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Lisa very vividly describes her diverse experiences of interacting with humanoid beings, starting at 6 years of age. Some contacts were are physical, 3-D experiences through her physical senses when awake and fully conscious. Others were more dreamlike others were multi-dimensional. Lisa  describes these other-worldly beings as “family”.

Lisa says, “I want people to know it’s alright to talk about this and to stop being afraid of the stigma of; ‘you’re crazy’… This is more normal than people want to admit.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Upon reading the posted article I was taken to my own awareness about these experiences.
    Everything she said was exactly what I witnessed myself… starting at the age of 5 for many years afterwards. When I say the drawing of the ET Being I said to myself…. “momma” only to hear from her moments later the same response! Perhaps many of us have the same cosmic family either from our past or concurrently on/in another reality.

    Lisa feels to be my sister when I saw her in the film interview. To her I say ” hello from momma!”
    I wrote a posting article that will go online soon.

  • Yes, yes – thank you for confirming my experiences with various beings from other realities and Universes! I too was abducted and violated while on a cold slab in a spaceship. Yet years later I was revisited by these beings and introduced to my son (who had human physical characteristics but his head was larger and shaped more like those beings). I recognized him and acknowledged him as my son. The beings thanked me for giving them a Leader and for saving them. I sensed my son was highly intelligent and highly regarded in their world. I was told that I would meet my son again in the future. In my Soul of Souls I recognized this being as my son genetically modified yet still part of me.

    • Yes I too remember the experience of the table experiments.

      Years later when I was living / visiting Egypt I met a person who asked me if I remembered him. He told me we both worked together on an ET ship as Arcturian medical staff.

      It helped me understand my experiences and how in the future I would become one or a part of them.

  • When I was young I had an experience, with being followed down the freeway in the snow, by an orange glow, I did not have the experience’s that Lisa has had, or still has. But quite a few people have had on going intrusions all their life, just lots of luck with the family. (small ha, ha.)

  • Excellent interview. She’s intelligent–not woo-woo–and her central message is a solid one. Love it when a individual understands their experience(s), is not fearful, is level-headed and doesn’t make them a way to gain power over others (something the woo-woos would deny). The woo-woo crowd’s experiences become an adversarial control button over which they argue their superiority, i.e. they make theirs into a religion of belief. So, UGH.

  • I am 70; I wish The World knew the truth about ETs bye now. I had my own experiences as a boy 0f 14 in a cornfield near McConnell AFB Kansas. My friend and I were returning to our USAF Housing when we saw a light we mistook for a Fire, and we ran to see it. To our horror; a disk rose up; so bright you could not stare directly at it; and rose only to 10 feet high; we hit the dirt road we were on. The disk must have had mechanical problems; because it sat back down after about 10 minutes; and we ran for our lives. I served in Vietnam; and I was never as scared as I was that night.

  • UFO experiences fall under 3 categories as I understand them. Fantasy, fiction, or vivid dreams.

    The human eye is easily fooled (magicians, illusionists, 2 dimensional TV and movie screens) and the human mind not far from it. She might believe this was real but who has not had a dream that seemed so as well?

    • I see you’ve never experienced a visitation. When you do you’ll no longer “believe” the things you’ve stated. There is a key fact in her testimony. She separates MiLabs from her other experiences. MiLabs make up a very high percentage of other-worldy experiences and most people cannot tell the difference. The Deep State military uses their advanced technology (and it’s fantastic stuff) to confuse the public; to make them believe a narrative that is neither real nor true.

    • it is irrelevant what you ‘believe’, Kim. Truth is what matters, and truth demands facts. In Fact, my father, who worked for NASA, was friends with the astronauts. When my dad was terminal, he shared stories told to him by the moon astronauts – the ET’s are there (and here). FACT, I have seen an ETV (extra-terrestrial vehicle), and for 50 years while have been trying to initiate contact, I have yet to see an ET myself. But the massive amount of evidence DEMANDS a fourth category to your list: FACT. I can’t prove to you the TRUTH; you have to find that for yourself. But don’t let your beliefs turn you into a close-minded infidel; remain open-minded to the TRUTH, which is weirder than fiction! And read a few books on abductions – these people cannot all be deluded, especially when there are so many physical cases as well, multiple witness cases, etc..

    • Because you’ve never experienced something personally, does not mean it’s not real. I’ve never once experienced what this woman did, but it’s quite obvious that she’s sincere. Look at her body language, expressions (especially her eyes), and listen to the intonations in her voice. No, this lady experienced something truly profound. To say that it must be fantasy, fiction or dream isn’t logical because one doesn’t understand it is narrow-minded…..Scientists theorized for awhile that the atom existed, but never actually saw it until the invention of the Electron Microscope. So because they never actually saw it, it must have never truly existed? All figment of imagination? Do we have to see or experience EVERYTHING with our own eyes before accepting it as fact?…..According to your statements, it must be so. I’m glad science doesn’t go by your testing methods.

    • This was real. I’ve had many such experience my whole life, wasn’t sleeping or hallucinating. I have tons of photos to prove it. We live in a multidimensional world, and if you REALLY could SEE with your own eyes, then perhaps you’d believe. Too many people are locked in toNOT SEEING TO THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT, just look straight ahead as if you had horse blinkers on (as in race horse blinkers). Be aware of what is truly happening and maybe you’d enjoy yourself as I have. I’m 71 and am still seeing things with the naked eye that many do not because their eyes have been trained not to via education, religion,etc. and it’s too bad. It’s really easy to teach someone to SEE, as I have shown others how to.

  • Hello Alexandra, Hope you are well and breathing in the prana regularly. The lady Lisa who describes her meetings with other energy people is interesting and i would like to communicate with her as I can help with some of the explanations of her experiences. My e mail is;
    All the best my dear and keep the good work going.
    All love Peter.

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