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    I got so much hate on my post yesterday, I suppose I’ll get more for this one. I don’t claim to know anything but I do think it might be useful to suspend our belief in 40-year-old Mainstream Media fairy tales – as a daily cognitive workout.

    YouAreFreeTV is here with her analysis of the events in the Middle East on Tuesday evening, which she calls, “An act of massive peace.”

    She suggests that the take-out of Soleimani was “Not as an act of war…It was literally to take out the head of the person that was running the Deep State military operations across the Middle East…

    “This is the takedown of the Deep State control over the Middle East and it’s huge and what we’re going to see here is…what’s happening in front of our eyes is possibly an actual getting Iran out of the control of the Cabal and into a peace agreement; to get rid of sanctions.”

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