Former Alaska Senator and Presidential Candidate, Mike Gravel is the rarest of politicians. He’s honest. He never got the coverage or the consideration that he deserved, similarly to former Ohio Congressman and Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich.

The recording is from 2011 but it may as well be made today. Le plus ça change.

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  • Stunning! “representative government is not good enough”! What? Did he say that? Yep!

    I agreed with just about everything else, but that one statement which is not true. He is openly advocating “direct democracy” which would require a foolish constitutional convention for an experiment in direct democracy.

    We’ve unwisely tampered with the constitution before, only to discover later that it undermined representative government and centralized more power into fewer hands.

    There isn’t room enough here to discuss the negative ramifications of that one or of Robert Steele’s “electoral” reform which is a step in this direction.

    The problem we have is not with representative government; that has been supplanted by default already with “lobby government” – them as holds the gold makes the rules! There is the problem!

    What is needed is “election” reform, not “electoral” reform. Be careful what you wish for.

    Eliminate all private funding of national elections, set limits on government funds, and impose heavy criminal penalties for violations. Eliminate all lobbies. Expand the size of congress by first doubling it, so that we can begin to catch representation up with the greatly expanded population. Think about it. We still have the same number of representatives the states have had for as long as I can remember.

    We should not be so sentimentally attached to that damned idol in DC that was built for use in horse and buggy days, that we can’t even imagine rotating between district office facilities or regional facilities and conducting congressional sessions electronically in concert with the capital building. We need to get unstuck from the 19th century, update and modernize the existing system of representation! Where’s the vision?

    Years ago I suggested to a congressman that we quadruple the number of representatives, set up district or regional facilities complete with galleries, electronics, the works, where the people represented could come and witness the process, meet with their represenatives and have government become part of America again instead of some far off priveliged political/lobbyist playground. He said he had not ever heard of such a plan and that it was a good one. That was the last I heard from him.

    Representatives could physically rotate to DC on a quarterly basis, but stay involved three quarters of a year electronically in their district mini capital buildings. I can see no sensible reason why it could not be done.

    Representative government no longer works well because it has become weak and victimized by corporate interests. For it to function as intended it needs to be beefed up and reconnected with the people it’s intended to represent through these suggested remedies.

    There in nothing more wrong with it than that, so lets not go off the deep end into longing for some Utopian form of government! You may get what you wish for and it may not work the way you wanted.

  • In Vietnam wayyy back in 1970 I saw this first hand. The USA is indeed HATED by the rest of the world even way back then. I was a medic and would pull sick call in the Highlands every now and then. At first the locals hated me. Once they got to know me and saw that my heart was in the right place and really did want to help them they liked me. Of course I “woke up” over there in the Cambodian Campaign. But I can assure you the rest of the world does indeed hate the United States. Justifiably so… But I couldn’t say this in public until recently.
    Doc Sutter

    • Thank you for your service, Ken. Vietnam was a hard, horrible road. Not the first time we were lied to by the Deep State and believed it.

  • AMEN. Great analogy of the US as the drunken war lord stumbling about the world dragging its bottle, creating havoc.

  • Why can’t we get someone like Mike Gravel as president, someone who thinks first before making an action. I have a very bad feeling about what Trump just did, I don’t know what it is that’s going to happen, but…. I feel it. Why could he not do what he said he would do, let them settle it inside their country. But no, he had to start a war. Give a little power to a power hungry //// and it goes to his head. All about something that the CIA most likely had a hand in.

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