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    It’s getting to be time for all of our Hope P0rn fantasies to come true and for the mass arrests and the military tribunals of our erstwhile overlords to begin.

    This means the invocation of Martial Law, based on the Insurrection Act of 1807 and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977. It’s scary that one would ever want this but we are talking about the people who did 9/11 and those who covered it up and who perpetrated so many other unforgiveable crimes.

    We are told there will be a curfew for our own protection and for us to be prepared with extra food, water and cash, as there may be tensions. Q is calling this “imminent” martial law period the #10DaysofDarkness.

    Within the Q movement and in the wonderfully unhinged conspiratoria of, etc., an actual “reboot of Western civilization” will occur after a battle royale between the patriots and the Swamp.

    Clues for this are being scryed from the Twitter Silence of former fearless leaders, including John Brennan, Barack Obama, and George Soros and from sightings of the #GitmoBarge at Morehead City, NC, on its way to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, presumably to handle the overflow of prisoner recipients of #pain.

    A new YouTube channel Red Pill Book has been cutting together slick shorts with the highlights of many of our favorite channels, chronicling the #storm.

    These people are sick and if they get away with all these crimes and our rebellion is crushed, we will at least have enjoyed some good Hope P0rn.

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    • Janda, who has been interviewed by/with Catherine Austin Fitts did an interesting interview recently with Greg Hunter… I’m not a huge fan of GH although I know he puts out interesting stuff. Janda has had some interesting perspectives in the past and he also shares multiple interesting insights in this interview w/ GH (look for it on YT) and suggests, as CAF has, that Bushes cut a deal and are likely going to skate free. I’m also not a huge believer in the indictments noise although I do believe there are deals being made but I think these are deals being made within the DS and the DS Light…

      The DS has “fronted” our financial and government for over a century. This won’t unravel in 2 or 10 or 20 years. We will see it change hands and probably go more covert and quiet is all…

      WTF people. Naive expectations are EXACTLY what got us into this mess.

      • Also, the fact that the Bushes were allowed to cut a deal shows how deep they go…

        What is up with the captcha? It asked me what “dot” x 6 was…

    • Indictments: by Anna von Reitz
      Even though the Indictment against Hillary Clinton being circulated on internet is correct and lawful, it requires people to wake up to ‘enforce’ it. We have to seat the appropriate Federal Postal District Courts and we have to appoint men to act as Bounty Hunters to arrest these criminals, who otherwise shelter in our jurisdiction the same way that pirates used to shelter in the Caribbean Islands.

    • Ah, what a dream. If only we could get the government to play by the rules, laws, that would be really be something. But I don’t believe that will happen. Do you? There is also the possibility of the power grid going down to further hide things in BS. Can you imagine that? That would kill off most of the city dwellers. Hell, that’s where I live. May We All Have A Happy New Year! HOPE, Hi Hope!

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