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    Counterterrorism is an area of the military that deals with Psychological Warfare aka PsyOps. It’s been said that the ultimate battlefield is the human mind.

    This video by Vox details the physical effects on the brain of subjecting ourselves to nonstop coverage of terrorist events.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • All the usual responses we have when confronted with shocking news we blame, we panic, we then look for solutions we may go on protest marches, we may go on strike if we can blame our employer. The new perceived wisdom is for us to become aware as if this can help us, there were mass demonstrations in the 1960’s with ban the bomb marches, think back over history and there have been riots and organised demonstrations and ask the question Has anything Change and the answer is NO!
      So what can we do I believe the only way forward is for us all to change the way we view the world, start changing as individuals so we feel no fear, we start to use our imaginations to attract what we need, as in we need the world to be peaceful we need fairness we need understanding.
      The fact is the vast majority of people in the world would want peace and harmony so why are we not being peaceful and harmonious.
      We call this state as being in Balance and we have developed a technique that can get you into Balance very quickly. is a good starting place for everyone to become Balance so we can start to see everything more clearl.
      Thanks for reading. Alan Cox
      There is an App/Android devise cost £2.49. Go to The Balance Procedure on Your own devise.

    • Blah, blah, blah. Who is this commercial for anyway? You decide. Let’s deconstruct.

      The TEDx guy, Bruce Schneier, I-have-the-answer-to-something-no-one-with-more-than-two-brain-cells-to-rub-together doesn’t already know is telling us big news. His lead-the masses-to-the-mountain top posturing sickens as well as his calling the MSM’s outright lying the “economics of news”. This is his attempt to educate the public about how things work in this world? Then, we hear the coined phrase, the money hook. It’s “security theatre”. How insulting.

      Schneier’s set-up is all for the narrator to link terrorism to his thinly veiled Trump bashing with the chosen authority’s reinforcing statement: “there’s a segment of the US that is scared and feels safer, blah, blah, blah”…that’s why they “react” to the put-up-a-wall protection, et al ideas, etc. etc. etc.? A “them” argument. I suppose no one has told him that the fake war on terror was ignited by OKC and again reinforced with 9/11 to end in the Patriot Act being draw up against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? How many administrations have come and gone since? See any changes in policy? Actions? See the Patriot Act NOT being renewed? See any reduction in Executive Orders, secret meetings, unannounced content of detrimental laws against the public? History does not exist for the narrator.

      Going backward to Obama’s past actions with linked visuals of him, the narrator tells us that because we are scared “it makes it hard for politicians to say no to security theatre”? The message? Excuse Obama for his acts of terrorism and murder because he’s on our side and not at fault. After lining up this one-sided argument he becomes more overt engaging a motherly explanation posing as logic that turns to advising the public of the reason Trump is so popular with “his supporters”. Why? It’s “because he echoes the fear and panic they see on cable news?” His message: stupid people.

      I ask–is this simple low-level thinking which is unable to get to the root of the issue of the MSM fear mongering and opposing sides concept and extirpate truth OR purposeful propaganda? Well, it doesn’t matter for the willfully ignorant, TEDx clinging audience types who want to be “told” truths and “believe” rather than think for themselves. In this case, the belief is Trump’s election and Presidency are bad and his supporters stupid. The same sect has sought revenge for months since Clinton lost and disappeared from public view to regroup.

      I do not support Trump. I did not support Clinton. I will not support anyone’s war mentality that puts humanity in the cross-hairs–military or psychological. There is no “side”. I am not a fool who believes propaganda dressed up as truth is information. I find it insulting. I’m not afraid. I don’t listen to the MSM’s lies. The MSM supports a handful of humans who use the rest of humanity for bait to make a buck. You will have noticed Trump bombed Syria yesterday as he talked about the gassing of “little babies” on the MSM? What rubbish. Clinton supports the same narrative and always has done so. Think there are sides? There is one master and it isn’t being interviewed by the MSM.

      The sad part is that I was hopeful when the video appeared in my email. I thought, as low-level as the information began, maybe this guy is going to lay out MSM fear mongering, apply some accurate history with the result of having the willfully ignorant drawn into critical thinking and away from static belief systems. He could move some of them beyond “sides”. Maybe he will promote the finding of truths? NOPE. He used his voice to make a side and condemn the rest through diversion the same as the MSM. He’d make a great MSM talking head.

      Just another piece of whorish propaganda painted up and shot into the world as information.

    • I’m not scared, just deeply disappointed that Trump has been trumped by the deep state and he’s following Hillary’s advice – bomb, bomb, bomb and for once in months the MSM is cheering Trump’s new war!

      Why would Assad gas his own people when he is winning the war against ISIS and the war for the support of the free world?

      Who benefits from this war?

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