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Clif High’s podcast about the Mantids has spurred a response from Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, who interpret Clif’s statements from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophic Cosmology, as both are adepts and are retired teachers/administrators of Waldorf schools.

This strange topic and mantid/locust imagery seems like an unlikely entrée for enlightenment but hang on. According to esoteric cosmology, the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms are all enfolded within the Human Being. Douglas suggests that the “Mantids” Clif High described were an archetypal insectoid aspect of Consciousness within his own being.

Douglas says, “Rudolf Steiner provides a wonderful cosmology and shows how these insect people literally do exist and where they exist and what our relationship with them is. So to call them ‘mantids’ or ‘praying mantises’ – basically, [Clif has] gone into kind of a Sci-Fi realm…

“[Clif] believes these insect people, the Mantids created Communism. Well, there’s a reason for that and once you can see and justify the reality of a cosmology that encompasses all of that, then you can actually have a fuller explanation of it…If you are not into the esoteric, this may go right over your head…

“I recently wrote an article to explain this and the introduction to it is enough to make your hair stand on end and when you get down to what Rudolf Steiner says about it, it’s a little bit shocking.”

Tyla adds, “Yes, Douglas loves to write the article before he does the video so we have this really good article it’s entitled, ‘The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity’ and it’s on our site, The reason I say that is, many times our videos get separated from our written material and it’s important, I think that you go in and read what Douglas has written and the quotes that he’s pulled from Rudolf Steiner, which are shocking but let me read a little bit how Douglas gets started with this article:

Sub-humans are attempting to devolve humanity into the animal kingdom, specifically the spirit-less, soul-less insect kingdom. Only by awakening to this battle plan can the war be won.

It takes a great stride of humanity to see this evil because humans do not “think” this way and generally cannot conceive of such evil being created by other humans. But it is not humans who have created and implemented this de-evolution, it is the semblance of human-like beings who wage this war.

Once humanity awakens to the evil and confronts it directly, the true human soul can ferret out the sub-humans and undermine their plans for human extinction. The time is now to wake up and understand the nature of these locust people and stop their plans by recognizing the inhuman battle of the apocalypse that is all around us.


Douglas continues, “There are all kinds of hierarchical beings above us and elemental kingdoms and elemental beings below us…we are in the exact middle of the universe….

“So let’s just start off with what Clif High had brought to light. So many people sent messages to us or called us and said, ‘What is this going on?’ and…here it is: when he takes drugs and goes into those realms, he is actually becoming subject to those realms he’s not the steward of those realms. He isn’t conscious. He doesn’t have a cosmology and he doesn’t have the morality to bring back the wisdom that he should have found in those realms….


“In the past, people had direct clairvoyant experiences of these things. They could see nature beings, they could see the workings of those kingdoms…They are kingdoms, entire realms that were already donated to the human being. Without the minerals, we’d have nothing to walk on. Without the plants, we wouldn’t be eating and without the animals, again, we eat them. But also, they are giving us a message.

“They were basically cast-off, shed as sub-kingdoms before the Human Kingdom was created but an animal has a group soul and that group soul is literally controlled by a higher being – much higher than the human being.”

According to Rudolf Steiner and other esoteric systems, animals do not have individuated souls, like humans. Animals (including insects) are part of a Group Soul and they have access to the wisdom therein. Ancient humans were still somewhat in the Animal Kingdom and, like animals, they could access the vast wisdom of their group soul’s Atavistic Clairvoyance.

Douglas explains, “So in the past, there was a thing called ‘Atavistic Clairvoyance‘… If you have Atavistic Clairvoyance, you are not free…Unless you have an ego, an ‘I am’, you haven’t developed the morality to understand what it is and you certainly don’t have the morality to go into those realms to seek wisdom and bring it back.

“Now, as time went on, the Atavistic Clairvoyance faded and around the Year Zero, during the turning point of time, when Christ was conducting the mystery of Golgotha, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, who became the Christ. He basically took on the higher Group Soul of the human being and said, ‘Here is an example of how to handle suffering, illness, old age, death, all the things that the Buddhists talk about and he showed us how to conquer death and understand that we are immortal…

“As we advance from a Human to an Angel, the Mineral Kingdom will gradually fade. And when we go to the next realm of Archangels, the Plant Realm will fade. And likewise, into the realm of the Time Spirits, the Archai when we, as human beings, over a very long period of time, in the future develop these capacities. We actually are going to build on the foundation of the donation of the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

“This is the first basic lesson of what is called ‘Theosophy’ or ‘Spiritual Science’. When you understand that, then you can do something quite extraordinary in this day.

“These realms are there for those who can morally cross the threshold between the Physical and Spiritual and go there with the right intent. And the only good intent is love – so when Clif High came back from supposedly going into the interdimensional realms and meeting the ‘Mantids’, which are praying mantises, basically he took his Sci-Fi consciousness – he must have watched too many Sci-Fi movies – and he came back and he thought that these insect beings are there. They’re not ‘there’. They’re *in* him.


“When he went and he witnessed them, they were in him. And what does he say they do? The Mantids supposedly bring Communism in this realm. What is Communism? Communism is the Group Soul of an animal. Each insect or each animal or each plant or mineral has certain characteristics that are the same for all that are in that same species or phylum…

“He came back and said they create Communism and they’re trying to enter into people. So well, that’s true. They have entered into people and Communism is created by a Group Soul consciousness. In other words, a devolution back into Group Soul Consciousness, instead of Individual Free Consciousness. And certainly Communism is in a war against the Free Human Individuality, who wish to take away their Free Will.”

Tyla jumps in, “Well, there’s the operative word, because what we are aspiring for is Conscious Clairvoyance, which requires you to be fully-accessed in your ego to be able to see beyond this world and to others. But you have to be connected to your own ego and what we see around us is people who have given up their ego. And that’s what happens in Communism, you give up your ego to the Group Soul, which may or may not be leading you to good – and in case of Communism, it never leads to good. It leads to mass extermination, because the elites can only control the planet if thinking and conscious human beings are no longer around.


“Now, one of the things that you point out is a quote from Steiner that many of us who’ve studied Anthroposophy have seen that maybe those of you who haven’t don’t know this, and it could be an eye-opener and that is that there are people walking around on earth who do not have developed egos. They have a physical body an etheric and an astral body, so they look human, they speak human – but when you really penetrate them, there’s nothing there.

“Some of you may have noticed that you talk to people and there just doesn’t seem to be a light on. Well, what’s going on? Is their pineal gland is – just didn’t – there’s nothing there. Have you had this experience?

Douglas responds, “Absolutely. And that’s because these middle realms; the middle realm between the Mineral and the Plant, the Plant the Animal the Animal the Human – those weren’t created by the Divine World, those are created by human beings and because humans have fallen into evil.

“In other words, they’ve gone backwards in time and they’re trying to hold evolution in place. Also, what you really get, is instead of using your organs to perceive the harmony of the spheres, particularly, in the Realm of the Plant…

“Let’s take that for example. Each plant has a correspondence to a planet and in the human body. We have that also in our seven organs; the heart the liver, the seven organs that are in the cavity below the heart, those six organs, in the ‘Here’ create a relationship to the seven planets and that is what is called the ‘Harmony of the Spheres’.

“If you are not in balance, then you are imbalancing the forces coming into you from those realms. How can you do that? By eating wrong, by thinking wrong, by not having love, so on and so forth; when you are not in harmony with the influence of the Cosmic World – what we’ll call a Cosmic World, raying down into you, to feed your organs properly, you start to devolve your organs.

“You can look at somebody and think that they have an angelic presence but you can also see a weasel in a person or you can see a ferret, where you can see all these animals. Well, those animals were stages that developed to create the perfection, the paragon of virtue; the human being.

“But if you devolve, you can go into those realms and they basically make you into a subhuman, which is not a normal realm. And in the future, Rudolf Steiner talks about the fact that humans who do not evolve into their angelic realm – and unfortunately, two-thirds of humanity will not – they become, in the next incarnation of the Earth, slug people.

“They are literally like slugs. They don’t think, they’re slimy creatures that move along without much ability for mobility.”

Tyla chimes in, “A modern meme representative of that would be the NPC people; the face that’s all gray without expression.”

“Precisely,” Douglas says. “So the slug people, they’re not ‘left behind’. The angels, who the humans who’ve become angels will be focused on, trying to create a relationship with those slug people, to try to teach them to come out of that realm, back into the human.

“And then the next big incarnation of the Earth…there’s a Pralaya and then there’s a Manvantara. In the next Manvantara of the Earth, we are going to see that there’s a separation of humanity. The fallen humanity will literally become animal-like, insect-like, slug-like people and that’s the future.

“But right now, with super-sensible organs of perception, you can look at people and tell whether they actually have a soul or a spirit and unfortunately, there are many that do not. The reason for that is because basically, the entire spiritual world has been emptied of human souls and yet, we keep having more and more babies. Some of them have no soul and they have no spirit…”

Tyla jumps in, “Each one of you, please know this:  you are a human and you are evolving to become an angel. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you aren’t equipped with the tools to do this and that would be right thinking, right food, right spirituality, you’re not going to make it.

“Douglas and I are Christians. People question that, because we include Sophia in our writings. Well, we are Christians who acknowledge that there is a Divine Mother and Father and it’s not some kind of ‘Gaia’ religion that we’re writing about. Take a chance. You’ve listened to what we’ve had to say, geopolitically. Listen to what we are describing to you, spiritually.

“So you have something now to work with, or something in the future to work with, as you evolve, because the depopulation agenda is very real and we’re all going to come into some massive suffering, if not our own personal suffering for what we’ve done, we’re going to watch others.

“But how can we take the people who haven’t evolved in their ego to the other side of the shift? We simply can’t take them. There’ll be too much energy we have to expend to try to bring these folks up to speed, because it’s not just one incarnation that they’re behind, they’re behind many incarnations.

“It’s like I described to folks about the Mystery of Golgotha: one of the mysteries there is that Christ came to us at a period of time to tell us, ‘Hey! You’re going the wrong way! Stop! Let me show you the way.’ What the way was, was the way of our human evolution and this had been done before, back in Noah’s day. Everything had to be destroyed. There was no redemption of the humanity that was there.

“So Noah was called to build his ark, just like you are today. Each of you is called to build your ark. It’s like Noah’s ark but it’s your bio ark. What you’re doing to yourself inside yourself, your home your family, getting them ready for the big shift, because the big shift is happening and we need at least 48 of you out there who get it, who know it and are ready to reseed the planet with the angelic thinking and the angelic striving and the Christology that we have been missing over these centuries.”

Doug responds, “Yes, and ‘Christ’ means the higher nature in yourself, that understands that the Mineral, Plant and Animal are inside of you and that you must steward them….


Doug says, “They’ve created what’s called superparamagnetic graphene nanoparticles and they’re putting it in our food, in our water, they’re spraying it onto us with chemtrails and so we are creating a human evil kingdom of the mineral realm from carbon also in all the manipulation of the DNA and all the different manipulations of the human physical body all relate back to carbon silica on the other hand is in our blood and our I AM uses silica for awakening and it works with iron, another mineral substance, that if you took too much iron into your body…it would kill you but if you don’t have iron in your body, you’re anemic.

“And what did we do? We created a synthetic virus that goes in and attacks iron and the platelets in the blood and that’s the reason that the fake vaccine is causing so many blood clots but we also manipulated it with other minerals and substances that through DNA manipulation, literally attack specific elements of the DNA that are there to help your consciousness.

“Now, consciousness doesn’t just arise from these substances, the substances arose to develop consciousness and that’s a huge difference. We are not bound by these substances, as we know, because we can manipulate them but if we understand them and use them appropriately, they are steps on the way into the divine world…

“So we actually have in the realm of the animal, humans who have fallen back into that realm and who are trying to annihilate humanity. Now, that sounds completely crazy and so when people would say to us, ‘How can the Pilgrims Society, these British White Supremacists who wish to have hegemony in this world, complete control of it; how could they do this to other humans?

“The answer is they’re not human. There are so many people incarnated on the Earth now, that a group of them do not have the human ego. They do not have what was donated by the realm of the Elohim the Exusiai. They are simply hollow. And so, Rudolf Steiner says they have physical bodies but their head and their face are really Locust People and these Locust People are referred to in the Apocalypse as the ‘Sixth Stage’ and we are now in that stage.

“And so we are seeing sub-humans who literally are insect people and in some cases, they’re called reptilian people, because they only use the reptilian part of the brain; the hind brain. Mammals use the midbrain and develop that, humans develop the forebrain.

“These people don’t have a forebrain and they don’t have a midbrain, they have only the hind brain. They are animals and they have devolved into some of the worst forms of animals, which are insects and locusts. They devour everything in their path…They eat everything, so you don’t have nourishment and in the spiritual realm they do the same thing: they eat at your consciousness, so that you are not able to have high spiritual thinking.

“And all they’re trying to do, which every living thing does, which is  create more of itself. Self-replicate through birth in whatever fashion the animal or insect does that. They don’t want humans to self-replicate. They want to end humanity…

“How about all the millions of people have been killed by wars that were false flags and started for the sake of the economic advancement for these Locust People?

“And so Rudolf Steiner says to these priests…unfortunately for the priests – not for us – they are given the task to try to minister to these Locust People, so that they can help raise them up into a realm that is more human. Well that’s going to be very difficult…[Steiner] called them like children who are lost without souls and without spirit.

“They must be ministered to by priests, just like we must minister to or be stewards of the entire Mineral, Plant and Animal and Human Kingdoms and have a correspondence, a cosmological correspondence with the higher beings above us, which as I say, there are as many beings above us, as they are beings below us. And for instance, the bacteria in your stomach, that’s your job to maintain that and if you don’t, you don’t steward it, well and you don’t end up being healthy you end up being sick…

“All human beings, over huge, massive amounts of time, will, in fact all evolve to what was part of the cosmological intent and that is for human beings to be given not clairvoyant consciousness through atavism in a Group Soul but to develop supersensory organs out of the individuality of the I AM of each individual person that is, in fact developing new organs, so that you can work with the kingdoms above you, so that you can wisely be the steward for the kingdoms below you… 

“Rudolf Steiner pointed out that the animals were the attempt to perfect human nature…The Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms are all in us…So literally, everything in the Cosmos is in you; you do not have to go beyond yourself.

“So to become initiated into having super-sensible organs, to go into the higher realms, to have communication with those higher beings, it is simply incumbent upon you to look into your heart and with a clear mind. Understand that you are in a symbiotic relationship with these things and that you need never fear them, because none of them have any real power over you independently.

“If you’re ill, it was probably something that you did. If you are spiritual, it is absolutely something you did. So please, take this seriously, that these beings are around us. We must call them out for who they are. We must point at the evil that is coming out of the Group Soul of sub-kingdoms between the realms. And that it is our job, to be the steward of them, both for health and for illness.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • All three worlds, upper (Heaven/Svarga) middle (Earth) and lower (Hellish) planes are contained within the material creation/energy Mahat-tattva of God (Vishnu).
    Heaven, even the topmost planes are still material planes. The spiritual worlds are above all these but transcendental sound (in the beginning was the Word / AUM) operates in both the spiritual worlds and material worlds. The most important realization(fact) is the necessity to avail oneself of these transcendental vibrations because Karma has no effect on the spiritual energy, only on the material energy. Why mantras are everything.

  • It sounds like you all have been smoking some thing very strange.
    Your interpretation of Rudolf Steiner is convoluted, he was a very spiritual man who spoke in ‘parables” and you all took as fact, please get real.
    You really want to know the truth – why not read the Billy Meier material and the best place to start is at theyfly.
    Billy’s material is all free never asked for any renumeration. We are all connected in what is called CREATION. Yes you call it kingdom – because religions are getting in your way of thinking logically. Our human body was not donated, we are incarnations of endless pasts, so ill just say that the spirit is incarnated over and over into a new body every time.
    So much non sense for deliberate confusion. Shame on you.

  • Its a colossal mistake and fundamental misunderstanding to attept to call plant substanes such as Psilocybe, Ayahuasca, or Peyote as ” Drugs.” They are NOT drugs. Call them plant medicine if you want, but again they are NOT drugs and are naturally occurring. I am also not advocating the use of those substances, I am not. THis guy who is speaking sounds very authoritative. He is quite wrong about some things that he has been told, and READ and then expanded on and the deification of Steiner is also a large mistake.

  • Let me get this straight; Steiner was an Austrian guy who, at the turn of the 20th century, created a “spiritual” movement (Call it what it is, a religion) he named Anthroposophy. And, all of Tyla and Douglas’s ‘insights’ stem from their belief in this religion. So strong is their belief, they became teachers, then administrators at the private school system that employs the pedagogics of Steiner’s religious order. In effect, they are ‘priests’. And, by their own admission, their job is to be stewards of the sub-kingdoms between the those realms as defined by Rudolf Steiner.
    Further, the ‘mantids’ Clif has encountered are not really there, in the realm he visited, but are within him. He couldn’t see that because he didn’t bring ‘love’ with him when accessing that ‘cosmology’, he saw what his mind expected, aliens from a different dimension.
    I guess everyone has their own view of the greater cosmos.
    God, Jesus, Buddha – mantids.
    I’m a recovering Catholic. Christian, but non-religious.
    Every ‘religion’ is man-made. And, every single one claims an exclusive path to enlightenment, or heaven, or Valhalla, or paradise or whatever is deemed your righteous “last stop”.
    Religion is the most destructive weapon ever created by humans to use against each other here on earth.
    No one knows who is right or wrong. Crazy or sane.
    I do remember when Douglas Gabriel threatened Jason Goodman over the phone, which Goodman recorded. He didn’t sound like a spiritually enlightened ‘loving’ person. He sounded like a mafia thug who told Goodman he would destroy him. All because Jason questioned the validity of Douglas’s information.
    I’ve been listening to Clif since 2003. Never heard him threaten anyone for anything they said about him. And, many have offered plenty of negative diatribes about Clif.

  • Um yeah, so cancel culture is not only alive and well its being spear headed by Forbidden Knowledge TV. I’ve cancelled them too now and I cancel the narrow minded fool there that not only entertained SOME ‘complaint’ but took it seriously enough to literally erase Clif High face. Its beyond pathetic and there is zero excuse, and no, willful ignorance and willful stupidity it not an excuse.

  • So we have Reptilians, Mantids, Locust, Apes. Anything else we can throw out there & see what sticks.

  • I do think there are Christians in the mainstream that believe we evolve into angels. This comes out of the metaphysics of John Scotus Eriugena, and possibly more ancient than that. I think Christians, in general, should be more open-minded to the different perspectives–we don’t need to fragment even farther than we already have. I was never much of a Bible based Christian–in fact, the rituals came before the text. But now with this crisis facing humanity, I have had to put all that aside. I suppose I’m confused about the difference between interiority and inter-dimensionality. I think of Terrance McKenna and the realms he visited. I read his books and believe he was sincere. I couldn’t really stand his metaphysics but have had to tolerate that as well. I like Clif High. As to the “mantids” having their own dimension, I prefer the analysis of Tyla and Douglas–these hive mind people might as well be insects given their mental state. But those psychedelic people that look like Santa Claus and his elves–I bet they are in some dimension somewhere, not just our heads.

  • Religion is MAN-MADE and is FALSE. ‘Religion’ was created, by man, to control the masses. One does NOT need ‘religion’ to be Spiritual and achieve High Consciousness. And the bible isn’t what you think it is. It’s been heavily edited and re-written and taken out of context. Though a lot of it IS true, it’s been re-written so that you do not understand it’s TRUE teachings/meanings. Do you REALLY think that the Globalists would ‘allow’ a book like that (in it’s ORIGINAL form) to be left on this planet for the Slaves to read??

    (And this has NOTHING to do with ‘religion’ or a ‘god’…..) We are now entering a new Age; the Age of Aquarius. As a NORMAL Earth (Universe) CYCLE, this planet will go through MASSIVE CHANGES! Beyond anyones wildest imaginations. EACH time that we enter a new Age, this happens; the Earth goes through a sort of Re-Birth. Not many (people/animals/vegetation) will survive what IS coming. And this WILL happen in our lifetime; we ARE transitioning as we speak. Things WILL continue to keep getting worse, until we have entered Aquarius. Edgar Cayce described what was to come, in this time period. Look up ‘Edgar Cayce’s Map’ to see WHERE, on this planet, will soon be UNDER WATER. (MOVE if ya need to!!) There will also be NEW land masses that will surface. US West Coast (including NV, AZ and part of Utah)…..UNDER WATER. A good portion of the East Coast (many miles inland)……UNDER WATER; including Fla’s coast line. The Great Lakes will drain out, INTO the Gulf of Mexico…..and a HUGE river will form along the way. ALL of Europe & West Russia……UNDER WATER. Africa will end up being 3 ‘islands’. Indonesia/Philippines/Japan (all of the ‘islands’ in the South Pacific)…….GONE!……UNDER WATER. Australia will fair well; with a new land mass that will bridge New Zealand. Parts of Atlantis will rise. New land mass to bridge Greenland & Iceland. And so on…….!

  • No. Steiner’s “Anthroposophy” is a Rosicrucian/Masonic fraud to undermine Jesus’ Roman Catholic Church that established the supernatural Kingdom of God on earth for our redemption from the Satanic bondage of mortal and capital sin…it is an attempt to do away with the perpetual public trust aka Christendom to bring in a dangerous “new age” or, “New World Order” where morality is fictitious and truth is relative. It means there is no “gold standard” of morality from which our laws are derived.

    It conveniently means no one has Rights except the ruling elites…

    Such dabbling and curiosity are nothing more than superstitious belief leaving a person “open” to dark influences. This is no different than superstitious mediums, psychics and morally confused people who delve into the occult for mostly power and money and may end up horribly vexed, suppressed, depressed, oppressed and eventually possessed by these evil spiritual creatures.

    If you search for Catholic exorcists like Fr. Chad Ripperger, they will tell you these are the fallen angels who can indeed influence us through our 1) imagination 2) emotions 3) mind and 4) body.

    They will tell you about their experiences.

    How, via the exorcism prayers and demands by the priest, these creatures ARE subject to our Lord Jesus Christ via the authority of the church He willed for our benefit and redemption. These creatures of darkness have a visceral hatred for all God’s creation but especially Mankind…They HATE and despise the Catholic Latin sacrifice of the mass and those of us who pray the rosary especially in Latin (holy ecclesiastical sacred language) they cannot bear it.

    These prayers a are constant reminder of Jesus’ triumph over Satan to whom Satan and his fallen angels are subject.

    Don’t fall for any of this “new age” clap trap…b/c it is what it is. A snare of the devil.

    • I’m a daily Mass returned Catholic. I have ready many Steiner books while I was away from Catholicism. The best book was not written by Steiner but an autobiography about Steiner which ended with a most unusual story. Apparently Steiner spent the very end of his life in an apartment in central Vienna. As he was apparently, at the very end, he was heard by people living in that area praying the Our Father out loud and very loud all the time up until his ultimate demise. Very interesting. Very revealing. I found it in the Boulder, co library where I lived about 12 years ago.

    • Not Peter the `Rock` when Romans 10:9,10 calling *JESUS* the CHRIST*, *THE WORD* is the “ROCK“of any Souls confession that built any holy Christain Church.
      Yes Matthew 16:16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. ( Confessed *JESUS* as *LORD*. Romans 10:9 .

      Matt 16:17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. (GRACE)
      ( then acknowledged by our *LORD JESUS* Romans 10:10 saves the soul.).

      Matt 16:18 And I say also unto thee, “That thou art Peter“, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
      But Peter was prevailed against just moments later and to the Maid later also. Luke 4:8 KJV And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.
      But repentance restores any confessor immediately. Peter denied *CHRIST* thrice.
      By faith alone, trusting John 3:16 and Rom 10:9,10 confessing it, and enduring to the end one is saved. Malachi 4:3 The last Day.

  • Ego PREVENTS one from achieving Highest Level of Consciousness. (Another reason why the Globalist Trans-humanists will FAIL!)

    • Dawn, Germany National/Socialist was never meant for export because it is meant for ‘A’ people. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya is another good example.

  • Several years ago, on Richard C. Hoagland’s radio show……he had on the inventor of ‘Night Vision’ (for our Military). Long story short……the inventor (I forget his name) said that in the early ‘prototype’ days (BEFORE Night Vision was perfected), there was a few pilots/gunners/air crew who used them, and were ‘driven insane’ because of the ‘demons’/’creatures’ that they would see, while flying WITH the Night Vision goggles on. Other Beings ARE out there!!! One really doesn’t need to be ‘high’ to interact with/see them.

    Besides drugs (as Graham Hancock does) to see/interact with other Beings, one needs to be HIGHLY EVOLVED. As in, achieving the highest level of CONSCIOUSNESS. (which is a lifetimes work) We USED TO be Beings of ‘High Level Consciousness’……but we’ve DEVOLVED to ‘Caveman Status’!! ‘Drugs’ (like Clif & Graham) will only take you so far. To unlock the Universe, literally……..the HIGHEST LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS REQUIRED!! And there are NO SHORTCUTS!! (and THIS is why the Globalist Trans-humanists will FAIL!!!!!!!!!) NATURAL LAW, which NO ONE CAN CHANGE……dictates……NO SHORTCUTS!

  • Sorry, don’t buy what you are saying. Christ is God and died for our sins. He also warned if an Angel or anyone comes to us with a message contrary to what He has given us, we are to turn from that. Also, we are uniquely created by God as the MAN, human beings and we are not evolving to angels. Never did He say we would one day be angels. We have entered the time of Tribulation and the book of Revelation says clearly when the war starts Locust type creatures with tails that sting like scorpions will be released from the bottomless pit. It is simply demonic creatures. There is no gospel of Sophia btw.

    • Matthew 22:30 KJV
      “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Yet angels don`t experience being BORN AGAIN as Christians do.
      But wonderfully YES, Christ is God John 1:14 and died for our sins. He also warned if an Angel or anyone comes to us with a message contrary to what is Biblical, we are to turn from that. Also, we are uniquely created by God as MAN & WOMAN. Amen.
      Any divergence from the WORD OF *GOD* IS ANTICHRIST SPIRITED.
      jOHN 3
      16 For God SO LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved. Peace and JOY the fruit, with persecutions from rebels.
      John 16:33
      “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

  • Well this certainly help me understand why when ever i see GATES with those little beady eyes swinging from side to side of those round ugly glasses and his little mouth flapping and arms frantically waving back and forth with hands that look like claws, all I can think of is an Insect Praying MANTIS awaiting to strike at its prey… revolting little psycho that he is, not a bit of humanity in it!

  • OK, well the Creator never stops creating new souls. Think of it as a sort of pinwheel throwing off souls as it spins, so there is never a shortage of souls to enter the planet. I believe these people, Tyla and Douglas, to be rather audacious to spew off what they perceive to be truth because they’ve gleaned it from someplace. Theosophy? I take my teachings from Spirit; listen, all things have a soul. Plants have souls. Animals have souls. Rocks have souls. The Earth itself has a soul! All things are evolving. There’s nothing complicated about the workings of the Supreme Creator; nothing is over one’s head, nothing requires deep contemplation. What is the point of muddying up that which is so uncomplicated? And, in the long run, beautiful. People who appear to be “soulless” may well be traumatized individuals. Perhaps they’ve come out of a mind-controlled experiment or perhaps they’re still mind-controlled. There’s a lot of that going on. This does not make the individual “soulless”. This makes them in need of help. My husband’s suicide had me walking around in a daze for years. No really: YEARS. I’ll spare you any details; suffice it to say that PTSD is real. I’m sure had Tyla or Douglas experienced my presence before I began to snap out of it, they would have termed me “soulless”. I tell them now to take that terminology and shove it.

  • Communism was created and spread by the jesuits and church of rome. Look up who was behind the bolsheviks, without using re-written history sources.

    • The RCC was infiltrated over the past 160+ years by organized “modernists,” aka Satanists, mentally polluted Jesuits and their “Liberation Theology” (Nouveau Theologie), Freemasonry and Bolshevik communists.

      God has allowed this to happen b/c of the preponderance towards disobedience of His laws, authority and order and the seeking to live OUTSIDE of His laws and authority aka delusion and insanity.

      However they may try and no matter how bad it may get, Jesus promised to Peter that, “…the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!”

  • Personally I think communism is a confusion and a loss of confidence in the natural way. They’ve substituted immortality for the eternal, and collectivism for oneness. They deny the plurality of human experience and say you can’t be an individual and part of a collective, you can’t be both. But we are both, we’re also spirit which they also want to deny. For some reason they want to turn their back on the truth, I think its because they’re afraid of admitting that they themselves have been duped.

    • Lets simplify it: Communism and Nazi-ism (aka Socialism), and all of the other “ism’s” (by the way…..there is NO ‘ISM’ at the end of FREEDOM!!), is MENTAL ILLNESS, period. Sociopaths and Psychopaths (and they CANNOT be ‘fixed’, by the way). Socio/Psychopaths CANNOT live in reality; whether in Material (reality) form or Spiritual (reality) form. All that they are capable of, is existing in their DELUSIONS (aka Mental Illness).

      PSA: Sociopaths and Psychopaths are NOT HUMAN!! Treat them as such! ALL Lives DON’T Matter! Socio/Psychopaths HATE YOU; they want YOU DEAD! Act accordingly!!

      • Those who have committed unspeakable crimes against children in the myriad ways being reported to us, are no longer “human.” Once they partake in such heinous acts against humanity they take on the nature of the fallen angels, there is no redemption for these ones.

        They are monsters, predators and must face military tribunal and execution. We cannot imprison monsters.

      • Wow! I never looked at it that way. Did some research and found that you are absolutely correct. I’ve always seen the left, the progressives, etc. as suffering from a mental illness, but never bothered to look up their actual diagnosis. I’m finding myself more often stating that these “Democrats” are demonically possessed. Just look into the eyes of any of them (think Lightfoot, Pellosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Crazy Waters). The explains that their is no cure, but best for a normie, to avoid a sociopath when possible. I believe many have been placed into positions of power via vote fraud (how CA turned blue). Your comments have explained much.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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