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Clif High gives his analysis of the War between the Deep State and the Self-Organizing Collective (which includes Trump) and his predictions for the coming weeks.

He says the judge in the Ghislaine Maxwell case, US District Judge Alison J. Nathan (an Obama appointee) is corrupt. He says she “accepted a bribe” from Joe Biden earlier this month, in the form of a nomination to the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Clif says Nathan has clamped-down on the evidence that will be heard and that James Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey is one of the lead prosecutors in the case. “I’m suspecting that there’s a high probability that there’s a Mistrial with Prejudice,” (in which case, Maxwell will walk and these charges cannot be brought against her again).

He says, “This is part of war. The Good Guys got the trial to occur. They timed it. They delayed things and did the timing so it’s happening now. They’ve suckered the Deep State into thinking that it was good that this be delayed.

“During that period of time, the Deep State is trying to normalize pedophilia as just a regular kind of a thing that everybody does…such that when the trial happens, there will be less impact…

“In that time, the Deep State did their planning and figured out a way to corrupt the judge and put in Comey’s daughter as one of the chief prosecutors, so my suspicion is that this is a set-up for the trial to be rapidly done away with and not a problem for them.

“However, this is a war, so those actions are going to have a response from the people that engineered the trial for this time, right now…

“All of the information will come out, in spite of what the Deep State is doing to corral it.

“We see this with @jack. Jack Dorsey, head of Twitter has resigned. The CFO of Walmart [Brett Biggs] has resigned…There are rumors that three other CFOs at major media places have either tendered or are talking about resigning.

“The issue here is that it’s the chief financial officers of all these corporations that have facilitated the pedophilia…

“Jack Dorsey is reputed to have been a frequent guest…at pedophile parties that were organized and paid for by these guys [the above mentioned CFOs]…

“I’m suspecting that Twitter is dirty; that there are people within Twitter that have been, at the behest of management, covering-up trails of pedophilia crimes that go through Twitter as an organization, as a platform, because it would just be so easy to use the business part of Twitter to organize all of this.

“I’m of the opinion that they’re probably coordinating the human trafficking across the Southern Border of the US through Twitter, thus making Twitter a seizable asset, should this be found out and legal steps taken.


“We’re at this point now where we’re getting a kerfuffle, a brouhaha within the…Patriot Movement. And you see the Deep State, apparently in the form of Rachel Maddow apparently had some dufus on last night, talking about the dust-up between Lin Wood and General Flynn…

“The dust-up and the kerfuffle is to be expected, as part of the Woo, in my opinion. So the fact that they’re battling and stuff doesn’t mean that there isn’t unity there. All the best fights happen in families.

“But we’ve got a situation here, where we have Stolen Election People, like Lin Wood and General Flynn, who are running up against a giant – GIANT – aspect of something that they had not anticipated when they focused on this Stolen Election…

“The Stolen Election is actually battling it out against the War for the human attention market. More and more people are now understanding that we are at war and a lot of them are leaving the Stolen Election focus and heading towards a War focus…

“In fact, we could do away with the Stolen Election as an issue, if everyone just understood that we are at war, the CCP attacked us and all of this…


“We are at war. You must understand that your lack of control, your lack of discipline, of yourself and your emotions can get you and other people killed, because you’ll react inappropriately at the wrong time to stuff you shouldn’t even be reacting to, like this kind of crap…

“The need to focus on the War necessarily means that you focus less on the individual parts of the War. So, in my understanding,  they attacked us…intending to kill and take over the United States and the Stolen Election was simply one of the tools. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the War…

“The Deep State is thinking that their issue with revealing that information will not come from the other side, except for these legal mechanisms, because Trump is so dead-set on using legality, as are the Q people, in terms of how this is engineered. Because the legal system brings a longterm language settlement to the issue and gets it out into the Normieland in a particular way…

“We know that if it ever comes to the point where people have to start – like the military or somebody – have to start putting out all of these videos that they’ve got of all of the evil stuff on a 24-hour loop on television…in order to get everybody to understand how evil and pervasive the evil is, if we come to that, then we know we’re into that shock phase, because they’ve got to accelerate it, in order that we get into the War aspect of it quickly, so that there might be something there that’s pressing for quickness.


“I don’t think we’re likely to see that, unless the Deep State does something, and this is also why the Deep State is also in a real bind, because they can’t accelerate. They can’t arrest a bunch of people.

“They can’t send their Capitol Police under some pretext to go and arrest Trump. The reason they can’t do this, the reason they have to keep somewhat hands-off in this is because he’s basically, through silence blackmailing them. Because they know he’s got everything…they’re certain that he’s got a deadman’s switch and they don’t want to have anything to do with the release of this information, because that brings down the whole house of cards. He’s got every f*ing thing and he’s been at great pains to tell them this.

“So he disses the Queen Lizard in England and tells her, ‘I got your sh*t. I own your hairy ass, because I’ve got all this information. We’ve captured it all.’

“But because they’ve captured it all…the people who are aware are saying, ‘Release it!’ but you can’t do it that way, because once you release it, you don’t have that hold over the Deep State at that point and they could go batsh*t, so you’ve got to take them down in a controlled fashion.

“That’s what we’re living through, now. How long that will take is anybody’s f*ing guess. It might take one year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, we just don’t know. The Deep State is fighting back the way they do, corrupting the judge, putting Comey’s daughter in there to blow the case, all of these kind of things.

“Now, there’ll be responses on the other side and so I think the next level of response, my…conclusion, is that they’re going to focus on Fauci next. While the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is ongoing, we see the CFOs resigning, we see @jack resigning, we’re going to see a sh*tload more resigning…

“When the CFO of Disney resigns, then we’ll have reached a particular temporal marker…

“They’re going to try and shut down the Ghislaine Maxwell trial but I think what’s going to happen now, is that Fauci is going to come on up. They’re going to put him up to hack his head off – not the Deep State, the power players, the Patriots, these guys, the people that are at war.

“So I think they’ll be using Fauci and all of the sh*t he’s in, to blow up another area.

“So we’ve got the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and I think they’re going to use Fauci and I think they’ll bring up the AIDS deal, HIV and all of that and they’ll create another bubble of attention there…


“Over the course of December and January, there’s a potential that we’ll see two other major areas…We’ll get into the Stolen Election…and then, curiously, I think that there’s going to be…some kind of a courtroom thing about UFOs, also in this period of time.

“This will be small but this will be a strategic aspect of the larger war that’s going on. I say this, because I think that…a big component of the standoff-stalemate kind of thing here is the UFO issues right now, on many, many, many levels…

“The CCP thinks that we’ve got UFO technology and they think we’ve spent trillions of f*ing dollars on the UFO technology And they believe Catherine Austin Fitts is quite correct, that we’ve been sucking off money like mad to support this effort in the UFO technology and the CCP is of the opinion that our own Navy is being a foil, a test case for our own people, checking out their Tic Tac UFOs and how well they work.

“The Tic Tac is our own people, using our own Navy as a test bed, to see how effective they are. And the CCP believes this. They’re acting on that. So they don’t want to f* with us, because their hypersonic missile can’t do sh*t against this Tic Tac and they’re quite aware of that.

“I suspect – I don’t know – I suspect that what I’ve just expressed – that the CCP is of the opinion that we have Tic Tac UFO sh*t and that they can’t attack us, because…it represents a technology they don’t have. I suspect this is true because of people that I read…that work for the CCP.

“There’s a couple of Chinese guys – scientists, academics – that I’ve been reading for a number of years. This one guy, Li Peng – could be a woman, I don’t know – Li Peng has been writing about, and doing an analysis of USA guys and UFOs and money flows! 

“So I know they were following Catherine Austin Fitts, because this came up after her $21 trillion missing and then, $44 trillion dollars missing and all of this kind of sh*t, right?

“And there’s even a discussion in those documents I’ve read, way back when, about, ‘Was this just the central banks?’ Whoever it was, he or she, wrote and examined the idea, ‘Well, could this be a feint? Could this be subterfuge? Could it be that the subterfuge was against our own people; that the central bank was just using the UFOs to suck money back in? All kids of things, examined it on a big, wide range of potentialities. 

“And came to the conclusion…The CCP needs to be worried about this aspect – and all other aspects, as well – but this aspect, specifically about our US military. 

“And so, the war becomes much wider. This war is gonna escalate, to bring all the sh*t here, as we go forward, over these next few months.

“I suspect that if we’re going to see the UFO stuff, we’ll probably see it before the end of February. It may be pushed off, it may be so small that it takes a long time to bubble up. It may be some kind of contract dispute that brings it into the legal realm. But there’s reasons for me to think that it’ll end up in the legal realm.


“Another thing, now is that we have new aspects of the War. OK, so we all know that these f*ers are pedophiles and…they’re lying about it – and even they know that we know but they’re…putting up a façade, that they DON’T know that we know and there’s nothing TO know, they’re sort of denying it, that way – but we’re seeing the ramifications of all of this, as the pedophile networks start falling apart, all around the planet, that supports the blackmail and all of this.

“And so we’re seeing resignations all over the place, through all different kinds of things, through local government, state government, county government, corporations, all of which are connected with the human trafficking and pedophile networks that are eroding now, as part of the larger war. 

“That was one of the tools that the Deep State used to control people, so as part of the larger war, that tool, that tactic, that had to be removed. So this is what’s going on.

“It is my conclusion that whatever happens in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the information will come out, whether it comes out through the trial or not.

“It will be much better for it come out through the trial, it will be much more accepted that way, it would be a cleaner conduit, but I think at this stage, that the next phase of the release, it won’t matter, because people will be focused on the trial.

“When the trial gets bottled up, there’s people like myself that are already saying the judge is corrupt and the trial’s f*ed and they’re going to go for a Mistrial with Prejudice, based just on the characters, just on what happened with the judge, a couple of moves she’s made since that happened to her, her promotion, and who the prosecutor is and the backstory, there.

“So we can predict this and if it occurs, then again, that puts more focus on the information coming in on the outside of the trial and how we had to do that.


“So we have this thing now, that they’re able to test for with the jab, that’s called Acute Coronary Syndrome. And so this is the sudden death syndrome stuff, that’s getting all of the athletes.

“By the way, the graphene hydroxide stuff, that’s a bunch of horseshit, apparently. The doctor is not dead. And so, you have to watch out. This is the Woo. There’s people out there, trying to use these whole circumstances to their benefit. 

“In war, you’ve all kinds of disinfo out, constantly…expect it to get even goofier. More disinfo. More strangeness. At this time, we just have to hold ourselves steady, let the Woo circulate around us and keep moving on our objective and not let our focus get too derailed by all the other stuff that’s popping up.”


I posted the viral video by German chemist, Dr Andreas Noack, who’s been widely reported on social media and alternative news sites in the US and Germany to have died shortly after uploading it.

I cannot find any confirmation of his death but I found the report he was referring to from Dr Pablo Campra Madrid, “Detection of Graphene in COVID-19 Vaccines by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy” and I’ve received verbal confirmation from two expert sources that graphene hydroxide (GHO) is a very hazardous material, as described by Dr Noack in the video.

Plus, here’s a 2014 article that describes the the dangers to humans and the environment, based on the findings of a Brown University study of graphene’s toxicity to human cells, which found that:

“The jagged edges of graphene nanoparticles, super sharp and super strong, easily pierced through cell membranes in human lung, skin and immune cells, suggesting the potential to do serious damage in humans and other animals.

“These materials can be inhaled unintentionally, or they may be intentionally injected or implanted as components of new biomedical technologies,” said Robert Hurt, professor of engineering and one of the study’s authors. “So we want to understand how they interact with cells once inside the body.”

Another study at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering examined how graphene oxide nanoparticles behave in groundwater, as well as lakes or rivers and determined that:

“A spill of these kinds of nanoparticles would appear to have the potential to cause harm to organic matter, plants, fish, animals, and humans. The affected area could be quick to spread, and could take some time to become safe again.

“The situation today is similar to where we were with chemicals and pharmaceuticals 30 years ago,” said the paper’s co-author Jacob D. Lanphere. “We just don’t know much about what happens when these engineered nanomaterials get into the ground or water. So we have to be proactive so we have the data available to promote sustainable applications of this technology in the future.”

I also found a German report that Dr Noack’s arrest in his attic apartment on November 18, 2020 by members of the USK support command of the Bavarian Special Forces while he was livestreaming was real but that he was not the target of the sting and that the police headquarters in Middle Franconia had announced that, “The operation, which had been initiated by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office had been directed against a narcotics smuggling ring.” The police spokesman also stressed that the operation was “not a retaliation against the person who broadcast the livestream.” (Dr Noack).

I don’t know what to make of the videos posted by Dr Noack’s alleged pregnant partner, claiming that he is dead. Was this a fraudulent video, meant to discredit Dr Noack’s work? I will keep you posted, as I find any more facts to clarify that story.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I fell asleep before finish watching this clip.
    Some things he said is true while also many is speculation similarly to Qanon..
    He needs to stick to facts or makes us look like silly conspiracy theorists.

  • I think your an intelligent man who can find words to take the place of “fuck”, and all the other profane words you use .
    Not everyone likes profanity……
    You used to use them less and now it’s more often.
    Respect your viewers,

  • It’s good to find holes in Clif High’s info because it reminds us not to trust anyone completely. Remember disinfo agents give out really good info but add that teensy weensy bit of poison once they have you swallowing their stuff.

    Clif High has never mentioned the coming cataclysm. He’s talked about some related features (eg the global coastal event) but he never spelled it out. For someone who lectured us on how very big, significant events show up in his data years ahead, I find it strange he never touched on this and I’ve been following his work since 2009. That’s why I don’t fully trust him. So if Clif High is a very sophisticated disinfo agent, what is the poison he’s selling?

    Clif High has been pushing hard that the CCP are responsible for this plandemic (though he does add “globalists” from time to time ). But Martin Armstrong takes a different stance. He’s said many times, he’s sat in meetings where the cabal have discussed their plans openly and he’s always warned them that those plans will fail.
    “There is a PRIVATE organization behind this scam, and until we stop pointing fingers at governments, we will NEVER find the truth.”

    And remember the Anglo Saxon mission

    ” the whole idea is to create a condition of chaos throughout the world. It would mean the later use of biological weapons, widespread food shortages, which will affect vulnerable countries across the globe, followed by mass starvation and disease….

    there was talk about biological agents being used, described as being flu-like and it would spread like wildfire. …

    So we’re going to head into this war, then after that… there will be a geophysical event taking place on Earth which is going to affect everybody.

    Now, by that time we will all have been through a nuclear and biological war. The Earth’s population, if this happens, will be drastically reduced. When this geophysical event is going to take place, then those remaining will probably be halved again. And who survives that is going to determine who takes the world and its surviving population into the next era.

    So we are talking about a post-cataclysmic-event era. Who’s going to be in charge? Who’s going to be in control? So it’s all about that. And that’s why they’re so desperate for these things to happen within a set timeframe. Otherwise they’ll lose out.

    … we’ve now entered into that period where this geophysical event is about to take place, when we consider the length of time that’s passed since the last one which happened about 11,500 years ago, and it happens round about 11,500 years, cyclically. It’s now due to happen again.”
    End quote.

    So I ‘d say the ones pulling the strings behind all these governments are trying to persuade us to go to a kinetic war as part of their depopulation agenda in order to remain in control after the cataclysmic events (expected to last for years and years). The reason they are now putting us back into lockdown is because the cataclysmic events may start this winter (in the N Hemisphere). but personally, I think we have at least another year.

    Alexandra, I suggest you look into the much bigger picture of this coming cataclysm. If they stop chemtrailing, we would see more clues, like how the sun is no longer in its usual position in the sky.

    The title of this video is missing two words which are “the sun”
    Read the comments to see how many concur with his assertion

    IMO, the coming cataclysm is the cabal’s biggest secret.

    • The sun not being in its expected position in the sky is a very, very big clue that there is a large object in space affecting the orbit of Earth. The people running the governments of various countries know this, which is why they are acting in concert with regards to this pandemic narrative. They all obey orders either because they are mind controlled or because that’s how they earn their ticket to a safe place in the DUMBs.

      Listen to Marshall Masters explain how this large object was discovered and openly discussed until the US government decided to suppress this information:
      Start at 52 mins if you are short of time

      the people who run the planet the people
      at the top of the food chain they know
      these freaking rocks are out there and
      they’re coming and they also know
      whoever is running the show when they
      get here is going to be running the show
      after they’re gone
      and right now it’s political musical
      chairs is to see which power base will
      be running the planet when this really
      comes in

  • How do I stop getting messages from the Woo guy, just the Woo Woo Goo Goo Guru with a grease pencil?

    I like everyone else

  • I’ve been taking a break from Clif for a while now. I was just waiting until Alexandra came across one that she felt needed to be disseminated. Sure enough, I was right in my decision to wait. This WOO talk is a good one!

    There are a lot of things Clif talks about that I don’t know if they’re accurate or not and, unless the subject really grabs my interest, I don’t bother doing the research to confirm whether what he had to say about this or that is accurate. I do, though, have no doubts or reservations that Clif is most definitely not a bull shitter. He calls them like he perceives and interprets them and he’s honest about it. And I really appreciate that he’s not a people pleaser. I will say that in his talks he likes to interject what I consider to be Clif- isams and I find these to be quite entertaining.

    He mentions pedophiles more than a few times in this talk. With that in mind I encourage you to check the following out.

    Coming soon…Pedo Files Docu Series


  • We are in a war without being told who the enemy is, nobody calls out their name like it is some kind of taboo. There can only be one explanation for that it’s the one thing that can’t be admitted the alien presence. The controllers reside in Switzerland so probable not CCP Chinese, deep state is code for CIA & SSP. The brains behind this shitshow are alien in origin and boy do they have large brains these cone headed MFers are not Swiss and have been around on earth for eons. You have heard about them probably on sat. night live so we could be inoculated against them with a laugh. All those freakishly large skulls that no one talks about and they didn’t disappear or leave to go back to the stars they are part of the others who are here and are also living amongst other alien races none of which seem to give a shit about us or our problem caused by some other asshole aliens. Cliff seems to have jumped off a high dive into some deep woo. He could offer some proof of his statement on GHO but just peeing on something is not enough to win the day. The war is real but nobody wears a hat to show what side their on. The best conspiracy theory wins backed by the least amount of woo.

    • enemy docs#draco=Zeta Retuculi Look at flag or patch for spaceforce.Dracos among us and using Mantids,greys.alien a.o. Is very much an enemy as it thinks its God!!Thecamelotproject@Telegram has good vid on Demons,a.I.,s.nists,cabal b.s.peterdavidbeyet.o,educate-yourself.o,Theinformefamerican.o,henrymakow.c,Matrixofgog.c,truth11.c,citizenwells.c,experimentalvaccines.o,,,stopthecrimes.o,richardlighthouse.c,,, babysteps.Add,,,and The Law of One is probably dead.Austria was named in legalsuit of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY INVOLVING NOVARTIS,BAYAR,BAXTER,SANOFI,OBAMA,OTHERS IN AVIAN FLU B.S. WHICH WAS TO BE PRETEXT OF ILKEGAL U.N. TAKEOVER.PROJECT OR OPERATION BLACKJACK AND TEARDROP.cia Project Pegasus=timetravel and manchueprian candidate situation involving Bideb,Obama,Trump.Trumps a Blacksun Scottish Rites Mason.Saturn Council,Archons,Loosh,artificial mind implants,giant a.I.,moon is a spacebase,see William Tompkins, or his books. WHO is ballsdeep in evil and corruption.Funded and knew of avianflu/mutated ebola/flu/fungus thing to be released.72 kilograms of this toxic shyte eas in Austria in 2005-9??Dr. Martin does name Some names of co.s involved in current bio b.s.Worldbank reports,which are numbered,describe which country will make what and get how much $$ for covd supplies,problem issssssss…..these repirts were before 2016!!!!!!!!!!!Other evidence,emails,vids,names,dates exist.Research xarefully the nazi co.,Boerhinger which is close to Wuhan and one or two u.s. Key locales.Largest Privately owned pharmaco.hulu and netflix are frequency based weapons which implant thoughts or moods according to their patents.Follow the $,the people connections,patents,charities,s.e.c. Filings.

  • Clif High is a bright guy but is no better informed than anyone else. He predicted a major event to unfold in the media during the end of November and not only did it not materialize, he never addressed the fact that his prediction was utterly wrong.

    • Focus!, re Trump
      and his supporters :

      My below message may be found here :

      JungianINTP says
      DECEMBER 2, 2021 AT 7:46 AM


      That 2” x 4” x 6’ pine board ( mentioned
      below, in Forwarded Message ) used by
      an Agent Provocateur, or Agency
      “informant,” on January 6th, was BOLDLY
      shown on ABC Evening News, yesterday.

      Why?—since all previous airings of that
      window-smashing scene had focused on
      the guy using his square shield—breaking
      the left-side window.

      January 5th , January 5th , January 5th—
      reveals the folks taking their “unauthorized
      tour,” preparing to take down Mr. Trump and
      his RESTORATION movement :

      Forwarded Message :

      My below report may be found here :

       JungianINTP says
      NOVEMBER 30, 2021 AT 8:30 AM

      Mr. Trump ( and Full Measure Team ),

      All that need be said, regarding that
      Deep-State T H E F T of your rightful
      claim to “President of the United
      States” is :

      “ Interloper Biden & Team had struggled to get just 60 People
      onto a parking lot during their campaign while mine would/
      could draw 16,000 stadium attendees ! ”

      In any case, a logic-/fact-driven mind
      can’t argue, successfully, with a Prog-
      Com mind ( progressive communists ),
      because the former is steeped in Real-
      World mind-stuff ( left-LOGICAL hemis-
      phere ) while the latter suffers Utopi-
      Psychosis via reptilian impulses ( an
      EMOTION-driven right hemisphere )
      —all generally true.

      Notice which shoulder a demon is shown
      resting on, instructing its victim—always
      on the left shoulder, speaking through the
      left ear, to the EMOTING right brain while
      an angel sits on the right shoulder, to
      appeal to the LOGICAL left brain (( keep in
      mind, brain/body cross-lateralization,
      where our right brain has control of the left
      side of the body, and the left brain controls
      the right )).

      The two brains each represent two people:

      Angelic Left-Hemisphere
      Demonic Right-Hemisphere,
      which internal conflict between
      them is projected out onto the
      world to cause conflict/war.

      Study my “Organic Psychology“
      reports, and learn how male/
      female conflicts derive from
      that hemisphere dichotomy.

      Democrats rebuffed the idea, “G_d,” not
      just 3 times during that godless convention,
      but a 4th time!, which the moderator had
      smartly ignored, and ruled his own affirma-
      tive acceptance of the Supreme Logician !

      By the way, you are beginning to lose a
      sizable part of your conservative base while
      you tout these Experimental Gene Injections,
      which injections are injuring and killing an
      alarming number of children and adults.

      How to remedy that ? :

      ” My inner circle of medical advisors had been
      lying to me—and now they lie to Interloper Biden. ”


    • That’s why I don’t trust some of these alternative people! They say ALOT are controlled opposition! Which ones idk!..thats why we need to be cautious!

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