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The latest film by Dr Steven Greer, ‘Cosmic Hoax’ was released on July 4th and it’s a must-see important document, with unprecedented interviews and testimonies, never-before-seen footage and still images that are put together so well, it is a pleasure to watch. It delves back into the airships of the 19th Century and brings us to the current fake alien invasion being staged by the likes of Christopher Mellon and Luis Elizondo.

Constitutional attorney and longtime Disclosure Project associate, Daniel Sheehan believes that the official ET narrative is controlled by an extra-judicial, extra-governmental group. He says, “There’s some other structure. I happen to be persuaded by the evidence that that immediately after Roswell, when they recovered a craft and bodies from the from the UFO vehicle, that the Truman administration set up a body that was outside of the normal Constitutional framework of our United States Government and it was made up of major elite people that they they view as the ‘real power elite.'”

Greer muses, “It’s sort of a shadow government within the government, not just in the United States but all around the world and and the kind of power they have, both financially technologically and the means of projecting power, militarily is much greater than anything that the conventional military or the conventional government or the President of the United States has. Eisenhower knew it and by the time he left office was very upset about it.”

Greer continues, “One of the difficult things of the last six months was that I learned that the same group that had been feeding false information to the public through TTSA [To The Stars Academy] had their counterparts that had been going into the President’s Office, providing some information – but a lot of disinformation.”

Greer says something here I’ve never heard before: that ENTIRE Alien Abduction Phenomenon is conducted by this secret military. Same for animal (and later, human) mutilations. In other words, ALL reported alien abductions and animal mutilations have actually been done by humans and that the purpose of this is to stoke fear and loathing of the aliens, which is also what the latest UAP propaganda push is intended to do.

He says, the UFO card has always been the ‘Last Card’ in this Globalist takeover. “The long-term defense strategy from the late ’40s and ’50s forward was informed by eventually using this Last Card to consolidate…global totalitarian military control of the population.”

Sheehan jokes that, “Those of us in the CE5 community, etc need to establish some kind of level of discourse with Lue Elizondo and with Chris Mellon. [They] know that we’re obviously sophisticated enough to know that what they’re saying publicly, they know isn’t true. We have to be able to establish diplomatic relations with our OWN people if we’re going to establish diplomatic relations with an entire extraterrestrial civilization!”

The film contains new UFO footage (for me), new revelations about and clips of Jacques Vallée that I’ve never seen before, about how in 1992, the CIA simulated “alien abductions” as psychological warfare experiments in Brazil and Argentina. This is implicitly corroborated by Richard Doty, Special Agent for Counter-Intelligence for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), in an outtake from an interview Greer did with him in 2019.

When confronted with these details, Doty says, “That’s pretty cla-[ssified]. I don’t think I should talk about that.”

Greer says there are three major lies of the current false flag disclosure of ufos in the media:

1) We do not know what ufos are. Lie.
2) The US Military does not have any aircraft that can perform in the way these UFOs maneuver. Lie
3) They are a threat to National Security. Lie.

He says, “The only threat to National Security and world peace is the Unacknowledged Projects using man-made UFOs and other technologies to hoax alien events. Period. And yet, we are inundated with messages about the threat to National Security posed by UFOs.”

The final 20 minutes of this film is great and I won’t blow it for you. It’s definitely worth a watch.

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  • Thank you dr. Greer for a very informative documentary. However, I must admit while following your monologue and knowing that the information is ‘mostly’ true, I was hoping that you would finally at the end at least, admit the most fascinating material and spiritual development by Billy Meier and his contacts with the Plejaren that as you know still go on today, even providing us with the corona virus information. Imagine if you did just that? You would say honestly that a highly progressive race of ETs who in fact are earth’s ancestors, visit earth very often still today and ONLY have a contact with Billy Meier. Why? because no other human being on this planet is so highly developed spiritually like him and no other person would withstand the vibrations they emit. But you know that already….

    It appears like you unfortunately are also part of the covert group who is not factually giving the ignoramus the whole ET picture but only crumbs of the real truth. I hope one day very soon that you too will stand tall and admit that you do know all about this amazing Swiss man who never asks for renumeration and a public podium. What would it take to truly speak out?
    We would then progress towards a real humanity because Billy’s information is all about our consciousness development away from all religions, namely, that we have to be responsible for our own thoughts and feelings and actions, but you know that too…

    Please visit the Swiss figu forum for all kinds of fascinating truths, including the corona virus.
    Please visit theyflyblog
    Thank you again, no doubt people already are asking questions.

    Sincerely, Bianca

  • First let me just say, after reading some of the comments here, that there are mostly TROLLS (and/or brain-dead-morons) posting their bullshit!

    Now, I see no problem in identifying the ‘fake alien’ ships, I DO, however, see that there WILL be a problem with the PsyOps HOLOGRAMS. They can easily make those Holograms to look like bonafide ET ships. But I DO know one thing…….that I will NOT ‘believe’ the ‘alien invasion’ PsyOp when it DOES happen!!!!!! They WILL be using both……THEIR (fake) ‘alien’ REAL ships (piloted by Deep State FILTH) AND they will be using Holograms to produce HUGE, MASSIVE ‘alien’ ships above cities around the world.
    Sorry……NOT falling for ANY of it!! ‘ET’ is NO THREAT!!!! They have been coming here, PEACEFULLY, for MILLENNIA………MILLIONS of years, even! I wish that they would ‘take out’ the fkn PSYCHOPATHS (& Sociopaths) that are on this planet, though!!!

  • Hello everyone, from my point of view, they are building a new religion, one part takes the place as fluid and the other part plays the role of tube.

    Basically all this theater is to renew the cycle of power of those who have the ability to use the technology of the word to train minds. The sacred software is called religion and the hardware is given by the host’s brain. Of course, the host has no idea of ​​this fact, and it is his own parents with the stigma of the conquered, who are responsible for transmitting, laying the foundations between the slave and the master. Firewalls are made up of rational implants that give meaning to the wound unconsciously caused by parents during childhood, a period in which common sense is not developed in the face of a denatured attack. The crises and wars are to consolidate the wounds of the soul with their pre-established programs and in continuous adaptation from social engineering, which is a new system of evangelization to create pragmatic and correctly political saints.
    Then, before the conquest of the territory, the mind is conquered in the first place through the image of the Person adapted to the system as an actor, which is the one that cages the self or truth.
    The New Age program manipulates the mind of the person defining measures and qualities through stories to prepare the ground in the first stage, letting the person put themselves to the test in a simulation. The person does not realize that everything he creates is his own production and belongs to him.
    The New Age uses the same format prescribed by religions, that is, of ideas that pretend to be the truth and more than the Self, ideas that constitute artificial systems that pretend to be more nature than nature itself, therefore, between the self and nature finds an artificial mesh built between the person and the system that is responsible for interfering and conditioning in all communication and relationships. In this way, the Person uses his raw material without discerning, building with the stigma of his unresolved wound, therefore the result of the simulation will always be subordinated by the wound of the soul with the script of meaning that is in symmetry with the sacred software.
    The sacred software fragments the host’s private territory and mental map, creating the immeasurable space of heaven above ruled by the idea of ​​God and the immeasurable space below like the earth ruled by the idea of Satan. The immeasurable is given by the emotions of love and fear, where the programs of perfection of good and evil make spaces inaccessible for reasoning, leaving intuition as a signal echo from the self.
    The software grants privileges to the enemy to collect from sinners or debtors and take their wealth, property and lives.

    The story of the apocalypse is a simulation staged in the play for the great harvest or resetting of power, they only follow what has always worked.
    People programmed under cognitive dissonance, escape the idea of ​​death by feeling the change of the Person as an end of meaning, however in the background the self seeks to get out of the prison state, and this buried liberation impulse is used by the system to use death as the escape door, and at the same time they execute it as punishment for the guilt of being unfaithful to themselves. This is how in the process of forgiveness, a third person is sought to free himself and then forgive himself. This process of integration of a fragmentation can be completed when the original wound of childhood is reached, which for an adult is insignificant, but his child is anchored in the mind, and there is no measure or time from a lack that is a excess. The New Age simulations use this mental vulnerability, where the door of death as a means of escape, is used by their programs of beings of salvation, they are the masters who demand that the Person be more human than a human and without having manifested his humanity fully. Both the archetype of angel and demon, castrate their humanity to have control and power in a reduced margin of action, all the denied experience is replaced by entelechies that give knowledge but never wisdom, then, these entelechies are transformed into technology that serve as prostheses of the Person, who considers them as objects of power. The ridiculous demonstration of power through technology only shows the human void in the development of values ​​and virtues, blinded by a progress that advances on small ignorances while dragging a great ignorance on its back.

    The propaganda spreads in dreams, lucid dreams, in dream trips, or in out-of-body experiences, to the extent that the Person as a 0 does not become added to the account of the system as 1. The inversion of 1 from the system to the 1 of the self, it is fundamental, however not everyone is prepared that before feeling the truth one must understand all the lie imposed by an idea like a Trojan horse to make humanity descend into the terrain of the beasts that have denied their humanity thousands of years ago. In the event of an awakening, the destruction of the enemy is inevitable. That is why the enemy always seduces with heaven as a reward to be allowed to reign as a parasite on earth, living off the work of others. Technocratic communism is his kingdom.

    Psychopaths pretend to trade the Pentagon for the Hexagon ruled by a new I.A. fueled by personal variants. Of the classic 5 points of the belief of the State made up of politics, religion, economy, security and media literature (mental programming), the new point will be the sacred science. Actually this whole story has fallen apart for a long time, we are only working to clean up the garbage, then, surely, there will be time to get to know the neighborhood, no simulations.

    • “all the denied experience is replaced by knowledge, but never wisdom” (on your 3rd from bottom paragraph)
      Wisdom: The quality of being wise, intelligence drawing on experience & governed by prudence, a store of knowledge.
      Prudence: Foresight leading a person to avoid error or danger.
      These definitions helped me a long time ago to help me apply them in life.

  • Greer gets legitimate people on the documentaries he does, but in the end he’s promoting a bunch of new age meditation and contacting spirits or whatever he thinks they are. This is spiritualism and satanic, which is most likely behind the ufo phenomena anyway. satan is prepping humanity to expect a spectacular invasion, which will be him counterfeiting the coming of Christ.

  • This IS a perfect example of people TALKING a LOT, But Saying NOTHING!
    I USED to follow all this crap for years before learning about HOW Ancient civilizations were able to use ALCHEMY to create ANYTHING!

  • Father God YHWH-YAHWEH “HE IS”, is super clear in the bible that He made a dome, vault, expanse, firmament above earth to keep all the waters out side, Genesis 1:6-8, If these entities are not from heaven, then they indeed must be fallen angels or children (nephilim’s) of them. Research TR-3B Black Triangle, code name ASTRA with magnetic field disruptor engines. All the technology we have today comes form the time period before the Great Flooding and Noah. Another great topic should be the book Project Blue Beam by Serge Monast who was murdered for telling us the real plans. There is nothing new under the sun according to the bible and the words of God!

    • Jesus Himself said that angels do not procreate. Nephalim are nothing more than offspring of Seth’s line (followers of God), with Cain’s line (followers of satan). When 2 separated genetic lines come together, it is called genetic vitality, and exception offspring are created.

  • Why does this otherwise well-made video show the earth as a globe when it is SO obvious that we live on a flat, immovable plane? THAT is the biggest lie of our generation. Once THAT truth is revealed, all of the other MASSIVE lies will be exposed and understood. We’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING. The heliocentric “globe” lie MUST be exposed before the SHEEPLE will be able to grasp all of the other MASSIVE lies, such as JFK’s MURDER, the 9/11 FRAUD perpetrated by OUR government, the latest “Covid-19” FRAUD, and on and on, we go. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.
    “They” are trying to keep God out of our lives. It’s SO OBVIOUS. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    • Gregory, I believe this is why they are Chem-Trailing, to keep us from the Energy Source/Life Source of our Heavens above. The Sun, The Moon & Stars. I’m 59 and can remember the Stars, the Suns warmth, the beauty of Natural Rainfall cycles. The Smells of Fresh cut grass.

  • Greer has contributed much to the study of UFOs and has probably interviewed more people than any other researcher. His conclusion that there is to be a false flag threat narrative is not tenable, however. The threat narrative, as this video even admits, is the only way to frame the issue so as to get funding for research. No one in Washington will listen to you unless you convince them of a threat. Very few people in academic circles or in government are even willing to admit that UFOs are anything other than optical illusions or errant weather balloons. How can can you possibly convince anyone of an alien threat? You’d be laughed out of office. The recent government report says nothing about ETs, says the sightings are probably mostly various ordinary phenomena and on the whole completely downplays the entire business. There is not the slightest hint of any kind of threat. Of course, when objects consistently violate our airspace over critical military installations and ships, the military has to talk about this in terms of a threat.
    Elizondo and Mellon seem to me to be trying to get the matter out of the laughingstock territory it has been relegated to for 80 years. You’re telling me that after 80 years of denial, ridicule and obfuscation, a few people of very low significance in the world are going to convince anyone that the world is under attack by alien civilizations? Officials won’t even admit these things are extraordinary!
    Also, Richard Doty has actually been in the business of UFO disinformation, according to the book Mirage Men. He may be telling the truth here, but one can’t know.

    The UFO field is very difficult, because many conflicting truths are claimed by many different people. Dr. Greer does not actually know first hand most of his claims- he has been told about them by others, whose motives are unknown. It is best here and in all matters involving serious allegations, to reserve judgment until undeniable verification is presented.

    • Rubio is listening to them re their threat. Of course, NASA is part of his district. When in doubt, ship some pork to ET.

  • What does Muammar Gaddafi & Adolf Hitler have in common… They both took control of the economic activities in their countries, including the ‘Central Bank.’ Which shut the door on the Foreign Bankers. This is the reason why both Nations were destroyed.
    Germans have Analytical intelligence. So whatever they were working on, So What! Mind your own house!

  • Soon to be 70, it was in June 2018 where I had a brief contact while sitting in a hot spring east of Mammoth Mountain while awaiting a respite from a fire raging SW of Mammoth Mountain. That summer I had hiked approximately 250 miles. The thing that I wish to relate is that in my soul, I know that ETs are here to help, that they clearly care about us as a species and are here to help.

  • Steven Greer’s naivete drives me nuts. While MOST ETs are benevolent, belonging to advanced civilizations, there are reptilian ETs out there who would get their jollies ripping his head clean off his shoulders.

    • I agree with you Marilyn, Dolores Cannon was right about that, ET’s are benevolent and are trying to help us, they are our Brothers !!!1

    • Thank you, Marilyn, for such an aware comment. Is it naivete, or is SG a government operative who deliberately spins his tales filled with the love and light, which tells people to shut down their awareness. Or it could be that he connects with the dark forces such as the reptilians, etc., and is good at deception, trickery, and manipulating the energy, so he has tons of unknowing victims, I mean followers. Alex Collier always said to be very aware and discerning since the nasty ones are master manipulators. If one is unaware, they are easily talked into getting aboard the “spaceship lunchbox”.

  • Forwarded Message :

    July 6, 2021

    Dear Linda Moulten Howe
    UFO-Interested Recipients,

    Re: UFOs/UAPs
    ( the letter change is
    the Agency’s applied
    called, “reframing” )

    Conceited Power Never Surrenders to Challenging Power,

    because to do so is SUICIDAL for the CONCEIT—re idea of the

    Agency agreeing to “full DISCLOSURE.”



    The above observation is
    from my applied Freudian/
    Jungian/NLP psychologies.


    The one exception is the RUSE;
    that is, Conceited Power has
    constructed a secretly created
    FALSE enemy—to manipulate
    the masses into submission, in
    order to keep CONTROL.

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