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This is the incredible story from separate eyewitnesses of an apparent rescue operation of multiple sasquatches from their lairs on and around Washington State’s Mount St. Helens in 1980, after the deadliest, most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States.

These highly detailed testimonies were taken from unrelated soldiers who were deployed to guard these rescue operations and were published by the Strange But True! YouTube channel, which collects “100% TRUE paranormal Stories”.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There is some evidence that “bigfoot” has an ability to apparently access another dimension, which is juxtaposed right next to this one. Also look at reports of bigfoot coinciding with UAP reports.
    I realize this does little to clarify their existence, yet…

  • What does rerunning the “Big Foot” story have to do with the Alex Jones story? Stumps me!

    In reference to Alex Jones, his raucous and “in-your-face” style is part of his own undoing here. If he’d present a more calm and reasoned demeanor he may not have ended up in this predicament.

    Of course, it’s his boisterous manner that attracts many of his followers.

    One of his big problems is that he sees conspiracies everywhere with little or no evidence to back it up. He’s being sued by the Sandy Hook families for saying that was a fake and staged event, with no deaths. Last I heard he’s backing away from his statements. I don’t know how that’s doing in the courts.

    This should be his shinning moment, if he had real, hard evidence to present. He could prove his case in a court of law that garner tons of positive publicity.

    So far, it sppears Jones is bereft of any real evidence to prove his conspiracy and looks like just an unhinged windbag out to make some big bucks.

  • Again, If the Government KNOWS all about them…WHY are they keeping it so SECRET???
    If they are harmless, why not expose the TRUTH about them???
    Governments keep WAY to Much secrecy about WHAT they know, and given a time FAST approaching where it will be IMPOSSIBLE to keep a secret.
    In Divine Providence there is ONLY TRUTH….NO SECRETS.

  • I received many very credible Bigfoot stories from longtime subscribers who I know to be highly functioning smart people – and who I had no idea had such experiences, from Washington State to Florida. Sasquatch is a theme that endures for a reason.

  • Give all information due diligence…..all the pieces are needed to make the puzzle unravel. It’s very plausible that BF would be living in and around St. Helens’… incredible death rate took place with all the creatures living there as well.
    Read most of the “Missing 411” books. Interested in and feel that these highly intelligent bipeds have been a part of our whole back history up to these times. Information has been twisted and manipulated…..hard to tell the truth from the lie anymore. It comes down to using ones’ senses about what’s what. I side with BF being a part of our worlds’ history. The have earned their right to exist alongside ‘humans’.

  • As usual never ONE god damned picture. So it rode around in a truck all day and NO ONE got a picture of it even???? I’ll believe it when I see PROOF.

    • Have you ever been in the Military or a Communist Country. Try taking pictures in North Korea… Nimrod…

  • sasquatches are real…..the Government knows this. If anyone on EARTH thinks UFO are just a Legend. WAKE UP.

  • Loved Lloyd Pye on this subject. Sadly, gone to soon.
    The shape “psycholigical” the West is in I would say let people believe it is all Phantom and Monsters nonsence.

    Can you just imagine them being forcefully janked out of their habitat and integrated as equals in our bonkers society! No, our society for the most part is to cut of from reality to deal with reality.

  • IF…and that’s a BIG IF, these stories about a “Big Foot” what-not are for real…WHY no real CLEAR photos of them ever SEEN?
    WHY all the SECRECY surrounding them??? Unless of course they may be RELATED to CERTAIN so-called RACES of creatures known as “Man-KIND”.
    There is ONLY ONE Race that is “Connected” to “Divine Providence/Prime source Creator”…THE GOD-MAN race…currently known as Hu-Manity.

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