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Wow, first the site got knocked-out by a DDoS and now the creators of the Goldfish Report have disabled embedding of their video, so I’ve replaced it with another interview that Austin Steinbart did over this past weekend on The Q Signal channel.


After scouring the recent offerings for you on YouTube, this GoldFish Report interview of Austin Steinbart is definitely the most interesting show that I could find. It’s long, so I’ve set it to start about 38 minutes in. I figure many of you are in semi-lockdown and may have the extra time on your hands.

We see a more relatable side of the controversial YouTuber, without the jump cuts and trolling seen in the videos he makes of himself. He answers questions about the coronavirus, false flags, the quantum internet, genomics and the future of medicine, among others and acquits himself as an affable and uncommonly knowledgeable guy, with fascinating answers to things that everybody wants to know.

Steinbart has been vilified by the prelates of the QAnon movement – and somewhat understandably, having stretched our credulity with his sci-fi-sounding claims that his future self is both QAnon and the Commander of the soon-to-be inaugurated “real” US Space Force.

I was particularly interested to hear his take on what really happened during the Las Vegas shooting. As many have suspected (though I was never in this camp), he says it was an assassination attempt against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (aka MBS) that went off the rails.

He says the US Government covered-up the murder of over 50 Americans that has now left many businesses liable for wrongful death lawsuits all because MBS was in the casino at the time, which is haram in orthodox Islam and a bad look for the future Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. Steinbart claims that this kind cover-up of a horrific injustice on the part of the US will soon be a thing of the past.

Unlike some people, who have collected hundreds of thousands of followers and made millions off their presentations of the QAnon material, he doesn’t anger me in the least, quite the opposite. Without buying into anything he says, I just find him totally entertaining.

I don’t understand the anger of some, when his claims are so far out, it won’t be long before they’re either handily disproven – or shockingly – proven right.

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