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    With everything that has been hidden for so long now coming to light, it looks like 2020 may see the “Singularity of Novelty” predicted by the late American anthropologist, Terence McKenna.

    In the 1970s, McKenna came up with his Novelty Theory, by combining the Mayan Long Count Calendar with the Ancient Chinese I Ching (The Book of Changes), using the resulting graph to map the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time.

    McKenna defined “novelty” as the density of complexification and dynamic change, as opposed to static habituation. When novelty is graphed over time, it forms a fractal waveform that he called Timewave Zero.

    According to the graph, novelty has been progressing towards infinity since 21st December 2012, at the end of the last epoch of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

    In the Book of Luke 12:2, “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.”

    According to Dave Hodges, what’s about to be made known is that, “The CIA, the Democratic Party, the Ukrainian government state-sponsored Ukraine munitions and Vladimir Putin – and Iran are all on the same team.”

    He explains that the reason why the CIA coup d’état against Ukraine didn’t escalate into war with Russia was because Russia was bought off with the gift of the Crimean territory.



    You have to understand, Putin was KGB. What did the KGB become when the Soviet Union broke up? They became the black market mafia. If you want to buy jeans in Russia at the breakup of the Soviet Union, you had to go through the mafia. Well, that was Putin!

    Putin is an organized crime gangster. Now, he puts a suit on, he goes to church, he pretends to be Christian, he’s done popular things that have made the people of Russia like him. He practices civil defense for his citizens against nuclear war, unlike what we do here.

    So, he’s done a lot of things to endear himself to his people but the man’s still a thug. He’s still an organized criminal. So, the CIA was very smart. They went to him and said, “Look, we can have a war in Ukraine or you can join us.” What, what do you mean join us?

    “Well, we’re going to turn Ukraine into the biggest arms dealer in the world.” This is why we want them and on the side. We’ll make a little money selling kids, we’ll make a little money selling drugs and then we’ll corrupt all of it under the heading of ‘natural gas’, which is really their only legitimate business in Ukraine and you could be a part of it, Vladimir.” Aha.

    “Oh, yeah and when we ship weapons around the world, you don’t have to worry about having a sphere of influence in Ukraine. How would you like to protect Syria and Iran? Would that increase your sphere of influence?”

    Well, from my sources, that’s what I’m told happened.

    Now, if we have to bring in Crimea. After Ukraine was toppled, what did Putin eventually do? He sent his tanks into Crimea and the world was shocked. “Wow there’s no one going to oppose this?” No, because it was a deal made off-the-books.

    “Putin, for your stand-down in Ukraine, you’re gonna get a piece of the WMD action and you can arm your friends in the Middle East, which will give you a better security perimeter than if you just used Ukraine in your old Russian-friendly government. And you can have Ukraine, its [warm water] naval port…and there’s part of your also political buffer.”

    That was the deal that Putin made to become an international arms dealer war criminal. His spin-off businesses – he may not be a part of them directly – but sex trafficking with kids, the war in Sudan – I could go on and on but they’re all one big happy family.

    The CIA, the Democratic Party, the Ukrainian government state-sponsored Ukraine munitions and Vladimir Putin – and Iran are all on the same team.

    I’m just pausing. It’s called a pregnant pause for effect…

    Why did the world stand down when Russia ran over Crimea? Where was NATO?…

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    • Far too many people continue to believe what hundreds of years ago people believed, namely that “Planet Earth is flat” instead of NOW waking up to the truth, namely, not only is Planet Earth actually round BUT that we are funding professional criminal liars by believing their REPEATED LIES and failing to use our own brains and failing to accept what our eyes actually see instead of shrugging our shoulders and repeatedly saying . . . . . there’s nothing we can do to turn what is actually happening around <—- <—— YES we can make a difference 1 by 1, step by step ! !
      I for one open up my mouth and if I find out that somebody has told another person that I am crazy because of what they perceive to be nonsense coming out of my mouth I warn them that I will find out what is their telephone number and say "THANKYOU for calling me crazy! I would rather be an outspoken crazy person than a blind folded fool who repeated lies anytime!"

    • CBS NEWS reported that Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine, Join Russia. March 16, 2014

      • I don’t doubt that they did vote to secede.

        I think most of the people there speak Russian/are ethnic Russians.

    • What a lot of bullcraps, so far Putin’s actions are of complete opposite to whats being described. Fake news and fake facts, enough said.

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