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The hills are alive with the sounds of psychological warfare. We’re living in a real-life ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. It’s like 9/11 all over again.

There is every indication that the gas attack in Syria was a False Flag. Assad was literally on the verge of peace talks. It makes no sense, whatsoever for Assad to have committed the gas attack, which allegedly triggered Trump’s pounding of a Syrian air base with 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles. Russia was notified in advance and apparently no Russian soldiers stationed at the base were injured, as they were evidently evacuated.

This should hush the Russian hacking talk at least for one news cycle – or maybe forever, because suddenly, “Never Trump” establishment Uniparty members are tweeting their mass approval of Trump’s actions.

When Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are praising you, you’ve GOT to know that something very weird is going on.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Talk about the other shoe dropping. I seriously doubt any of it happened as it’s being reported by the MSM and perhaps, not at all. Stories are cheaper to plant and dole out to the public than using real resources, unless you want to get rid of a stockpile of old weapons. The war mongers are so happy with Trump right now they have woodies. Pedo-gate, impeach Trump, revealing the self-appointed elites and their nasty deeds all have been silenced as the MSM reports on WAR! Fear WAR. Fear Terrorists. Hate Syria. (Iran is next. The neo-cons will get there soon enough with Israel up their butt.) So, no. Whatever happened, it’s a set-up to produce profits for the usual 5 or so families and their networks.

  • Humanity needs to be choosing peace. Not war. The decision that seems to being made now humanity will be extinct in less than 100 years. Who wants to live in a world of nuclear radiation everywhere? I sure don’t! Come on and choose peace!

  • I believed this was a false flag the second I saw the gas ‘attack’ on the news. Trump has now got blood on his hands, but no conscience just like the physcopath warmongers who surround him. It is very worrying how the UK gave it some brown tongue in the UN. They must know its a false flag but throw integrity to the wind. I am concerned that with the latter demonisation of Russia and this upping of the anti that the Military Industrial Comlex in league with the Bankers are pushing for the war to wipe the debt slate clean. How do we stop these physcos?

  • I say start a thorough investigation of information concerning the disclosure of the chemical attack for the real reasons behind what looks like possible espionage is going on from the major mass media terroristisic cult. They are staging violence in order to create a war. It is so obvious in the footage. Fake news is more than fake news. It is sabotaging espionage terrorism. It goes deep and wide and has to end.

  • Now who provided the evidence that Assad made the attack? The CIA? They were almost up to peace talks, and that is a very stupid thing to when things were going in your favor. More like a false flag event, like 911. I know ISIS did it… Who has the most to gain? The military industrial complex. The oil company’s that want to run pipelines through Syria? They want Assad out of their way

  • Ron Paul might be right ,some school kid over there probably did it as a joke.Right on.Yep,Yep,Yep. That’s why the Sryians were all thanking there school kids in their tweets.

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