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Harvey Schlanger joins the X22 Report to discuss geopolitics and how the Anglo-American banking system is falling apart.

Schlanger says that if you look at why General Michael Flynn was targeted by the Mueller investigation, it’s because, “Flynn agreed completely with Trump, as a competent military man, that we should not be going to war with Russia in Syria and secondly, we should go to war on the side WITH Russia, against the terrorists that the Obama administration was supporting.

“That’s why Flynn was fired from his position at the Defense Intelligence Agency and that’s why there was such a targeting of him related to the his appointment as National Security Director for Trump. They didn’t want him in there because of what he knew and so they they tried to take him out and destroy him. That’s the story and it then opens the whole door on every bit of the corruption involved in the Mueller investigation.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The military components to force these laws in each country on the planet are being set up as quick as the Jews can pick up impact in each country before the whole world is made to force them on a physical dimension in a lightning strike medium-term, in order to keep any country getting a heads – up and developing a protection from this program by observing the heartbreaking consequences of those laws simply being forced in the US right currently for example.

  • Alexandra,
    Just so you know. Somehow I have removed twice from your email list.
    Just signed up again.

    I appreciate your good work.

  • Trump is treasonous. He has failed to do something of the most vital importance to the American people, he has failed to repeal the mercilessly genocidal 1991 US Noahide laws, which state that anyone practicing any religion considered ‘idolatrous’ will be physically executed (like the Jews did before in their beta test for this program in Russia when the Bolsheviks took over there in 1917) .

    The military mechanisms to impose these laws in every nation in the world are being set up as fast as the Jews can gain influence in every nation before the entire world is made to impose them on a physical level in a lightning strike overnight, so as to prevent any nation getting a heads -up and building up a resistance to this program by seeing the disastrous results of those laws just being imposed in the US right now for instance, that is why they have not yet been physically imposed in the US, but read the small print, the death penalty!

    Christianity is specifically mentioned in Jewish scriptures as being IDOLATROUS. Guess what is coming by Trump’s arrangement whilst he ridiculously claims to be a Christian. The same deception has been maintianed by all the other POTUS open traitors who have failed to protect the American people whilst the same POTUS’s secretly collude with the Chabad Lubavitcher authorities currently controlling the UN who have stated through the UN that every nation in the world will be made to be placed under the Noahide Laws.

    Trump is a crypto-Jewish fanatic, who, like many other politicians, fakes being a Christian to win broader public support to enable them to get into office. Both his parents died in a Jewish nursing hime, his original name is the German Jewish Drumpf, he openly states in his autobiographical book, ‘Way to The Top’ that he attends Kabbalah (Chabad Lubavitcher) classes. You have only to listen to Trump’s statements on Israel and Judaism to see that he is loyal to Israel and Judaism and not the American people or Christianity, just as his fellow crypto-Jew Putin is loyal not to Christianity, but to Judaism, as both surround themselves with Chabad Lubavitcher Jews, and Putin has sought a prison term to be imposed throughout the entire world on anyone who denies the falsely-alleged holocaust of 6 million Jews, following in the footsteps of Stalin who made it a death penalty offence throught Russia to be ‘anti-semitic’, and the Kremlin just after WWII who demanded that the death penalty be imposed on anyone throughout the entire world for the ‘crime’ of ‘anti-semitism’ .

    Trump still sells arms to Saudi Arabia, which definitely supports ISIS/Daesh, and Saudi Arabia also murders countless Yemenis with American-bought arms, and Trump has bombed Syrian children to death on the basis that he was bombing Syria over the ridiculous claim that Assad had chlorine-gas-bombed his own civilian population to death, including children. Those ‘beautiful children’ said the murderous lying Trump, and then Trump killed some MORE ‘beautiful babies’ in Syria himself, but then of course, it becomes no crime at all to him, he is a megalomaniac mass murderer working for Israel.

    Whenever ISIS/Daesh positions are overrun, massive arms dumps of American and Israeli arms are almost inevitably found, and American helicopters rapidly airlift ISIS/Daesh commanders and soldiers to new positions. When Trump stops supporting Israel and Judaism itself, THEN and then alone he stops supporting ISIS/Daesh. Of course, they all say they are fighting against ISIS/Daesh, and that means that the American people are being held by means of deception under a terrorist dictatorship, and not a legitimate government, especially when you consider all the horrific psy-op sex crimes that American-trained ISIS/Daesh soldiers do to little Christian, Yazidi and Muslim girls. Even Putin has stated that 40 nations secretly support ISIS and other terrorist forces like Al Qaeda, and serving American, British, Israeli and German officers, for instance, have been captured leading and coordinating ISIS attacks according to official sources in Iraq and Iran. Hardly any of the peoples of those 40 nations have the slightest idea what their governments are actually using ISIS behind their backs, this is how powerful the terrorist Judaic NWO is becoming, and we can see that the armed forces of those 40 nations can very easily be made to assist in the physical imposition of the Noahide Laws at some point in the future.

    In deception upon deception, leaders like donmeh Jew Erdogan of Turkey and the Saudi Arabian crypto-Jewish ‘royal’ family, placed in power by the ‘British’ in the early 1900’s, all get in on the act and counter-accuse everyone else of actually supporting ISIS in secret, whilst continuing to do just that themselves, whilst also stating that they are, in fact, actually fighting against ISIS, when evidence proves the very opposite, the peoples of many nations are all being gravely misled by illegitimate criminal terrorist governments. And what does Putin do? Oh, he is big mates now with Erdogan and also sells arms to Saudi Arabia. Of course, all these nations will be signatories to the UN decision on Noahide Laws to be imposed worldwide.

    Why is Trump not in jail or even executed after due judicial process for such war crimes and traitorism already? Of course, he is too ‘good’ for that, he is so rich, and so Jewish. Mass murder is always ‘OK’ when someone is the POTUS, especially when they serve the megalomaniac aims of Israel and Judaism. Despite stating that America is pulling its (illegal) armed forces out of Syria, Trump still professes undying support and loyalty to Israel. Like Clinton and just about all the rest, he is no good.

  • This discussion was even, informative and very interesting. I agree Trump has to take his ideas to the people…explain what he’s doing and perhaps into the 2nd half of this term put the ‘pedal to the metal’ & shake up the
    sleeping public. The continuous ‘push back’ from the MSM and all the other rabble is becoming a monotonous drone. Trump is sitting on a goldmine of vital info that has to be exchanged not only with the US public but the world at large. He has accomplished ‘FAKE NEWS’ & for me that in and of itself is pretty great! No going back on that one!

  • LaRousch was a marxist and a trotskyite. He worships Roosevelt and his Un Constitutional New Deal. That bastard took us to war and bankrupted our national government. Anyone from his PAC is NOT a Constitutionalist. Even a communist may have some ideas that sound good until you apply some critical thinking.

  • Baloney! The real corruption is in the Trump crime family for the last 30 years or so and the Trump administration. Investigative journalists have dug into this, but their findings haven’t made the headlines yet. Let’s see what the Mueller investigation can document and expose.

    The above is just more propaganda to defend Trump and try to discredit Mueller’s investigation.

  • And to Think, I Used to follow the Linden LaRouche folks for a VERY short time! (LAUGH!!!)
    Has anyone NOTICED that the Entire “Operation Disclosure” program has turned into supporting a Religious/Political operation and agenda (NWO)???

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