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On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and a top graphene expert in the EU, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

Now, just hours after publishing his latest video a few days ago, he died suddenly and mysteriously.

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Alexandra Bruce

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      • Do you know how I know this is a lie? I was in the live stream. I know what I observed, and I am very good at it. I know what his wife/gf posted after. I also know she was forced to post a totally different story that was not true and not even close to your story. You must learn how to be be sharp with attention to detail and once you are actually a witness, there is not much one can do to change a story that was witnessed especially by a detailed oriented person who knows how to sift thru the fake and share the reality, the facts, the truth. That is the truth.

        • No, he was the target. He is not the only scientist or MD who has been murdered.
          You were not there. You are the one lying.

    • He is telling people in his live stream about the graphene hydroxide and how lethal it is. I was in this live stream and witnessed this. I’m heartbroken for his wife and their newborn that he never got to meet, because he was so devoted to humanity and warning the public. not to take these jabs!

    • It was not before the vaccines were released if you are speaking of the dates of his live stream when they were pounding on his door which was November 2021 and not 2020.

    • He was warning the public about the ingredient in the jabs (they are not and never were a vaccine) graphene, called it lethal. Like razor blades cutting your insides up, body tries to heal, forms clots. If you go on Telegram, you’ll see the deaths, injuries, and some autopsies once you learn your around. All CENSORED OUT on MSM.
      A global satanic act of a one world order. WEF, transhumanism, control of your mind. AI chips implanted in your brain/skull so they can read all your thoughts.
      Depopulation, cut it down to so many billions by the year 2030 or sooner.
      All man-made diseases/virus with patent #s Get Telegram.
      Go to The (RFK Jr) lots of info about these so called “vaccines” Get Telegram and join his channel
      Dr Robert Malone, Dr Zelenko, Dr. Simone Gold (AFLDS!) Dr David Martin, General Flynn, and many more ATTY Sidney Powell get off MSM for info go to: GETTR, TRUTH, GAB & RUMBLE (NO censorship on those)

  • How many Bolsheviks are out there just waiting to kill another doctor or scientist surrounding the covid-19 pandemic fraud?

  • Stop with the Hitler nonsense of ignorance and start using the Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin as facts of reference. Everything surrounding the fake pandemic is related to the communist takeover of the world. It is the “created” catalyst to remove the rights of free people everywhere. Hitler was not a communist and Germany was not a communist nation. The beginning of the world domination agenda began in Russia 1917 with the Jewish Bolshevik communists who overthrew the Czar. Everything Americans have been taught about Hitler and WWII is a lie because the winners of wars writes the story and it is a false story. What is happening in the USA today is similar to what happened in Germany leading up to the time of WWII. Hitler was not trying to take over the world as people have foolishly believe. That is the agenda of the Bolsheviks and it continues to this day. Communism is Judaism – look it up!

    • It is great to see the wonderful Gestapo in Germany is alive and furthering the enslavement of the Great German People for the Juose. world order system of “you will own nothing and be happy.

    • @ Phyllis :

      I hate to remind you that, Hitler was a Jew all jews are BOLSHEVIK. they get indoctrinated to trust only tribe members, from childhood. they hate Muslims & Christians, because those two groups believe in the living God creator, while they also infiltrate all other religions war pawns are always Christians vs. Muslims.

      Socialism. Communism, Fascism, and Corporate Capitalism, were invented by jews, first they use socialism to as the means to by indoctrination , teach a nation to depend on government for protection, economic and health most of all, once they turn a nation into a socialist nation then the push their communist philosophy on the population, and once that is establish a tyrant sticks up like a sore tomb to dictate who lives and who dies, all opponents of the system are the first ones to go.

      America was already in the fascist stage, of the jewish new world order, it was going to be their crown nation to bring down, the last nation standing thanks to the second Amendment of the Constitution was what they just could not go pass it to finish the job. with over 400 million weapons in the hands of 300 million Americans, their plan was going to be to cause a civil revolution while they would go to UNDERGRGROUND, CITIES, MILITARY BASES, TRANSPORTATION THAT COULD TRANSFER THEMSELVES FROM CALIFORNIA TO NEW YORK FASTER THAN GOING BY PLANE. THEIR TUNNEL NETWORK COVER THE WHOLE PLANET EARTH, EVEN BY GOING UNDER THE PACIFIC, AND ATLANTIC OCEANS.

      That is why it was taking so long to destroy all that network of tunnels, where they also kept all children from babies to under age, teen agers, for sacrificial offer to Satan the god they believe and worship Him

      The Impostor Jews by convertion who use the . Torah as a shield to make Christians believe that were the chosen of God Creator but they did not believe in that God creator. nor they believed in the Torah, reason why they mix the torah with Babilonia’s religion and was call the TALMUD.


      They been killing us in slow motion, with drugs and every thing we consume, food clothing drinks, etc.

      But as they began to see the WRITTING ON THE WALL that non jews were waking up then began to use vaccines as a medical weapon under the fear of a non excistent virus causing fear to those that were too lazy to bother research and learn what those vaccines were doing to the physical body. people the love to trust a damn government more than their own family members and friends , when information was given for them not to let themselves be vaccinated.

      • 1st it was the Jewish people whom GODS holy word was given and used by God to give His Word through. The Talmud came along way long after the Torah which was originally the written law of Moses which was perverted and corrupted down the line. Christ was Jewish as well His blood line shown in the genealogies. He spoke against these men the pharacies very bluntly and condemn their behavior adamantly. We would not have the Bible if not for the JEWISH men of God who paid their lives to live for God. As far as “Hittler not being a Communist you may want to check that again as well he was loyal to the Catholic church who was/is evil. The very same people TPTB who are pushing Communism (really just a means to an end to bring Satanism out to the open made Hitler and was their puppet. Doing their bidding. He was EVIL AND TO SAY OTHERWISE IS COMPLETE NONSENSE! DO SOME RESEARCH ON THIS AND YOUNWILL FIND HITLER WAS PAID AND SUPPORTED BY TPTB who ALEAYS HAVE PROFITED FROM ALL SIDES OF WAR! AMERICA ALSO HELPED HITLER VERY MUCH.

  • These young police officers need a history lesson on the rise of Hitler, they are the new Sturmabteiling (SA) which literally translates to Storm Unit. This paramilitary came to be known informally as the “Brownshirts” an Unofficial Army Of Thugs for Hitler, now these young police are the new “Brownshirts” for the new fascist leaders of Germany. My how history repeats itself!

  • I can see why Hitler came to power because it seems every cop can’t wait to be a jack-booted thug. Obviously, they don’t realize their days are numbered.

  • This was one year ago. He was brutally murdered on November 26 2021, 8 days ago after publishing the video about graphene oxide in the vaccines, that course so much deaths.

  • Why cannot we see him getting arrested if you are doing something illegal which you are you would need to hide it. You will all go down for this.

  • They came in like professional Fascists. After seeing the lockdowns and craziness happening in Germany, it’s no wonder my Great grandparents left Germany. I’ve seen some really stupid shit over there and no one has ability to defend themselves against their government because of their insane gun restrictions. My inlaws are German and it’s amazing how truly easy many are brainwashed. I am curious what justified the raid. I would demand answers and ask for accountability if the raid is illegal or unconstitutional.

    • He proves this vaccine is killing everyone that gets it or takes the next or the next at some point you get 5he real vaccine not the placebo.

  • Hi Alexandra. Thank you so much for your work. After reading the transcript of the murdered scholar, the text disappeared. It´s no longer on the page…

    • I’ve seen browsers block certain Rumble videos but I’ve never seen then block text before!

      Everything looks fine on my end.

      Try switching your browser.

    • No, he is not. You need to watch him and his wife more.
      Because he spoke up they freezed all his assets. He’s been trying to get to judges and senators to get Dr Fauci. They are all in it:(

      • Yes, I agree and so do many truthful websites that have interviews with Dr. David Martin. He has even now named names in those behind the covid vax, showing it isn’t the Gates and Fauci benefits but the myriad of companies behind. this sinister agenda.

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