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H/T Dilley Meme Team


ANNOUNCER: Here’s a guy who beats a girl on video and lies about it, then plays the victim as if it never happened.

He’s a degenerate dirtbag, running a human trafficking operation.

People forget when he told everyone to vote for the notorious serial killer, Hillary Clinton, years ago.

(Cut to video of Sean Combs with Hillary Clinton high up in the rafters at the 2016 DNC convention)

SEAN: You’re one of the few politicians that young people relate to. And we wanted to send a message on why you feel it’s important that young people vote this year. Young people and – please talk to the people that are disenfranchised, that don’t believe in the power of their vote.

HILLARY: I believe your slogan, ‘Vote or Die’ is accurate.

ANNOUNCER: He obviously hates Donald Trump.

SEAN: White men, like Trump need to be banished. They haven’t even gone to our communities. And I’m saying from the communities I’m from, where the roaches and the rats are.

ANNOUNCER: In 2020, he told everyone to vote for Joe Biden

SEAN: If Trump gets elected, I really do believe, in my heart, there will be a race war.

(Cut to video meme from the Brady Bunch, where Marcia says, “Sure, Jan”)

ANNOUNCER: It looks like everyone who hates Trump is a pedophile. These are the degenerates on Joe’s team. Who’s next? Steven Spielberg?

This has been a public service announcement by the Dilley Meme Team.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • So they wanna bring up an obvious extremist like Killery in hope that people will forget about criminal activities of other politicians, huh.
    F all politicians.

  • Alexandra,

    Re : the Psychology of Political Affiliations

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear Truthout Editor,

    You are Right-Hemisphere
    Trapped by Emotionalism !
    —not able to apply
    L O G I C and HISTORY
    to Political/Social/Cultural
    topics ( Explanation of that
    DISORDERED brain ) :

    In “My Organic Psychology” report,
    this scribbler applies the term, “devil,”
    to our brain’s — our T W O brains: Left
    and Right — L I M B I C-side drives and
    the term, “G_d,” to our E X E C U T I V E-
    side brain.

    Generally, the Limbic Brain is accessed
    via the right hemisphere ( non-logical,
    emotion-driven, artistic side—W H Y :
    the entertainment class always goes
    for Libertine Liberal Left causes ) while
    the Executive Brain is accessed via the
    left hemisphere, and employs sound
    LOGIC and historical lessons to navigate
    this ( PROJECTED ? ) plane of existence.

    Keep in mind what I’ve termed, “Cross-
    Lateralization,” is the LOGIC-driven
    left brain control of the political Right
    and EMOTION-driven right brain
    control of the political Left—possibly
    why most folks can’t quite fathom those
    confusing brain functionalities.

    “G_d” is the Supreme Logician while the
    “Devil“ is the Supreme ( Dionysian ) Liar.

    It is a deadly conflict — this BATTLE of
    the brains — yet, after decades of explan-
    ation, few are able to comprehend how
    G_d and the Devil are INTERNAL drives
    projected out onto this ( illusory ? ) world.


  • Woke Revolution aiming to undo America.

    On the other end, you must follow its rules.

    So America, is in a bind.

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