Truthstream Media were shooting B-roll for their upcoming documentary outside of Facebook’s 1 Hacker Way headquarters in Silicon Valley. To their surprise, they found that the Facebook sign out in front has become a booming tourist destination.

Outside Facebook’s offices, you’ll and find a long line of people waiting to take their very own selfie with the Facebook sign.

There’s nothing else to do at Facebook. If you go there, there’s no museum of the history of social media and how DARPA, which was the Total Information Awareness project caused such an uproar in 2003 that it was renamed in Terrorism Information Awareness and they decided to flip the script to make us voluntarily give up all of our data and information so we could be spied upon.

Like sheep to the slaughter, people the world over come to take a selfie in front of the sign in front of Big Brother.

As Aaron Dykes says, “They’re going to basically the most superficial place on Earth and posing. I guess that’s the depth of our new pilgrimage. We can go and pose next to a system that gives us .01% of an ounce of meaning within it. We’re just little mini vessels of transient purpose.  We’re just little cogs. Just pets. I guess we’re gonna go celebrate that and worship that and give it a big thumbs up, while wealth accumulates and power accumulates in a system that pretends to be open and transparent, pretends to promote free conversation, free speech but does everything it can in the background to skew the algorithms to silence dissenting voices and to put people in an economic situation where if they don’t obey and toe the line and pay homage to that system, then they’re heavily punished…This is a bad power relationship.”

At least, in the Chinese Social Credit System, the people know they live in a one-party state and there are no illusions about free speech.

In America, we’re told we have a Constitution that protects our Right to Free Speech but if you are an online publisher, you soon discover that while that right may still exist, you will be arbitrarily impoverished and de-personed for exercising it.

Big Tech’s behaviorist algorithms are doling out aversion therapy for speech that they don’t like in the form of account suspension, demonetization, de-platforming and de-banking, all while they deny that they’re quite intently driving behavior and outcomes.

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  • Maybe these people will get an extra thumbs up on their Facebook page!
    “Consumers of news, if fed American-exceptionalism junk food long enough, come to feel at home with it, equate it with objectivity, with getting the truth; it appears neutral and unbiased, like the old comfortable living-room sofa they’re sitting on as they watch NBC or CNN. They view the ‘alternative media – with a style rather different from what they’re accustomed to – as not being ‘objective’.”
    William Blum, 2015

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