History is told by the victor, so for what remains of our lives, we can look forward to many more Chinese revisionist history lectures like this one. I’m guessing that the current trade war between the US and China is the motivation behind this rather Chauvinistic segment from the state-owned English-language China Global Television Network.

CGTN anchor Liu Xin explains the miracle that is China and how the Central Planning of the Chinese Communist Party – or what Liu calls “Hard work and genius unleashed under effective leadership and policies” have ushered in its transformation.

I’ve been to China twice. Once in early 1984 and again in 2011; both before and after it had become the manufacturing hub of the world. The transformation of China has been truly astonishing. China is a marvel on many levels. It’s ancient, it’s high-tech, it’s monolithic, it’s vast. It has a lot of high-speed rail.

While America pursued illegal wars throughout the Middle East, squandering its treasure and failing to build and maintain its infrastructure, the Chinese manipulated their currency to an artificially low value and effectively enslaved their population to create an export economy that could not be beat. Liu forgot those parts but her arguments are not totally without some merit.

It was unsustainable for the US. Is it unsustainable for China?

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  • Speaking to many Chinese persons, I was amazed at their knowledge of past history & mostly the humiliation China had, during the Opium War & funny, they all know , who was really behind it all ??
    They do have better memory, than we the round eyes have ??

  • I don’t see anything sustainable in the world economy. It’s been a boom and bust scenario for as long as there has been an International economy. Not everyone reaps the benefits of ‘the good life’, even though many work long hard days & hours. It’s the rulers at the top that can boast of how ‘well’ things are running when it has been planned or that be cry their countries’ downfall, also planned to their benefit. Venezuela/Germany-prime examples. Nothing is made to last….no profit in that. Keep everything in virtual turmoil. I just love Chinas’ social point system….must be a reward to their people for doing so well in the economic world. I don’t buy into the ‘front-end’ copy of any economic news. My father used to say that most people don’t know SH_T from Shinola…..and I think so too!

  • China should build shrines to Rockefeller, Kissinger, Elder Bush and Clinton who , if one studies history opened up China to be THE model of technocracy. Now with their Google backed “social credit” system they have nearly achieved their Trilateral / CFR / Tavistock fueled scheme of a Technocratic Utopia. (That would be a utopia for technocrats, not so much for their human pawns)

    • A Big Amen to that! Remember…China is just another “Corporate Government” OWNED by the VATICAN.
      I wonder if anyone also REMEMBER, that the Vatican is NOT actually a Religion, but an extension of the “Roman Empire” Fronting as a Spiritual entity…NOTHING being spiritual at all about it!
      One just has to read the “Jesuit oath” to SEE that about them.

  • I lived in HK for 5 years and watched a part of the Chinese miracle unfold. From where I sat, western companies, specifically American ones, encouraged it so as to squeeze immediate profits and bonuses for themselves, with no regard for the long-term effect on our own economy. It is entirely true that the Chinese are extremely hard workers when it’s for their own benefit. Not so much otherwise. The remarkable mediocrity in HK at that time of local people working for US companies was pretty appalling to us who watched it. The scandal of technology transfer is also pretty appalling. Americans need to hold their own greedy capitalists responsible for our situation, and give the Chinese credit for seizing an opportunity to grab something for themselves that was pretty freely given.

    • very well put, there was no theft of intelectual property, it was
      transfered in order to produce more profit and the term “theft”
      was used as a tool of the USA propaganda machine makes, Goebels look like a half witted apprntice

    • GREAT, Observation and Dead-On…They also OWN Extensive Real Estate all over the USA…Even the property of the Federal Reserve Bank!
      Makes ya kinda wonder, don’t it???


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