Jimi Brent had me on his radio show last night, where we talked about the top stories of 2019, the Iran situation, the DECLAS, John Durham indictments and the nuts and bolts of how the Globalist banksters control the planet.

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  • Ed Buck was an elector in the Electoral College for CA. No lie. See Wikipedia and search Electoral College by state. See other familiar names on those lists. How does THIS happen?? Adam Schiff is a pedophile and murderer. Lots go on at the Standard Hotel. He killed a little black boy there that handlers had drugged up, he had his way with him, and he died there. Who was next door and was aware of what happened? Anthony Bourdain. And what happened to him? “THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!!” Q

  • I don’t want to go back on all the bills passed during the Clinton and Obama Presidency but their Congress and Senate were both Republican, so during the Obama Presidency lets take a short look at lets say the deportation example, it was congress (republican) that approved all Obamas bills on rapid deportation, the relentless aerial bombings in the middle east by the CIA run operations were all approved by the (republican congress) so let be fair here. Take a fair look. As it stands right now it does appear that “Trump” is taking the “soft” step to war and now blowing shit up like George did, and his soft talk to war IS using psychological warfare on US. I have seen those videos on youtube, no longer there, of bombings by U.S. air strikes, on “HOMES”, I saw a little girl, naked, on a porch, her mother blown to pieces, and her jumping up and down wildly screaming with flailing arms, I balled my eyes out and my mind went blank for weeks. Trump can not tell me now that “only bases” will be targeted, that’s the same shit ALL the Presidents said, “we are only bombing bases”. It’s total bullship and lies. So, “no AMERICANS” will die is the big one, ok so no AMERCANS will die, ok well then it’s ok if we bomb the ship out of everyone else. I’m sick of this war shit, sick sick sick. Oh wait, like Iraq, we have new toys we need to use and play with, see how effective they are, well ok then lets use them and see what happens.

    • Trump has used precision bombing. The left HATE him because they are deep state actors. It is both sides of aisle. McCain, Bushes, were the worst. McCain is pictured with Bagdhadi that Trump has removed. Isis is their creation. Trump made a promise to END wars and like other promises he has made, he keeps. So he is peeling back the deep state, which is controlling other countries too, not just the U.S. Qmap.pub

    • And remember that the msm uses propaganda to pull at emotions! CNN showed “a bombing in Syria” to the country. Then when people who were awake investigated it, found it to be a demonstration that was held at a gun range in KY. They did apologize for their “mistake”. Bull, that was purposeful. They only got caught. I believe that much of what you see is propaganda. I studied Sandy Hook shooting extensively. All lies. KNOWINGLY, KNOWINGLY, KNOWINGLY.

  • Interesting ideas Alexandria, especially echo chambers and “soul-less husks” walking around the southwest.

    They are in the northeast as well.

    I used to be a Dem, too, until Slick Willie lied, “I did not have sex with that woman”.
    Bush proved the corruption was party agnostic.
    Those who put politics above truth are the programmed husks. I have a friend of 40 years who refuses to see truth, denting Biden’s corruption. Follows the MSNBC narratives, and I don’t understand. If you can find a way to reach those logic deniers, lmk. That would be the most important video you could publish.

    BTW, It’s NOT just Democrats.. not RIGHT v. LEFT; it’s RIGHT v. WRONG.

    If Q. isn’t legit (and Barr could be a problem – I think about the Blacklist episode where the AG is in the cabal ), then we’re going to have to overthrow the system.

    • I think Q is legit. I’ve been following it since day 1. But I haven’t seen “Blacklist” yet. Have you ever looked at Tom Hanks twitter account? omg. Only pics of single children gloves, boot, sneaker, bootie, etc…..in a field, in the grass, in the desert, on a curb. And he comments on them. He is a sick bastard. I think those are trophies, and he thinks he is above everyone and doesn’t even care who figures it out. Also several pics of him at a car…saying “my new car”, or “my old car”, which I think means something else altogether.


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