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On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

On November 26th, 2021, just hours after publishing this latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, he died suddenly.

In this video, he reveals that that Dr Pablo Campra Madrid from the University of Almeria had recently done a Micro-Raman spectroscopy study of the vaxxine and had discovered that the graphene detected in the vaxx was not graphene oxide (GO) but graphene hydroxide (GHO), which is an extremely stable molecule that is not biodegradable, so it basically stays in your system forever.

This is very bad news for vaxxine recipients, because he describes graphene hydroxide molecules as “the sharpest imaginable objects because they are only one atom layer thick…a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.”

In other words, the graphene hydroxide molecules in the vaxx behave like nano razors that cut the epithelial lining of recipients’ veins, which he believes is the cause of blood clots and the sudden deaths observed in so many top athletes, lately.

He believes it’s a case of “Russian Roulette”, where the syringe administering the intramuscular injection will inadvertently pierce a vein, allowing the GHO to enter the bloodstream, slicing up the epithelia in the blood vessels of hapless recipients.

He says here, “Do you hit the vein or not? Does it stay in the muscle? Then it is less toxic. But if you hit a vein and the batches contain different amounts of GHO, then you have to know you are cutting people up from the inside.”

Sadly, he says most doctors are not familiar with these new nano materials and they have no idea of the damage that they can do to the human body and graphene hydroxide does not show up in toxicology tests.

He says of Austria, “They are the first to impose a vaxxine mandate. They are killing the whole Austrian nation. Mr Schallenberg is responsible for this. He needs the right consultants. We had an Austrian once who brought suffering and death over Europe. I am appealing to you to share this video on all channels.

“Mr Schallenberg needs thousands or hundreds of thousands of letters. He must know this is a razor, this is a means to kill. And if he knows this and he continues, he is a mass-murderer. He will walk in Hitler’s footsteps.”

His pregnant partner has since posted videos in which she states her belief that he may have fallen victim to an attack with some kind of a radiological weapon, since she says he had talked about “them” having this kind of technology.



Dr Noack: There’s a professor at the University of Almeria, Professor Pablo Campra. He studied the vaxxines for the presence of graphene oxide using Micro-Raman spectroscopy. It is the study of frequencies. There are frequency bands. Two of those bands are important. They show that it is not graphene oxide but rather graphene hydroxide.

I would like to explain what graphene hydroxide is. It’s a mono-layer activated carbon. There are C6 rings. They found it in all the samples. Every corner is a carbon sample. This is on a nanoscale. I’ll cut this up a bit. If it is 50 nm long, then there are 500 rings in a row.

These are hydroxy (OH) groups. In graphene oxide, you have double-bonded oxygen and in graphene hydroxide, you have an OH group.

The electrons are delocalized (fully mobile).

The piece is 50 nm long but only 0.1 nm thick. These C6 structures are extremely stable. You can make make brake pads out of this. It is not biodegradable. These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades.

These razor blades are injected into the body. Nano scale razor blades, only one atom layer thick. Relatively wide and high, they are razors, not biodegradable.

The (OH) hydroxy groups can split off a proton. When the proton is split off, it gains a negative charge, spread out over the whole system. It is basically an acid. It suspends well in water because of the negative charge.

So these are razor blades spread homogeneously in the liquid. This is basically Russian Roulette.

You can see very clearly in this woman, it cuts the blood vessels. The blood vessels, have epithelial cells as their inner lining. The epithelium is extremely smooth, like a mirror and it is cut up by these razor blades. That is what’s so dangerous. If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood and cut up the epithelium.

The main thing is that toxicological tests are done in petri dishes and there, you will not find anything.

These are the sharpest imaginable objects because they are only one atom layer thick. This is a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.

I am an expert in activated carbon. In my doctoral thesis, I converted graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide. I joined the world’s leading activated carbon manufacturer. After a year, I was in charge of new activated carbon products. We bought a small company near Newcastle, England. I was in charge of “new carbon products” Europe-wide.

I was in application scouting. I you perform an autopsy on the victims, you will not find anything. Toxicologists do their tests in petri dishes. They can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels. There are pictures of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death internally, especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast-flowing blood. The faster the blood flow, the more damage the razors will do.

As a chemist, when you inject this into the blood, you know you are a murderer. It’s a new material. Toxicologists aren’t aware of it yet.

Suddenly, it makes sense that patients look like this and that top athletes with high blood circulation – completely healthy – suddenly drop dead.

You see people collapse immediately after vaxxination and have a seizure. These people had bad luck in Russian Roulette. Very likely, a vein was hit by the syringe.

The question you have to ask politicians and doctors, the question doctors should ask Pfizer is: Why are these razor blades in the vaxxine?

Now they want to force-vaxxinate children from the age of 5.

This guy is Dr Szekeres, President of the Austrian Medical Board.

(Plays video of Dr Szekeres)

News Anchor: In Vienna, it is already possible, with an “off-label” promotion to immunize the 5- to 11-year-olds.

Dr Noack: (Stops video and comments) Nice word, “immunize”.

News Anchor: So we will have the vaxxine mandate but it’s not clear which age limits apply. Which age limit would you suggest?

Dr Szekeres: I would declare a vaxxine mandate for everyone eligible for vaccination and cleared by a European authority. Currently, this means adolescents, 12 years and up. We expect that the vaccine mandate for children of 5 years and older will be greenlit by the European agencies in the next few days. As you correctly say, current vaccination is ‘off-label’.”

Dr Noack: (Stops video and comments)”Off-label” means the vaccination is not approved, yet they inject it already. You can only call this a death shot, at this point.

Dr Szekeres: After extensive consultation with a pediatrician, this is –

Dr Noack: (Stops video and comments) A pediatrician? You think a pediatrician understand what graphene oxide is? There’s another interview where he says he thinks it is “good” from a medical standpoint to vaxxinate the population by force. An important concept in science is disputation – a scientific debate.

The basis of medicine or pharmaceuticals is chemistry. This doctor has no idea of chemistry. Completely new substances unknown to nature are brought in (with the vaxxines). Everyone is talking about the messenger RNA, which has complex effects. The theory of mRNA is complex but every chemist understands what this (the graphene oxide) does.

You see the mRNA is possibly a diversion. I cannot imagine anyone will be able to give me, as a carbon specialist a proper explanation why these carbon razor blades are in the vaxxine.

This is war.

They distract us with messenger RNA. But people cannot collapse that quickly from that right after the injection. Something else is going on and this effect should be studied.

He claims to be a specialist. Apparently, the Austrian doctors don’t have a smarter guy than this one. He is a doctor that doesn’t understand chemistry or he is a criminal or his is a mass-murderer.

After the Spanish doctor’s study, it is official that nanoscale graphene (hydr)oxide is in the vaxxine. So it is clear that razor blades are injected. So he is probably incompetent.

If you want to vaxxinate a population by force, you have to do your homework extremely carefully. Because if there is something wrong with the injection, you will kill the whole population of a country.

You have to weigh the risk. How dangerous is corona? How dangerous is the injection?

This guy wonders whether people should be tied-up before being injected. And he’s the top doctor!

Are the doctors in Austria so incompetent that they don’t understand the basic chemistry medicine is based on? Then they should surrender their license!

Any doctor in Austria, who, after this information is now public and continues to inject this, is a murderer.

I am not some guy in the carbon field. I have a doctorate in this area. I worked for the world’s biggest activated carbon manufacturer in the area of new carbon products. I’m pretty much the only European who visited other experts in Pittsburgh.

After this, I started my own activated carbon company. I resinated paper and turned it into activated carbon membranes. You could cut your hands with this charred paper. It was extremely sharp. I have a good idea what this graphene hydroxide does.

This is Russian Roulette. Do you hit the vein or not? Does it stay in the muscle? Then it is less toxic. But if you hit a vein and the batches contain different amounts of GHO, then you have to know you are cutting people up from the inside.

And it is a highly intelligent poison, because a normal toxicologist who works with petri dishes cannot find it because it doesn’t move.

Toxicologists just don’t expect any nanoscale razors but I can say as a chemist that we are absolutely certain that the graphene hydroxide is in there. These are nanoscale razor blades. Now they want to inject children with these nano-sized razors.

I want Dr Szekeles to explain what these razor blades are doing in these injections. And he needs to explain this to his boss, mr Schallenberg (Austrian chancellor), too. He is probably also a consultant for the Austrian prime minister, Mr Schallenberg.

Mr Schallenberg, who is a lawyer, is responsible for choosing the right consultants. If he imposes this vaxxine on all Austrians, he HAS to select the right consultants. He’s a lawyer, he doesn’t know medicine but his job is to select competent consultants and he is responsible if he selects incompetent consultants.

As a chemist, I vouch for the fact that these are nanoscale razor blades. You can make brake pads from carbon structures, which last forever. This material has zero biodegradability. It stays in the body forever. Even if people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the little blood vessels little but little.

It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks, all the strokes. As a doctor, you have to ask yourself, where is this coming from?

If you understand that nano razor blades are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear. The heart is cut up, the brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up. These graphene structures (aka monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite) are so stable. Every chemist knows this. They are not degradable. The structure is 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick. Of course it is a razor. Every chemist knows it is.

The epithelial cells are extremely smooth for a good reason but become rough when cut up and things stick to it. By now, any idiot can inject this and when they hit a vein. To me, this is Russian Roulette.

Here’s a petri dish. A normal toxicologist tests using a petri dish. This material is declared an “experimental vaccine” for a reason. They don’t know what will happen.

Every vaccinated subject has to sign that they take full responsibility. It will take Pfizer 50 years until the contacts with Pfizer will be published. What is in these contracts? Why 50 years?

In Germany or Austria, there is nobody with my expertise. The leading German carbon specialist, Dr Harmut von Kienle was my mentor for one year. I wrote my thesis in this field. I started my business in this field and won a business plan competition in Wolfsburg. I won 75,000 Deutsch Marks (€87,500) in the competition. I received venture capital to the tune of 6 million Deutsch Marks (€3 million). I had ten developers to develop all these new carbon products. I know what I’m talking about.

Any chemist in the chat is invited to refute me or give another opinion. You are all invited to tell me I’m wrong.

Sir Karl Popper explained the fundamentals of science: Hypothesis, Refutation. Popper said it was better to kill theories than to kill humans. The whole population is supposed to be injected. Exactly like Popper says, if you continue to ride this murderous theory, you have to be extremely careful.

They are the first to impose a vaxxine mandate. They are killing the whole Austrian nation. Mr Schallenberg is responsible for this. He needs the right consultants. We had an Austrian once who brought suffering and death over Europe. I am appealing to you to share this video on all channels.

Mr Schallenberg needs thousands or hundreds of thousands of letters. He must know this is a razor, this is a means to kill. And if he knows this and he continues, he is a mass-murderer. He will walk in Hitler’s footsteps.

This has to come out now! I am ready to talk to anybody about this material. As a chemist, I say these are razor blades and I notice how little doctors know about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body. In small children, in pregnant women.

And now you doctors know what you are doing and if you continue to inject, you are murderers.

Go out, type this out, give it to your doctor, give it to your politicians. And if you continue, I promise you, no court in the world will save you.

What you are doing is mass murder. Austria has the responsibility. They started the vaxxine mandate.

And you, Mr Schallenberg, you need the best consultants. And if you are not able to select the best consultants, you are incompetent and need to resign. Same with the health minister. How competent are you?

You are ready to inject the whole Austrian population with razor blades that are not biodegradable?

Share the video, write it down, put it on a USB stick and send it to politicians and doctors. Make it clear to them: If they continue to do this, they are murderers.



In the latest video I posted from Clif High, he says:

“The graphene hydroxide stuff, that’s a bunch of horseshit, apparently. The doctor is not dead. And so, you have to watch out. This is the Woo. There’s people out there, trying to use these whole circumstances to their benefit.”

I posted the above viral video by Dr Andreas Noack, who’s been widely reported on social media and alternative news sites in the US and Germany to have died shortly after uploading it.

I cannot find any confirmation of Dr Noack’s death but I did find the report he was referring to from Dr Pablo Campra Madrid, “Detection of Graphene in COVID-19 Vaccines by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy” and I’ve received verbal confirmation from two expert sources that graphene hydroxide (GHO) is, indeed a very hazardous material, as described by Dr Noack.

Plus, here’s a 2014 article that describes the the dangers to humans and the environment, based on the findings of a Brown University study of graphene’s toxicity to human cells, which found that:

“The jagged edges of graphene nanoparticles, super sharp and super strong, easily pierced through cell membranes in human lung, skin and immune cells, suggesting the potential to do serious damage in humans and other animals.

“These materials can be inhaled unintentionally, or they may be intentionally injected or implanted as components of new biomedical technologies,” said Robert Hurt, professor of engineering and one of the study’s authors. “So we want to understand how they interact with cells once inside the body.”

Another study at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering examined how graphene oxide nanoparticles behave in groundwater, as well as lakes or rivers and determined that:

“A spill of these kinds of nanoparticles would appear to have the potential to cause harm to organic matter, plants, fish, animals, and humans. The affected area could be quick to spread, and could take some time to become safe again.

“The situation today is similar to where we were with chemicals and pharmaceuticals 30 years ago,” said the paper’s co-author Jacob D. Lanphere. “We just don’t know much about what happens when these engineered nanomaterials get into the ground or water. So we have to be proactive so we have the data available to promote sustainable applications of this technology in the future.”

I also found a German report that Dr Noack’s arrest in his attic apartment on November 18, 2020 by members of the USK support command of the Bavarian Special Forces while he was livestreaming was real but that he was not the target of the sting and that the police headquarters in Middle Franconia had announced that, “The operation, which had been initiated by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office had been directed against a narcotics smuggling ring.” The police spokesman also stressed that the operation was “not a retaliation against the person who broadcast the livestream.” (Dr Noack).

So I don’t know what to make of the videos posted by Dr Noack’s alleged pregnant partner, claiming that he is dead. Was this a fraudulent video, meant to discredit Dr Noack’s work? I will keep you posted, as I find any more facts to clarify that story.

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  • no false flag so many people Are magnetized can place metal spoons etc on their wound from jab or their chest I have seen for my own eyes this is also effected by cell phone radiation you will see videos with grafine in a glass reacting to a magnet 🧲

  • His death was done by pure EVIL it will do whatever it takes to STOP Truth Has any investigation been done, any reports & charges for Dr. Noacks murder ? So many more Dr’s of real science have since reported the same as he exposed Dr Noacks death will go not in vein

    • I want a video direct link for sharing this video cause no one is watching it we need a verbal English translation ok I’m trying to help but you must comply or I can’t and that would be a crime in my mind

  • What a great great man it takes courage to tell the truth , he did not intisapate storm troopers busting down is doors , German third rike strikes again the yelling hammering the door God what a horrible situation in the name of Mercy at least he tried God speed my blessed friend ….

  • What an Amazing Scientist!!!!! so sad and tragic that he is Gone!!!
    No good deed goes unpunished.
    May you rest in Peace Dr. Noack!

  • There are 4 of us working off this same device, and all of our comments are being deleted. What is going on ? Who is censoring us ???

  • Who is erasing all of OUR comments which we have taken time to type up ? Who is the current censor ?
    Not very nice of them.

  • The pharmaceutical companies also didn´t want the governments to show nor to analyze the content of the vaccines, right?

  • If graphene hydroxide (GHO) or other Covid vaccine components were shown to potentially cancer causing or affect reproduction, then they would be required to be labeled with a “Prop 65” warning in the state of California.

    • I think FDA, WHO, CDC are doing nothing what they should. WHO is even encouraging pregnant women to get vaccines. It is insane!

      • That’s because they want the population down to Georgia GUIDESTONE Levels. They especially want to bump off the pensioners because they have stolen all the retirement funds, Social Security in USA will be kaput by 2028.

        • I just recently talked to a guy who was supposed to get 1,600$ a month social security. He just learned he is getting only 1,200 upon retiring. I told him to hire a lawyer and fight these thugs since that is a broad day light theft of his sweat and blood. He told me they are giving illegals 700 bucks cash down in Long Beach, CA, with full dental care, food stamps cards, etc. and he said if, as a Sr. Citizen, he needs dental care they tell him to hit the road if he has no money to pay with!!!! It’s UNSANE. So now it’s PERFECTLY LEGAL in the US to commit a robbery against Americans and give the booty to illegals.

          • I’m very late obviously to the discussion……one reason……votes.
            You see?! They’ll give mass amnesty to the illegals for votes. They’ve been caught cheating, trying to do anything to end Trumps chances, the illegals votes are the ONLY way for them to “win”. That’s IF they don’t lock us down under UN and WHO mandates!

  • Just a theory, maybe he made it look like he was killed and is in hiding? Maybe him and his wife had a plan for protection?

  • It’s Russian roulette sometimes you get a bullet most do not. Some nurse in Euroland says the vials are coded so who gets the saline and who gets the bullet is up to the gun loader. She lost her job to tell the story but conspiracies like this are for weak minded people who can’t find their way to the front of the covid gunshot lineup. when you volunteer to catch a bullet and have to sign a waiver it’s called assisted suicide otherwise if forced to take it it’s called murder right mom & dad
    rGO reduced graphene oxide is as clear as water is toxic and deadly sharp and is in the shots
    GHO graphene hydroxide is more chemically stable so worse like a hollow point but neither belongs in the body so what the hell is it doing in a so called vaxxine
    ignoring the cause or consequences are the signs of misdirection like look over there a squirrel

    • I just don’t understand why most of you on this page are so blinded. Haven’t you heard of Bilderberg? They control the economies of the world and whom they put in power in every country, and who ever opposes them they will bring down. They want to control the world through mass depopulation and those that survive to be their servants. This isn’t a conspiracy theory as they want us to believe.

      They are the cause of earthquakes through technologies they have created, forest fires through laser beams destroying properties and forests. They cause floods, hurricanes, tornadoes in places they never existed through the control of satellites. They are the ones that cause global warming. Our government is feeding us lies, because the politicians are in con hoots with them to create a New World Order.

  • “People bleed to death internally, especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast-flowing blood. ”

    So……..this mumbo-jumbo explains why the thousands of US athletes that have been vaccinated, from colleges to the NBA to Olympians, including my grandkids, are dying off? Hmmmmm……must have missed those reports.

    • Yes, I guess you have, if you only listen to government controlled news. Listen to various news media outside the US. That’s going to be a real eye opener for you.

  • There are so many red flags about the jabs that the presence of GO doesn’t make any difference to my conclusion.
    GO could be a false flag to distract, but it doesn’t matter on its own.

  • There’s averse in their Torah which states: “Make your sons apothecaries (pharmacists, doctors) to be able to take away Christian lives.” Who administers the Rx’s for the syringes, drug(s)?

    • That’s their TALMUD, not the TORAH. Torah true Jews would never do this stuff. It’s those who have been indoctrinated with the Babylonian Talmud who have such blasphemy. Just like in Islam and Christianity, evil sects have grown up.

  • Graphene is a carbon compound. Our bodies love and regularly use carbon in all its forms. If you’re thinking that a layer one atom thick is going to cut your veins, you need to learn some basic Chemistry and Physiology. Considering all three dimensions, a water molecule is at best two atomic diameters thick. Considering how carbon atoms bond to other carbons, graphene is no less thick. Do yourself a favor and look up the phospholipid-bilayer that makes up your cell membranes and fat consisting of triglycerides. Really look at the molecular structure. There is nothing that graphene is going to do within your body that other molecules haven’t already tried.

    • Then why was he arrested.
      He has HIGH-level credentials, about the very carbon that the spectroscopy allegedly found, so without you being more specific than “carbon’s natural,” your post is not persuasive.
      Not saying you are wrong, but you have not given the specifics for me to know you’re right. At all.
      Please do so.

    • Interesting you do mention graphene, which i do agree is carbon based and looks to be shaped in a honeycomb structure of a hexagonal (6 – sided) shape. But if that were all to it i would say ok, but this individual is talking about graphene oxide or more specifically graphene hydroxide. Are you saying that this is nothing different than the carbon based structure? You indicate that, “[o]ur bodies love and regularly use carbon in all its form.” That’s not the point of this individual, its about a structure created from a carbon base with oxide or HO and claims that this is not able to be broken down. Who in their right mind would be ok to put some type structure only because it has ‘safe’ compounds in it that the body cannot breakdown? Carbon may be used by the body but when it comes in a structure like GO or GHO this is not the same thing.

    • Grapene oxide and Graphene Hydroxide are definitely NOT basic chemistry.

      You should educate yourself before you show the world you don’t have a clue.

    • there is no needs of injecting unknown dangerous crap into our body when virus itself was never isolated, period

      Y do we need to even discuss about the thing we have no need of, and we don’t even know about? That’s Crazy, and of course we cannot expect anything good from it, it’s a common sense!

  • Watch the Whitney webb review of the original Spanish study, Whitney is fluent in Spanish and worked translating scientific papers in Chile. The Original Spanish Study commissioned by La Qunita was taken down immediately after Whitney reviewed when she shows the lab confirmed they could not find Graphine Oxide despite looking specifically for it, the study showed and example picture from the literature of what needed to be found. This example picture was used in all subsiquent English translations as if it was found in the samples, it was NOT FOUND. There is clear obfuscation around this subject, La Qinta have zero credibility after this episode.

    As you will see from the original Spanish study Micro-Raman spectroscopy is NOT the standard test required to positively identify Graphine in a sample.

    Beware of this subject, there is clearly contaminants in the samples from subsiquent microscopy studies, but GO is still not proved!

    Specific batches of the vaxx are clearly toxic:

    Noncoincidental Patterns in the deployment of Toxic Covid Vaccine Batches. By Craig Paardekooper

    Many characteristics of this deployment suggest that they were carrying out discreet dosage toxicity testing.

    Highly toxic batches cluster together in close temmporal proximity, i.e. they appear in clusters close to each other in time.

    These sequential clusters are abruptly seperated by clear periods during which only harmless batches are deployed.

    The Toxicity of these toxic batches is not random, but rather is clustered into narrow ranges of toxicity

    The clusters of batches occupy ranges of toxicity that are distinct from one another, and follow a stepwise linier decline; each step being equal in size and punctuated by a clear period where only harmless batches are deployed.

    The batch steps were in sequential order, up to 3000x, 2500x, 2000x and 1500x the toxicity of batches denoted “Harmless”.

    • If that is true, than finding out the locations where these batches have been dispensed may provide a clue to whether they are simply randomly administered or designated for a particular group.

      • Guessing that in order to do so, they will need some insider at higher position to Leak information about batch numbers
        Wish they will get that information tho

    • There have been over 33,000 batches produced. Because they didn’t find GO in a few batches they tested prices only that GO was not a part of those few batches they got their hands on. Furthermore, some scientists say that ~30% of each batch is made up of sterile saline placebo shots. The bottom line is that all batches can be different, and individual shots in each batch can be different. But you can bet that there is a database somewhere that has the decipher of the bar code each jab will have. Maybe we should be asking Bill Gates since he is the computer expert in their CABAL !!!

  • Thank you, Alexandra, for the update. We appreciate the efforts taken to ensure the integrity in all that you post. Keep up the good work! We appreciate you!!

  • They might make up some excuse that the razor blades are to open the cells to the technology. What loathsome disgusting people the proponents of this death shot are. Would not want to give them any further ideas.

  • I saw this on a nother site not realizing you had posted this until I saw someone post your link in the comments section of bitchute. It’s a jaw dropper. Glad I found it posted here with your transcript. You saved me a lot of time doing it for myself, Alexandra. Thank you VERY much!!

    I wish there was translation on the wife’s response as to how he was murdered (2nd video in this link: — other than the message that reads it may have been by directed energy weaponry. My God, my God, Satan and his forces are on steroids!

  • Petri dishes are used in microbiology, yet this supposed ‘chemist’ claims toxicologists would use this? C’mon! This should ring serious alarm bells in peoples’ heads when they’re reading this nonsense. The Covid skeptic scene is having this type of false information injected into it as a means to discredit it. The people behind The Biggest Crime Of All Time have vast resources and are doing this right now here. They are trying to cover up the myocarditis and coagulopathy and endotheliopathy proven to cause deaths by attributing to ‘nan-razors’ in the vaccine when its the mRNA-created spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles responsible.

    • The translation from German was done by someone with limited English language skills. It may be a translation issue.

      Dr Noack’s information about graphene hydroxide being very hazardous to humans is accurate.

      Graphene hydroxide was detected in the vaxx vials by Dr Pablo Campra Madrid via Micro-Raman spectroscopy.

      You can read Dr Campra’s report here:

      • I beleive it’s a multi tech vax and that there’s at least three things going in it. Hydras,metallic components for internal computer, bio forming,recreating human DNA , kill shits of two types,one a bio kill shot and the other a graphene kill shot.
        I have this thing the call Ass burgers… I have sleep problems. For ten years doctors have advised me to take melatonin but I’ve worked out my own non drug responses when I need it,usually in the autumn for a few weeks when the sunlight is receding fast. A month ago I asked my NHS doctor for TWO melatonin pills to nip the anual insomnia week in the bud. The doctor refused to prescribe two pills of melatonin saying that melatonin is on the ‘ red list’ of drugs since 2021! Apparently melatonin is on the list because along with other drugs on the list ……. it has many covid killing claims and is a precursor for many other compounds for health. So , the UK health service is running a shht list of medications and drugs that stop the vax! Complicit in genocide….the NHS. This is a denial of service attack on good medicines. Get natural and healthy.

        • If you cannot get MELATONIN, you can take Lugol’s IODINE.
          Iodine is so vital to our health that we have been for long deprived of it by the predators of Man kind.
          Iodine happens to allow our own body to be able to make melatonin itself, as appropriate.

          Do not let blue lights of screens enter into your eyes and skin at night : blue light shuts off our melatonin production.

        • Ok the doctor will not prescribe your pills, what are you going to do?? This happened with me and ivermectin, so I bought it in internet, in the black market, if you cannot get your medicine, ask a truck driver who comes from aboard, to bring you the pills, bribe him… it is your life at stake..

        • Can you not get melatonin at a drug store? In Canada we don’t need a prescription from a doctor – it’s available across the counter in 10mg with B6, 10mg with Magnesium (etc.) or just plain 3mg however a doctor here advises 10mg. I takes 10mg every night, am a poor sleeper. Gets me to sleep in about 30 min.

    • If what Dr. Andreas Noack presented is false, according to you, then why would they arrest him? Why did his mission to share his findings cost him his life?

      For those of us who were listening, it’s a Russian Roulette…muscle injected?…vein injected? From our observations, a lot of incompetence has been shooting up sheeple all over the world.

      Let’s agree to disagree and say you’re both right. As a nurse once called it, “It’s a shit shot.” mRNA-created spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles are killing people, and so is GHO massively killing people throughout all nations.

      Dr. Noack stated his credentials. What’s yours?

    • Not sure of your point. But his point was that they wouldn’t know what to LOOK for in a petri dish. It doesn’t move, and they would not be used to it, and it would be nothing they would be trained or know to understand to even “detect.”

      So what of the “very quick” reactions? Do you have an opinion on whether spike proteins could be created in enough quantities to cause major injuries and clotting in a matter of minutes to hours?

      Unfortunately it is all so much crap that it is hard to analyze. If they don’t want to talk about spike protein OVERPRODUCTION, but just want to trumpet that they got an immune response (no shit, sherlock), then we don’t KNOW the parameters of potential overproduction and how quickly it can spread.

  • Didn’t the world learn anything from Hitler & his henchmen?
    How many vaccinated seniors, adults in their prime, our youth & now our little ones being murdered most by a slow & painful death BEFORE you Doctors & politicians wake up! And you need HELP you’re as guilty as the others are encouraging people to get vaccinated day in day out every new cast
    You’re all sick in your minds if you’re aware of what’s being done to the human race, to allow this to happen full scale! Are you all a part of this extermination of the human race? Have you been promised that you & your loved ones will be spared? Are you & yours being given saline injections?

    • I’d really like to know why the illegals coming in the southern border need no vaccine but the people working here have to get the jab ???
      I for one want take it, Id like them to show why the illegals dont have to get the shot.

          • Yes.
            Think this way, when we come to New place, everything seems refreshing and good, and so as for the migrants.
            They will listen to government and accept low payments and help their agenda.
            But later on they will likely be treated as useful idiots and disposed.

          • It’s all about the Social Security snd the Pension Funds they stole (borrowed) from. And our GOLD at Fort Knox which has not been audited since 1953.
            The newcomers won’t know nuthin about that stuff and won’t really care.

      • there’s always the bang treasury paper trail. not to mention the three etheric sisters wedgie (chinIA, USIAand RussIA). Public viewing is “retail,” need to know is “wholesale,” and Magic Eyes is “manufacturing. Three step distribution programmatic.

  • He uses the word incompetent!!!! This is nothing of the kind!!! These people are well aware that they are committing murder. Nuremberg like tribunals for all these Political appointees are needed now!!!

  • There is an ivermectin panic on the big tech and MSM right now. Massive articles from MSM on Ivermectin trying to push a danger narrative and also negative press on Americans Frontline Dr’s, again, to keep the Covid narrative alive. Just go to the Goog and type ivermectin then look at all the panic news articles. We are over the target. Big-Pharma is panicking. This medicine has been widely used by humans without any problems for 40 years. It’s inventor won a Nobel Prize after 20 years of successful use and after 100 million people were cured of a broad spectrum of problems without any side effects. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

  • Pray for those who opted to take the jabs without knowing all the facts!! On November 26th, 2021, just hours after publishing this latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, he died suddenly. Arkansided, German style?

  • I am a Ph.D. Analytical Chemist (retired) and while I am no expert in graphene chemistry, Dr Noack’s explanation of the chemistry makes sense and as a result makes me even more concerned that we are indeed being hoodwinked into accepting a very dangerous chemical into our bodies for some yet undefined but nefarious purpose!

    • Thank you for the confirmation.
      I wish I had a better confirmation (I will look) of how solid the spectroscopy is to confirm it is there.
      I trust his analysis of the danger if it is there, but it depends on the spectroscopy being accurate. Particularly as to the graphene hydroxide being there as opposed to just graphene oxide, as I believe that is a major distinction for him.

    • Any relation to Dr. Robert Duncan, who did an interview with Jesse Ventura ? Who has a lot of info on the new microwave weapons ?

  • Thank you for this very important information!
    How can we save/download this video so that we can share it even if it mysteriously disappears?

  • It seems as he’s really murdered according another source.
    Pray for safety of all truthers and innocent people and pray for justice!

  • Question: Are we to share this video with loved ones and friends that have been jabbed?
    They are psychologically obligated to deny that this has any truth value! For any who are able to break that barrier and believe, what does such information do to one’s psyche?
    Anger? Depression? Dread?
    Seriously, how will they react, as this is much worse than being dependent on the next jab just to stay alive, this destroys all hope, as if this is fact, then the reality is not if, it is when!

    • I will not tell those who took the jab for the reasons you stated, If they find out by another means, I’ll lend them moral support, but I would not cause more anxiety and fear than that which caused them to take the jab.

    • It is always and ever, when, not if. We are on our way out, the moment we are born. At least, that is what I’m told. “No one gets out of here, alive.” So, how we live is the important thing, however long, and acknowledging truth is part of that. And yet…this truth could be depressing as hell to people who believe the body is the life, people who do not know that the immortal soul is the only living part of a person that animates the body for a time. So…you have to decide who should hear this, based on your knowledge and intuition regarding each one. For my part, I sent the link to one, and not to another.

      I did mention information that someone had done an analysis in the US, showing that the deaths and adverse reactions (up to a certain time) appeared to be caused by certain batches…which makes sense, as they would not want the initial batches all to kill or damage so many that the game would be obvious. They want people to continue to believe this death shot is good.

      Now, Dr. Noack’s information shows just how insidious the kill shots are. And I’m hoping that the ones I shared with, will not ever, ever, ever, submit to another “booster”, etc. As to the apparent truth of this information….it is up to their own souls how they deal with it.

      My Mom is 97, and she “trusts my doctors”… and she has had two shots plus a booster. I did not send her the link. I did send the link to my brother.

      It’s a spiritual dilemma, whether to speak or keep silent…trust yourself.

  • ???? In the video his pregnant widow made, she’d said that he was ‘brutally attacked’; an ‘assault’.
    I was under the impression that he was ATTACKED and BEATEN (to death)??

  • The balloon is up,how much more evidence for the I.C.C. do we need?
    Pzifer employees in the UK are spilling the beans from Oxford to Bernards Castle , perhaps the redundancey payments from Sandwich backfired.
    The evil ones are in a desperate waiting game at the moment. The jab is not deadly enough,hence multiple vaccinations . There’s more than graphene and nRNA spike proteins in the mix. It’s becoming more apparent that the poison injection is a MULTI level tech experiment , not just a first time crude mRNA jab .
    We need more research on the effects of sound and other frequency effects through resonance on graphene compounds. This may help explain the deaths at the US Travis Perkins concert.
    I’m heading to the hills very soon,being unvaxed and with one lung,ruptured spleen and a serious heart condition,and I’m old .
    Biologists and lab techies are also exploring the possibilities that the mRNA spike proteins are far more deadly due to bad design process and contamination of the blood supply with faulty MMR,FLU and other poisons from years ago. The interaction of the poison mRNA with old vaccines seems to trigger the deadly health responses due to the use of monkey adeno DNA as a basis for old vaccines and the killer shot.
    ANY law enforcement officers should take notice…. By default you are complicit in crimes against humanity and will most probably NOT be judged and sentenced at the ICC due to the scale and severity of this crime against humanity you may find yourselves being judged by common law ,in a common court ,by commoners ,as is law both divine and in earth.
    Austrians made the best Nazis. Indeed the Nazi system was far more Austrian than German.

    • Thank you Phil for this expose, It is exactly what I feel since the beginning of this situation …for me …something has been “sprayed ” in the air that is affecting people regarding their frequency, and that thing is activated in people by “ultra sounds” micro waves, frequency and has it has to look like a pandemic they labeled “deadly virus” and now by the injections this “thing” can be activated more .It is beyond a bacteriologic war is is en engineered one .
      Antagonistes forces are at work to elevate human consciousness to an other level as the human race is mutating to the next step of the species , sadly it is a kind of Natural selection where all the participants are implicated … at the Soul level the ones dying are ascending letting their body as they cannot follow physically the raising planet frequency .Sun flairs are increasing in the process as well…we are all part of this deep spiritual awakening conscious or not .

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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