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    Former Bernie Sanders supporter, George Webb celebrates the many confirmations in Trump’s speech yesterday of his messages about the Iran nuclear deal, etc. over the past 3 years, livestreaming on YouTube.


    Now, if you remember three years ago and about every day since then, I’ve been saying that Soleimani was a part of the Iran nuke deal and the Iran nuke deal was about half weapons and half missiles.

    Now, you can hear the calls on Capitol Hill, saying a new nuke deal will have to include missiles, will have to include inspections, will have to include military inspections, will have to include histories of how things got to where they are; how the secret sites got to where they are, how Ford (?) came out of the mountain; was dug into the mountain, the secret centrifuge site, how Natanz came about and other places like Qom and so forth – and secret facilities and biochemical facilities and biological facilities near Isfahan and so forth.

    So, a lot of the thinking that didn’t go into the original Iran nuclear deal. Now, with the death of Soleimani it’s all surfacing. Why? Because the same discussions happened. They were just covert and Soleimani’s specialty, with his negotiation team was talking about the covert stuff. If that were not true, Bijan Kian, who negotiated the deal with Soleimani would not have said he negotiated missile sites.

    Again, if you go to the Potomac Institute – it’s in my last video – you can see the video. You can see him saying it for himself; of talking about the various missile sites that were a part of the negotiations. Again, he’s carrying a Blackberry…and Mike Flynn’s carrying a Blackberry – everyone in Flynn Intel Group was carrying a Blackberry; they are the ones who were managing the communications for the negotiating team for the concurrent communications. They’re the ones who also go to a company called Green Zone Phones, it has a little encryption chip that you put into an Android for Virtual Secure Clouds…

    Remember how much money $150 billion is. Even if you only had to talk about $75 billion of it, remember the total package that Jack Lew wanted was $450 billion.

    It wasn’t just the initial $150 billion. A lot of the equipment had been purchased and already had been sent on credit – on sort of a credit – through Operation Cassandra; drugs coming into the United States, Port of Norfolk.

    We’ve talked about Ibrahim and his role in that, weapons and centrifuges going out in the other direction.

    We talked about how the UAE is a pass-through; the UAE is a cutout, the UAE is just one of these prop-up companies, one of these front organizations in the Port of Canaveral, to have a port to effect this.

    We talked about how this port deal in Canaveral was so important, as the Iranian port deal, as the UAE act as a proxy for Jack Lew.

    Jack Lew was the Secretary of Treasury for Obama. He knew the $150 billion was there, you know, in Iranian tied-up assets. He knew all he had to do was hit that piñata with one or two offers to Soleimani with weapons.

    And today, we had president Trump come out and confirm everything I said. Today, we had President Trump come out and say, “Yes, the Iran deal money – the money we gave them – went immediately to weapons; went immediately to exporting terrorism, went immediately toward those ballistic missiles that were fired at our troops.

    So, it’s nice when the President comes in behind you and confirms everything you said, because now we can start talking about the real mechanics and get into the real details of the deal…

    We know we know Mike Flynn was carrying encrypted communications when he was handling the Sunni side of the negotiations. We know it was a Blackberry. We know that then they moved on Flynn’s home group moved on to Green Zone Phones – but Green Zone Phones were not ready during the Iranian negotiations.

    Again, remember Jack Lew goes all the way back to Iran, goes all the way back with Mark rich and Bill Clinton…in the late ’90s, buying sanctioned Iranian oil and letting and then selling it at a premium and then shipping Iran weapons.

    Again, this is not new, with Iran shipping them weapons covertly. It’s called the Iran-Contra deal. We have a guy in that deal if you remember, you go back in our story you remember I’m On Jodawon (sic?) who was the key banker and key go-between for getting the Pakistani who was the key go-between, in getting the money and the missiles traded through this proxy.

    You’re going to find more than one proxy. In order to do covert operations, the Pakistanis will be used as a proxy. We know that’s what happened with AQ Khan for nuclear technologies, dentrifuge technology for Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, India South Africa…

    But the the Pakistanis have been proxies for a long time. They’re right next to Iran. They share a thousand mile border with Iran. They share a key port. That’s just things that can be shipped to on the other side.

    UAE is, again a key important position strategic partner on the Gulf of Hormuz. Those are going to be the two shipping points that Iran used to build up their army. Most of the conventional weapons they purchased, again, the AK-47s, the NATO-type ammunition, AK-47s, the police gear, the bulletproof vests, the gas masks, the night-vision goggles – all can be done through the Pakistani side, where if you look at the actual manifest and so forth, through the UAE, most of the advanced technology, I believe came through the UAE.

    Why? because it was coming from a US port with a Trident submarine base that would be the place to export Trident nuclear missile secrets and new nuclear missile expertise. Same thing is true for the missiles in Cape Canaveral…


    Webb drops a litany of Booms!

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    • Poor George Webb, CIA or military intelligence is feeding this guy disinformation, misinformation, with blatant lies, added as a topping. Remember that George is a friend to Israel, loves Bill Clinton and now has become cheerleader forTrump. The American Congressional Military-Industrial Complex (ACMIC) will execute, assassinate, and murder anyone who even tries to interfere with their plans of Middle East occupation. Trump is one of the best puppets that ACMIC has had for quite a while. George is putting lipstick and a beautiful dress on a four-hundred-pound sow and calling it Miss. America.
      ACMIC has been after Iran since 1953 when they sponsored the (CIA) Coup d ‘etat against Mohammad Mosaddegh.
      School of the Americas now passing themselves off as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation has been training soldiers in terror for many years, they continue through this day. Facts are facts the ACMIC invades countries, murders its citizens, crushes its descents and moves on to their next prize. America’s ungodly military budget is capable of blowing a human being to smithereens, this is the American’s legacy and what they will be remembered for.

    • My problem is not that I don’t believe George Webb, whom I have watched for a while; it’s that this just reinforces for me how we should leave Iraq immediately and should never have been there in the first place. According to George Bush, Junior, we went into Iraq for our “good friend Israel.” Israel exists for two reasons–it is the land designated by the Hebrew Bible as belonging to the ancient Jews, and modern Jews need a safe haven because of the Holocaust. In the 20th century every square inch of the Holy Land and Egypt has been dug up to verify the stories of the Bible to no avail, a similar activity on a small scale applies to World War II death sites–that is, dug up in search of the buried bodies to no avail. These events belong not in the political arena but to sacred history–subjective, personal, symbolic.

      Ivanka and Jarred are “modern Orthodox” whose members believe literally that God gave half the Middle East to Abraham and his progeny in the Covenant of Abraham. God is the big real estate agent in the sky, the Hebrew Bible the contract. Is this a good reason for American soldiers to die and for American money to be squandered endlessly. No. Get out now. No more mistakes.

    • Now who was on the Ukrainian flight that went down with no survivors. Sounds like someone needed to be suicided. just like jeffery epstein.

    • Whatever happened to having a trial for convicting a criminal?
      Below is an excerpt from Bill Bonner’s article called “Government Officials Have Stepped Into “God” Mode”

      Killing people is a serious business. The Constitution requires an act of Congress before the U.S. goes to war. And it anticipated that the politicians would also find the real money to pay for it:

      The Congress shall have Power… To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

      To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years.

      – U.S. Constitution, Article I,
      section 8, clauses 11–16

      If you’re going to wage war, after all, you’re going to have to make sacrifices.

      In a civil setting, killing people isn’t easy, either. An accused man typically stands trial before he gets the death penalty. Witnesses are called. Evidence is weighed by a jury. Often, a verdict, which seemed certain at the trial’s beginning, is turned around by its end.

      But BGT maintains that no declaration of war is required. No trial is necessary. No jury needs to deliberate. No witnesses need to be presented. No judge needs to preside.

      If the president thinks you’re a “bad guy,” you’re finished. No mercy. No appeal. No pardon.

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