

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  • Cliff was a CIA operative. The major corporations pushing 5G know there will be push back by thinking people. 5G was pushed thru every State Legislature including Florida. The big telecom basically got unconstitutional powers to install the mini cells anywhere. CIA has had major mind control programs since WW2. Cliff apparently is still a CIA tool.

    Insect aliens controlling the planet? Why would a hi tech entity be bothered with this insignificant dot we live on. I am more concerned with the Jews wrecking the economy with their debt based banking system. 5G emits harmful band of radiation to anything alive. We collectively need to say no and use physical violence to remove that equipment if placed in our communities..

  • I am pretty sure what Clif did was very deliberate, including the way he did it. I would be very interested in his reflections and conclusion on impact this “show” had in a few months from now on. I bet he will fine-tune some of the filters of that webbot of his. Hope he shares! Thanks and peace to all.

  • There is only one thing that I am sure of and that is that 5G is not good for us. You may agree with Rex, and Clif or not. More untested technology please, like more untested vaccinations that turn babies autistic. Yeah I know one is electromagnetic and the other is chemical, but both are poison to us “humans”. And weather you believe in a higher power, or not will make no difference with the 5G. There is not going to be a way out of this, cooking of our minds, true programing, or ending with a little more power added to the source.

  • I’ve always wondered why the Neanderthals disappeared. I do believe some of their DNA lives on in various groups today but their capacity to pretty much hold their entire life lines in their memory was what gave them their abilitiy to survive. I mean what would our world be today if we all had the ability to call to the fore what our ancestors decisions were thousands upon thousands of years ago. It would sure spark some pretty darn interesting community information meetings.
    Not knowing our past has crippled our progress as earthlings. We have split into factions of ‘my way or the highway’ beings. We need to find out what happened and why. Whoever controls the agenda isn’t too keen on us finding that common ground (again?). Maybe that’s what 5G is all about…..I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

  • Dear Forbidden,
    I remember Clif saying that 5G is bad but we need it because we are invaded by aliens. I agree that obnoxious humans probably overwhelmed and controlled by demons do seem to run the world. If anything 5G will make that worse. If we use 5G on aliens to detect them that is one thing. Everybody allowing 5G to run their computer and cooking our brains will cause humans to become more poisoned and compromised than we already are.
    Thanks for listening,
    Theresa Paulfranz

  • Talk about being LOST-in-Space (Laugh!!!)
    This guy “Takes the Cake”…I hope doesn’t go to all those places I USED to visit like “Operation Discloure” or that “2012” Crap…RedefiningGod…The “Millennium Report”…ALL of course run by the Jesuits…YIKES!

  • All these so called “alien” phenomena are simply the fallen angels doing what they have always done since the fall. Being “born again” is not reincarnation (which is a false belief). I am born again and believe that “it is appointed unto man once to die and after that comes the judgement”. If you really want truth there’s only one place you will find it and that’s the KJV Holy Bible. Go to to find out more.

    • George?…I WAS a high ranking minister in a “Religious sect” for over 47 years (Jw’s), and I can AFFIRM that ALL Religion came from the SAME “Source”…Ancient KEMET…Including Christianity.
      The very ones you call “The Fallen Angels” are the very ones for the Creation of RELIGION…and GOVERNMENTS….BOT representing/Meaning = MIND-CONTROL
      Find out for yourself…HOW TRUTHFUL that is…Its ALL available on line…Out-side-the-box.

      • I hope you were not a a Jehovah’s Witness. Nevertheless I never said that the fallen angels were not influencing mankind-they have always been about their father the devils business. Yes they are instrumental in creating all of the false religions and that includes the Jehovahs Witness.

    • Sorry George, but you are basically wrong, unless you consider ‘failed angels’ to be extra-terrestrial. The evidence is overwhelming, and in my view, conclusive. Fallen angels, on the other hand, are speculative. While I have sensed angels in my life, they are disembodies spiritual beings, and unseeable with eyes. ET’s can be seen with eyes.

      • Or so they would like you to believe. The only material existence they have is when they enter into the swine.

  • Not sure about who or what controls us, if something or someone even does, but the Mud Flood theory is a very interesting supposition along the same lines as the info in this video.

    Philipp Druzhinin and Jon Levi seem to be the two most prominent individuals presenting some compelling evidence for a very recent “reset” of humanity, as recent as just a few hundred years ago.

    You have, most likely, covered this theme before in some of your other posts,, but much, if not all, of the info in the Mud Flood theory relates to the “lost” civilization of Tartaria and their worldwide structures and cities that we, the current civilization, supposedly inherited, but forgot what their true usefulness was for. One of the things that this Tartaria civilization might have had was free energy – along the lines of what Tesla was working on.

  • The reason why people may think that someone higher than any type of human race is behind the influencing of the world on a multi-dimensional level for what is actually a multi-dimensional goal, is because the astonishing occult abilities that the Jews maintain, such as astral projection and controlled reincarnation within the Jewish Tribe on a constantly repeating basis seem so unearthly, unlikely, and even impossible.

    That is why Jewish-based psychology and psychiatry strongly discourage even any belief in the existence of such paranormal abilities, and not only ridicule the suggestion of their existence, but even seek to medicate those who claim to practice such abilities as delusional and insane, which enables the Jews then to easily maintain massive strategic superiority as long as other peoples are very strongly discouraged from even knowing of, or practising similar abilities themselves to counter that negative influence of those who would take over the the entire world.

    Freud stated “They don’t realize we’re bringing them the plague”, and is also held to have said, “Little does the west suspect the poison that we are bringing”.

    What is intended by that very negative occult group is clearly stated in the genocidally-murderous edict contained in Deuteronomy 20:16-18 King James Version (KJV). 16 “But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth”.

    Winston Churchill stated; “The empires of the future will be the empires of the mind”.

    • It’s the VERY same scenario about so-called “Jewish Religion” too BOTH created by the “Fallen Angels”…Take a GOOD Look at the SHAPE this planet is IN…Does it even remotely resemble some created by “Divine Providence”…They don’t even FOLLOW their own so-called “Holy writings”!

      • There is only 1God and that is God the Father-God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. You are not God and never will be and probably have trouble tying your own shoes on a bad day-like me.

  • Wonderful speculations, entertaining, thought provoking and all, but beyond mortal comprehension which is healthy, because if mortals comprehended, think how much more dangerous we would be because we don’t love one another. Nor do we love the One and only necessary being who loved creation into being. Instead we would steal it all if we could because we demonstrate 24/7 that unregenerate man is in rebellion against the order of the universe which is at the most basic level ordered that we love one another as that One necessary being loves us and all of creation!

  • You actually believe this?

    Incredible – and utterly lacking in scientific evidence and challenging common sense.

  • Something is definitely going on, I like the idea that a hybrid is being created, it seems that a violent war like presence has been around for quite sometime. It would be beneficial to the planet to erase all presence of war and the humans and non-humans who continue to support violence and war. If these humans and non-humans do not evolve then intervention is a must. This creator/god I think could care less about its creations, this god knows how to let go… there is no emotional attachment with this god or gods. I think the whole purpose is to evolve or perish…The Clif High interview was outstanding!
    Humans are at a mid-point in the chain of spiritual evolution.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

  • Dear Sir,

    Sure, with respect some aspects of the
    Problems might have real foundations…
    But, one should not jump to conclusions
    Without having a “Global General
    Survey of the whole…Which is lacking everywhere…
    So, easy ….

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