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Retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom speaks to the frustration that many feel about the impunity of so many criminals in our government, especially with all of the Hope P0rn and “hopium” promoted in the Alternative Media through such phenomena as the Q Movement. So, Dr. Janda put together this absolutely bombshell report.

He points to John Huber, the US Attorney from Utah appointed by sacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate 2016 election controversies had been held out by many as the stealth prosecutor who would bring about the demise of the Clinton Foundation and all of the psychopaths associated with it. Such hopes were deflated when he was a no-show last month to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Clinton Foundation.

Dr. Janda reminds us that Huber was appointed specifically to do two things: The first was to look at how the Clinton email investigation was handled by the FBI and the Department of Justice and the second was to look at how the Justice Department and the FBI were investigating the “Russian collusion” issue with the Trump campaign. Neither of these directives targeted the Uranium One deal or the Clinton Foundation.

Dr. Janda says he believes that the notion that Huber was supposed to testify was disinformation to distract from the actual prize, which was the two whistle blowers, John Moynihan and Lawrence Doyle who did testify with details, which Dr. Janda assures us was completely devastating to the Deep State and to the Clintons.

Dr. Janda says, “My sources, from the very beginning have told me the Clinton Foundation is nothing but a front for at least one of our intelligence agencies and it was a front for money laundering, potentially issues with drugs and weapons and what these two whistle blowers did is they connected all the dots and I believe all this focus on Huber was to take the limelight off of them, to enable them to get out in front of the public in a congressional hearing and put the meat on the bones.

“They put more meat on the bones than Huber ever could have because, remember Huber is not looking at the Clinton Foundation. It came out in the hearing – there were a number of bombs dropped but…the nuclear bomb dropped by both Moynihan and Doyle was the following: that there is an active criminal, ongoing, open investigation of the Clinton Foundation being run through the Little Rock field office of the FBI…

“If there’s an open ongoing criminal investigation, it’s best that a prosecutor involved in looking at some other issues not be involved because, whatever that prosecutor’s looking at, well if it would come to a trial, it could get thrown out on a technicality. That information that was supposed to be presented in a courtroom was being presented to the public and [Chairman Mark] Meadows said, ‘Now I get why Huber’s not here.’

“I believe the plan was always behind the curtain, not to have Huber show up but they put him out there is the shiny object: ‘Look, look, look, look who’s gonna be here,’ to give Doyle and Moynihan free passage to get that testimony into that Congressional hearing room…

“I believe Moynihan has experience with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Doyle has experience on Wall Street, doing criminal investigations…They’re essentially bounty hunters, OK. They go in and they look at government money that has been ripped off and they get a cut of that…

“These are the points I took away that were critical: Number one: the Clinton Foundation was acting as an unregistered – underline that – foreign agent. The Foundation had acted as a foreign agent, which it was not entitled to do, under their 501(c)3 status, as given to them by the IRS.

“What Doyle and Moynihan stated is the Clinton Foundation was only granted non-profit status for its work in developing the Clinton Library, that was it. All this Clinton Global Initiative and all the stuff they were doing in Haiti, around the world…was not sanctioned by their non-profit status. In other words, it was illegal for them to do this and the fact that they were dealing with foreign governments and were unregistered foreign agents makes them subject to Treason!

“This is what was presented, that the fake media is not talking about! In addition, they spoke about misrepresentation and misallocation of funds; that the Foundation did not comply with IRS regulations, that the [Foundation] was involved with organizations and issues not approved by the IRS initial documents and regulations and why they were initially granted the nonprofit status…

“They stated that a number of the transactions occurring with the Clinton Foundation with foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State were based on pay-to-play agreements. In other words, ‘Pay us at the Foundation a lot of money and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to make sure that your country gets more aid, your country gets more weapons!’ This is illegal! That’s what Doyle and Moynihan presented.

“They also presented issues on misuse of funds at the Foundation. Quote: The Foundation did not use funds for charitable causes. End quote. They’re not a charitable organization! In fact, the Clinton Foundation is a closely-held family partnership and is used to advance the agenda of family members, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.

“In addition, they pointed at the donors and they said the donors should have done their due diligence, because it was obvious, that if they read – and they were entitled to read the charter of the Clinton Foundation – [that] they were based on being a charity for the library; the fact that they were donating money to causes, such as AIDS in Haiti and across the board, that they were not allocated for that – and supposedly, they mentioned or somebody mentioned that Bill Gates was upset about this, because he had donated a bunch of money and said, ‘Wait a minute! You’re doing stuff that you’re not supposed to be doing!’

“Supposedly, there was a big fight between Gates and and Clinton but what Doyle and Moynihan pointed out is that all the donors that have taken tax deductions, both should be clawed back and in fact, penalties should be applied to the donors for not doing their due diligence. In particular, they also pointed to their involvement with the Clinton Foundation with European countries; that European countries were in discussions with the Foundation’s senior officials, Bill, Hillary Chelsea and developed contracts with those countries that was far beyond anything approved by IRS guidelines.

“They stated that the administration costs of the Clinton Foundation were at minimum 60%, when most charities have administration costs of 15% or less. They stated that, again these pay-to-play donations were prevalent and pervasive in the Clinton Foundation…Let’s just look at Mozambique:

“Mozambique had a relationship with the Clinton Foundation, an agreement and essentially, the Clinton Foundation was a foreign agent for Mozambique – not registered and in fact, the agreement between the Clinton Foundation and Mozambique was the Foundation was actually brokering money transactions and brokering pharmaceuticals for companies and the government of Mozambique.

“Now, remember that – and some of my friends in Canada pointed this out to me, that there was this recent murder-suicide that occurred; of this this drug company CEO and he supposedly was supplying drugs to the Clinton Foundation for their work in Haiti. Well, it turns out the investigation shows it wasn’t a murder-suicide of this couple, that in fact, it appears that the wife was tortured and then killed in front of the husband who was then murdered!

“Now, reportedly the husband, who is the CEO was getting very critical about what was happening with the Clinton Foundation; what he saw happening with his relationship with them, with the drugs and the like. Coincidence? That those two are dead? This guy doesn’t think so.

“In the hearing, Doyle and Moynihan were asked, ‘Based on the facts, do you believe that there was probable cause of criminal wrongdoing with the Clinton Foundation?’ Both said yes. Significant. ‘Do you believe there was criminal activity with the Clinton Foundation, itself?’ Both said yes. In fact…Doyle states and Moynihan stated…quote: I know where all the bodies are buried. End quotes.

“This came from Zero Hedge. The CFO of the Clinton Foundation, thinking he was meeting an old professional acquaintance, admitted to investigators, our whistle blowers that the charity had ‘Widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts-of-interest and that Bill Clinton has been commingling business and personal expenses for a long time.’ That was actually reported through John Solomon, as well, through The Hill.

“And what the whistle blower said at the hearing was, ‘Yeah what…that CFO told us was correct. We found that Bill Clinton mixed personal business with the Clinton Foundation, used donated funds for personal use.’ Direct quote.

“Quote: funds were used as a piggy bank for senior leaders of the foundation; Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, for personal expenses, such as…their vacations.

“And then, they were pushed. Both sides, both the Republicans the Democrats – really, one side – they’re all Republicrats, owned by the Globalist syndicate. ‘Well, you know if this is so important, why didn’t you turn this over to the Department of Justice?’ ‘Well, we did, in fact.’

“Here’s what they said: ‘We turned over the documents as early as 2017 to the IRS. In addition, we turned over documents to the FBI and actually had feedback from the FBI and were told there was an active –’ Here’s the bomb – neutron! Nuclear: ‘– active, ongoing open criminal investigation of the Foundation through the FBI Field Office.’

“And then they said they also had sent letters…about the Foundation – although they didn’t know if it was in his purview – to Huber in April of 2018, May, October and November. They also sent information in June of 2018 to the Department of Justice Inspector General. They said that the open criminal investigation that they were aware of, because of feedback they had from the FBI, was through the FBI sources that they had.

“And then [the Committee] said, ‘Well, do you have any proof that this investigation is occurring?’ and they said, ‘Well, yeah, in fact, we have pictures of this jet sent by the Justice Department that came in August of 2018 and people left the plane, went to the Clinton Foundation, took out boxes and here, the boxes were put on the plane and went back to Washington.

“What they were saying is, ‘Look, how did they know that plane was gonna arrive at 8:00AM on August 18th of 2018?’ They were told by the FBI to be there, to confirm that things were moving ahead. So, they went there and they took pictures of it.

“Now, it’s my understanding, while Doyle and Moynihan were testifying on December 13, 2018, the Justice Department, again, that week sent another plane down to Little Rock, more records out of the Clinton Foundation and actually also sent a plane, as I understand it, to the airport closest to the where the Clintons have a hangout in Chappaqua, New York. Again, more documents.

“Now, remember, there was that fire in Chappaqua? Coincidence?

“When Doyle and Moynihan concluded, they concluded that between $400 million and $2.5 billion was used improperly by the Clinton Foundation. Oh, by the way, I believe it wasn’t August 18th. If we come to think about, it was August 8th of 2018, that that jet was chartered by the Department of Justice.

“There’s a lot happening because the Clinton Foundation is not only linked to the Clintons. As I said at the beginning of this video, it is a front for the Deep State. Money-laundering, drugs, weapons. You take down the Foundation, you not only take down the Clintons, but you take down a huge chunk of the Deep State.”

Dr. Janda then speaks to the Mueller investigation’s subpoena of Dr. Jerome Corsi , during which he was interrogated for 40 hours and then attorney Larry Clayman deciding to represent him:

“What Corsi ended up saying at the end of that Thanksgiving weekend is, ‘Look, I was being forced to lie.’ That’s suborning perjury. ‘Mueller’s prosecutors were telling me I had a lie in order to to finger Trump and I can’t do that. I can’t do that, okay? I’ll go to jail. I’m not doing that.’

“Suborning perjury is a crime. When you’re suborning perjury that leads to the removal of a President of the United States unduly, that’s Sedition. And that is what Larry Clayman decided to work with on Jerry Corsi. They are suing Mueller and his team for 350 million bucks, for trying to get Corsi to lie, to suborn perjury against the President United States.

“This case is going to court on January 3rd. [Mueller’s team] tried to push it off by saying, ‘Oh, the government shutdown, so we can’t!’ Oh, no. Judge said, ‘Bull.’ It’s going to court on January 3rd. We have to watch what happens January 3rd but in addition to that, Larry Clayman is tough and he has won some huge cases. He represented a friend of mine against the NSA and beat ’em…Jerry Corsi, I believe is in really good hands. For Larry Clayman to take the case, one, he does take the case honestly; he thinks he can really win and really shove it into the Deep State’s throat; and number two, he wouldn’t have taken Corsi’s case if he felt Corsi was not playing for the freedom fighters.

“The Senate has jumped on and is trying to coerce Corsi to testify and to present information, so that they can leak it, right? And Larry Clayman wrote this great letter and I got my hands on it, I want to read it to you, because the fake media is not going to touch this.

“It was written to Sen. Richard M. Burr (R-NC), who’s a Republican – who’s really a Globalist – Sen. Mark Warner (D-CA), Globalist, of this [Senate Intelligence Committee] and they’re trying to get Corsi to hand over information and testify in front of them, right? And here’s what Larry Clayman said in the letter he wrote to Burr and Warner:

“‘In response to your letter, dated December 14, 2018 to David Gray and me, Larry Clayman, Counsel for Dr. Jerome Corsi, on behalf of Dr. Corsi, we respectfully decline your offer to our client to produce volumous, overly-broad, irrelevant documents, which you can obtain from Special Counsel Robert Mueller in any event, as well as to appear before an interview with your so-called quote bipartisan committee staff endquote. Rather, you and this bipartisan staff are highly-politicized and thus ill-equipped to conduct a fair and neutral investigation and are merely a part of the ongoing Republican and Democrat elite establishment witch hunt to destroy the presidency of Donald J Trump by making persons, such as our client whipping-boys in this unethical, if not illegal pursuit to coerce false testimony. Dr. Corsi will not be part of this and thus, we respectfully request that you do not continue to harass and effectively threaten him and his family, as has been the case with the Special Counsel in his unethical, pro-Clinton, Pro-Democrat and anti-Trump, conflicted prosecutors. On behalf of our client, we wish you a Happy New Year, free from politics of personal destruction, designed to serve the interests of the elite establishments of both political parties, bent on taking down the 45th President of the United States, so they can run their own candidates for the White House in 2020. Sincerely, Larry Clayman.’

“Boom. It’s my understanding that the Deep State is petrified of Clayman and of what Corsi has.

“They have Deep State operatives coercing perjury in order to entrap a president on false charges. This is huge. And they’re panicked. And it’s my understanding Mueller’s team are trying to settle this so that this doesn’t go anywhere. Well, Clayman might settle part of it but he’s not gonna shut up – and neither is Corsi, I believe.

“There are things happening and I believe 2019 is going to be a big year for freedom fighters, really bad year for the Deep State. Let’s see what happens in that hearing on January 3rd.

“Let’s really keep watching these whistle blowers, because Doyle and Moynihan, they’re not backing off, they are not backing off and [US Attorney John] Huber still has his investigation on the Clinton emails; on how this was handled by the Department of Justice and the FBI and his investigation on what the FBI and Department of Justice did in their framing, if you will of the Trump Administration with this fake Russian hack narrative – that’s where Huber’s focused.

“And remember, Department of Justice official, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who was the guy who brought us all this information, which has led to 26 high officials in the FBI and Department of Justice to be either fired, resigned, reassigned or removed and put on hold, because of ongoing investigate internal investigations – and remember Horowitz is the guy, when it came out just this past week that that Mueller’s team tried to deep-six 19,000 text messages between Strzok and Page – who came forward and said we got ’em? We got the 19,000? Horowitz. Horowitz is also the guy who recommended McCain for prosecution.

“There’s a lot coming and I understand everybody’s frustrated because there haven’t been any orange jumpsuits. The Deep State is panicked and if you don’t believe that, go back to that George HW Bush funeral and take a look at Jeb. One, he shouldn’t play poker but number two, that’s not the reaction of a guy who’s winning! If you look at these other people opening their programs and…[their reactions], those aren’t winners. They’re losers. I thank you for joining me.”

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  • I’m not sure who’s who in the zoo anymore. All I can figure out is that one side is going to ‘win’ this tug of war over who gets to run the USA & other nations as well. We know a lot about both sides…… No side is going to show up with clean hands. It just depends which side you figure will keep our world from collapsing into a mega nuclear hole. I personally side with the folks that didn’t assassinate JFK…not sure who they really were or those that weren’t involved with 911. Pedophiles & sex trafficking, dirty deals for plutonium, bombing refugees from their homelands….the list is endless. Each side has taken part in all the wars, where there is money to be made, hey let’s have at it. It comes down to who is the least evil I’d say. Not much of a choice but maybe sometime down the road the ‘people’ that call the shots will step aside. Not likely but one can hope. It’s a rigged game…I really think no one actually wins……ever!

  • How come nothing is mentioned here about the now defunct, corrupt Trump Foundation? It was forced to close down by the New York Courts for all it’s illegal activity

    How come nothing is mentioned here about how Trump and his family were bailed out of severe financial difficulties in the 1990’s by Russian oligarchs? About how in return, Trump and family laundered drug and sex trafficking money of these oligarchs through his condos?

    That’s just the beginning of Trump’s corruption.

    Frankly, I want nothing to do with these so-called “freedom fighters.” If Trump and these jokers are the best the far right can muster to take on the “globalists,” then give me the globalists!

    • Michael A W,
      I noticed that too. Seems like Forbidden Knowledge has moved a bit more to the right of where it used to be. I have no love for the Clintons, but it seems like there are lots of people here who still Trump is some kind of savior and that he is not a part of the Deep State NWO. Trump has his head so far up Israel’s butt he needs a snorkel; if that ain’t Deep State, I don’t know what is…
      Lets just be fair, how can you call the Clintons crooks and be praising Trump at the same time? Trump is a phony!

  • Dave Janda, one of the most insightful and accurate sources for what is really going on that I have seen. Another devastating video exposing the “deep state” and the corruption in our nation and world. Keep up the good work.

    • The Military Tribunals have begun. So far, they say, three have been tried, pled guilty, and have been executed. But they told us 2 of the 3 died from old age and pre existing conditions. We shall see, history will eventually tell us what happened. Supposedly, Gitmo has been updated and remodeled to hold thousands. And Generals are warning of martial law if the deep state retaliates and shuts down the electric grid in the middle of winter. All sorts of nasty things are possible, so get yourselves prepared for anything.

  • Are we going to hear about more deaths occurring, suddenly? Maybe, just maybe we might have a chance at the laws prevailing over these deep state Aholes. But I’m not holding my breath. Think Positive! Hope for the long terms, or rope, or….?!!!

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