You don’t have to believe that you descend from these creatures, even though DNA testing has proven that all populations that are not original Sub-Saharan Africans have been shown to possess 2%-5% Neanderthal genetics.

This is to say that Europeans, Asians (South, West, East and Southeast), along with Indigenous Americans have small amounts of Neanderthal genetics, whereas most indigenous African groups, south of the Sahara are 100% Homo Sapiens, according to the latest in physical anthropology.

Despite any rejection one may have of the scientific evidence cited above, DNA extracted from the bones of Neanderthal remains matches genetic sequences found in non-Sub-Saharan Africans that are lacking in the latter.

Regardless of any disavowal that one may have of the above data and Evolutionary Theory in general, one still can marvel that a vast assortment of hominid beings roamed the Earth, tens- and hundreds of thousands of years ago.

This is according to fossil records and carbon dating. Yes, carbon dating has its flaws – but the fact of myriad hominid fossils does remain – and this video doesn’t even list Neanderthal, except as a side reference!

I’ve been curious about this topic since I was 6 years old but some of these discoveries are recent and I’d never heard of some of these human-like creatures, whose fossils have been found, such as Boskop Man, aka Homo capensis, of which many fossils have been found in South Africa.

You don’t have to think you’re descended from these beings to wonder what their lives were like.

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  • My View: Science has proven (with irrefutable statistics) “life cannot reproduce or sustain itself without a DNA or RNA (deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acid) or the yet to be discovered equivalent within a cell”. These are the cell’s programming/code of all living matter that carry out functions that lead to the timing for copying, translating, and even silencing a region of a cell’s code. This unfathomable complexity, that can sustain numerous parallel and simultaneous instructions, existed in every living cell since the inception of the first “living cell”.

    Whether called “abiogenesis” (spontaneous generation) or statistical “random chance” … it is easier (for me) to accept and believe the first cell being from an intelligent entity implementing this complex sequencing design than its occurrence by any other means. This is stated knowing invested billions with the latest most powerful modeling and decades of research has still no scientific group that has replicated or fully understands the DNA or RNA.

  • Where’s the beef? This isn’t science, it’s Darwinian entertainment. Pseudo-scientists, running wild with Darwinian fantasies glommed onto Leaky’s sketchy evidences and plunged a generation of believers into a world of fanciful speculations, building false foundations for wild fairy tales employing thousands of professors, artists and creative writers all paid for by gullible taxpayers.

    One can trace it back to eighteenth century philosopher-theologians who were scoffers of the historic records, not satisfied to prove or disprove them, but to change them by creating an entirely new and novel model. Darwin’s family came along and adapted what we presently see at the university. Would you believe I never heard of Darwin until college where they introduced “evolution” of species to us as a possible hypothesis. Today it’s taught as a fact which it is absolutely not!

    Charles Darwin didn’t come up with species evolution as I have been told most of my adult life, he learned it from his father’s family. In fact he is alleged to have said that if we cannot find evidence of his hypothesis in the fossil record it will be proven false. Well?!?!

    Evolution hypothesis jumps the fact-track in order to get where the controllers want to take us – away from our foundations into a make believe world they control. It’s part of the same kind of nonsense claiming that carbon dioxide is a toxin. Total nonsense! A trick to convince people need to pay a global carbon tax, to fund a carbon police force.

    • Forget Darwin. I’m not arguing for human evolution from early hominids. That was the distinction that I was attempting to make: I am pointing to accepted evidence that a vast group of modern-day human beings, aka Homo sapiens have evidence in their DNA of their ancestors having crossbred with Neanderthals and that this group includes all people NOT of 100% Sub-Saharan African descent, the latter possessing 100% Homo sapiens genetics and the rest having 2-5% Neanderthal genetics. A $200 test from 23 and Me will tell you how much Neanderthal DNA you have.

      5% is a LOT! Humans share 98.8% of their genetics with chimpanzees. Humans share 88% of their genetics with spiders!

      Maybe chimpanzees are descended from humans. To deny DNA evidence begs an alternative explanation for how biological life works.

      Paleontologists and physical anthropologists anticipate finding similar admixtures among different ethnic groups with other early hominids – actually, this piece mentions that Tibetans have been shown to possess higher levels of Denisovan DNA than any other group and it speculates that this may have contributed to this group’s ability to survive in harsh conditions at extremely high altitudes. Denisovans are the recently-discovered Neanderthal cousin, the DNA extracted in the well-preserved bones of a child in a cave in Siberia.

      I think it’s fascinating. I don’t link these findings with the carbon trading scam! These remains are out there and their DNA is being sequenced. I’m not making this up.

      • Maybe the answers lie in the holographic library that was found inside the Buscegi mountains. From what I read about their data base, they can show you immediately how to mix any two critters together.

      • I’m beginning to think that the whole ‘out of Africa’ idea is false; I think the Africans and the Aborigines of Australia are native to this planet, and perhaps the Eskimo, Polynesians and Aztec/Inca separately evolved but that the Caucasian, Nordic and Native American ‘races’ were all settled here from outside – colonies established in climates and surroundings similar to their home planets. I can’t see how people from the Congo could, even over thousands of years, march north and become pale white, blue eyed and blonde haired, or travel east and evolve the wholly different looking Asian face, coloring, as well as the known skeletal differences. Why would a skeleton change according to weather patterns? Any anthropologist or forensic pathologist can tell the difference between an African, Asian or Caucasian skeleton or skull…

        Add in the incredibly different cultures and languages – so different that to think they ‘evolved’ from a singular point, genetics and language base seems impossible. The Egyptians may be the most foreign of all – nothing like the world has ever seen before or since, including a language and religion completely different from anywhere else, along with what may have been superior technical, for sure superior math and astronomical skills.

        Ask yourself why every government document asks your ‘race’ – as if the amount of melanin in your skin had anything to do with anything. We’re all the ‘human’ race – or we’re NOT, and they know it.

        • Sharing some of the same DNA as a spider (if this is correct) does not need to proof that one came from the other. What if the same Creator created all these entities? Why is it inconceivable that the Creator could not have used similar characteristics in some of the creation and different characteristics in other of His creation. All mammals could have been created separately. “Let everything reproduce after it’s kind”.


          • I never meant to imply that humans *descend* from spiders. I agree with the essence of what you’re saying.

            My point is that a percentage of 1% is a BIG difference, being that we share 88% of our DNA with spiders.


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