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    If you’re invested in the stock market, then you know that it crashed again yesterday and that it’s down about 20% from its October 2018 peak. Dave from the X22 Report says this is part of a process that’s been ongoing and that “You’re witnessing the entire implosion of the central bank system in real time and there’s nothing the central bank can do right now.”

    In recent months, Dave has been referring to what he calls “The Transition.” It’s the transition away from the current central banking system, away from the Federal Reserve Note (wrongly called the US dollar), away from the Petrodollar.

    We’ve been hearing about this for years but it looks like 2019 might be the proverbial End of the World As We Know It. And we’ll feel fine.

    Countries around the world are “decoupling”, they’re selling Treasury Notes; slowly and methodically dumping their US dollars and building alternative payment systems. Europe is creating a method outside of the SWIFT payment system, China has created the SIP system, Russia, Germany and Iran have each announced their development of alternative money transfer systems.

    Any one of these actions would have triggered a US invasion as little as a decade ago but they’re being allowed to happen, in a controlled demolition of the central banking system, as part of the “The Transition” that Dave has been talking about.

    He says, this is the point where you say to yourself, “Well, am I prepared enough? Should I get prepared? What should I do? What would you need to stay afloat if the store shelves go bare? If credit freezes up? If the dollar hyper inflates?” When Dave thinks about this, he says, “I need water, I need food, I need supplies. I need to protect my wealth, not with paper dollars but with gold, silver.” Dave says he even has cryptocurrencies, to protect what he has and to have assets that are liquid.

    What would you need to stay afloat for a certain period of time before everything is rebooted?

    (I have yet to hear exactly what the next system is on the other side of this…)

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    • U.S promised to protect Saudi Arabia huh? I think you’ll find they agreed to not bomb the fuck out of the place. Pure Mafia.

    • “The retail apocalypse is continuing in the US”
      I read Wolf Street by Wolf Richter & other financial rags.
      &,. In fact throughout the world the retail apocalypse is continuing.
      1. Business ethic is to grow – that works if you only have one company selling !!
      2. Competition is rife – your one chain store has several rivals – it’s tough out there.
      AND the population of planet Earth is ever decreasing due to Below Replacement Fertility a condition which has hit every nation on planet Earth.
      article 1: I read several Xmases ago – BRITAIN is experiencing a consumer led recovery.
      article 2: banks are approving credit cards to the poor.
      article 3: Brits of means travel abroad & spend their money.
      article 4: Interest rates on monies invested & certain savings accounts will be lowered.

      Was the bank crazy to give C/C to the poor – NO – they spent it in Britain hence the consumer led recovery – while the cashed up Brits spend away from home.
      So the banks will cover the losses – NO – the monies saved in lowering interest rate payout on investments paid for the spending splurge

      Today a gold backed currency would be a nickle & dime operation.
      The Coup in Ukraine was a fake – Max Keiser announced on his program that the gold of the Ukraine was safe at the US Federal Reserve.
      The FED denied all knowledge. It was the heist of the decade.

      Great video thank you.

    • In the introduction to this piece, “What will the new system be?” is the last thought of our commenter. It is a luxury to indulge in hope for something good, because it costs us dearly. It creates a tendency to procrastinate through a false sense of security. I have no hope for a brighter tomorrow on this planet. No Cornucopian, here.

      Back to the means of exchange: The form of what is to come is not important, but we can be sure it will be firmly under the total control of the oligarchs. Consequently, they will have total control over the world population because every transaction for goods or services will be by permission. Unlicensed transactions will not be permitted. Eventually there will be a crackdown on all illegal private barter transactions.

      Now they have what Lucifer needs to bring on the mark of the beast crisis. All who refuse to abide by the dictates of the authorities, who by their dissidence fail to maintain their social credit scores, will not be entered into a system, but will be embargoed from a system already in place. That is how it is said that the person who would not receive the mark would not be allowed to buy or sell. The mark is not a physical or electronic interface with the economic system as so many believe. The mark is going along with the world politico-religio-econo system when it gets to the point where it attempts to legislate against freedom of conscience regarding religion and worship. Not to go along with this will be very serious, for ultimately it will cut off an individual from all support and thrust him or her into the wilderness, literally.

      This is the prophetic scenario which is not properly understood by modern end-time Christian expositors and virtually the entire Christian religion today, particularly of the non-Catholic evangelical. The reason for this is because a false alternate interpretation of the end-time prophecies, futurism, was commissioned by the Church of Rome to take the heat off of the papacy in the apostolic and internally consistent mode of interpretation called historicism, or the “historic-continual” method. It was to counter the reformation and undo Protestantism. Jesuit Francisco Ribera did the work that became the foundation for modern apocalyptic exposition. Interestingly, the historicist interpretation reveals that the end-time American Christian Evangelical Mainstream is that very entity that erects “the image to the beast.” The Beast is the Papacy, the False Prophet is the American Evangelical, and the Dragon is the New Age/Occult/Pagan/Environmentalist element. Under the union of these three, says the Revelation, comes “Armageddon,” the great final showdown. Which is not a war in the Middle East. It is a global crackdown on those who buck the system, but with a fantastic twist. At the very last minute, when it seems like the eradication of their prey is sure, it all falls apart and they see that they have been fighting God.

      You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Just WATCH out for the “Krypto-currencies” Folks…They are already trying to set US up for them, and THEY are just as RIGGED as any other “Paper Games” the governments use to STEAL from us.

    • Well once upon a time we had Tricky Dick, maybe we have a Tricky Trump….LOL! Only time will tell. After all, they knew each other, maybe the old rabbit in a hat trick. After all it’s only money. And it’s based on, oil?

    • Our monetary system( more like parasitic) is in free-fall. It was bound to happen… Perhaps a system that is more transparent in its dealings will be a system that will reflect the strength to wheel & deal on all levels of the economy, nationally & world-wide…… On a personal ‘western’ take…..what will replace government taxation & hold steady the rule of law and order while everything is in a free fall? Interesting times ahead….if that’s the correct description. I think small communities will be in better shape to survive……food-wise for sure….gasoline for vehicles and small engines to run machinery.???? Hoping the landing for all of this confusion will not be total destruction. It’s going back to the dark ages-not what all of us envisioned for sure. I wonder who gets the big prize at the end of all of this… control through monetary control again? Not hard to figure.

    • xrp keeps being bandied about in conjunction with SWIFT.
      several utube vids have banks outside the US including Asia,middle East
      conducting intermidiary transactions between countries using xrp/Fiat.
      I recommend anyone interested to search utube topic xrp/ripple.

    • In our area the stores had a great holiday season. We have 2 new small department stores opening in a 2 of the long vacant retail spaces.

      Sear’s is closing. Why? they have largely ugly mdse. And, their electronics can’t compete with other area stores. My new range I saw at Sear’s for 600. I bought it at Home Depot for $489.00. Of course Sears will close.

      Additionally, today’s jobs report was above anything that was expected. Sounds like we’re in good financial shape as a whole.

    • Dave, I am beginning to give extra consideration to those who claim you are AI. I smell a government agent.

    • More bullshit from Trump supporters, the people who believe in Trump and the people who believe all will be better once Trump is out do not understand the problem. All Presidents are puppets for the military, banks, and corporations. Stores are closing because the “serfs” have no money!

      • Agreed, Liam. Additionally, the military, banks and corporations are all a part of something even more special than themselves, via the array of associations forming a matrix belonging to Mother Rome that will birth Lucifer’s plan for total world domination, unlike what she enjoyed during the reign of papal supremacy, the dark ages, a period spoken of in the prophecies as 1260 years, which we know are dated 538-1798 AD.

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