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I’ve spoken before about how this rush to inject at least 70% of the human population with “manipulative magnetic nano-medicine” and “super paramagnetic nanoparticles” smacks of an alien agenda. This episode of Clif High’s travelers guide to Sci-Fi World explains that this is, indeed the case. His story is, in a word, trippy.

We’ve been blaming the CCP and the Globalists for the crazy jam we’re in as a species and now, Clif introduces us to the ultimate enemy to blame for our woes: the Mantids. It’s a fascinating allegory, if one has a problem taking this literally.

Clif begins by saying the United States is in a state of irregular warfare. We’ve been invaded by Communist Chinese and Globalists, an alliance that was sealed in the early ’70s and has been progressing ever since. They’ve come in through the institutions, they’ve captured Congress, they’ve captured the courts through bribery or extortion.

But we’ve reached a tipping point, where enough people are waking up and are objecting to being taken over by the CCP and the Globalists and we’re beginning to fight back, such that we will dominate and ultimately win.

He says we won’t fight the way the elite think we’re going to fight. They’re anticipating and hoping for violence and civil disobedience and “Biden thinks he can command somebody in an F-15 to go and shoot and bomb Americans…[but] Biden is not protected by F-15s. The Government is not protected by F-15s and nuclear bombs. The Government actually is captive to those F-15s and nuclear bombs, because it has to maintain security over them.” And it doesn’t have enough wokians to protect those assets on its behalf.

Clif says that you don’t need to get involved in the irregular warfare but if you do, violence is explicitly not to be used. He advises you to simply “Not take sh*t from people.”


Clif then launches into some profound, if hilarious woo. He says that the claims of 99.99999999…% of the self-described “super soldiers” out there, who claim they have ‘recovered memories’ of fighting interdimensional wars off-planet – such as, perhaps Corey Goode and Michael Jaco – are delusional, at best.

Clif is a nuts ‘n bolts guy who demands evidence. Aware of this, he says he will nonetheless make the claim that he, himself is factually a bonafide “interdimensional traveler.”

He says, “I have traveled interdimensionally. I could do it tomorrow, if I chose. And I can repeat this and I can go to these other dimensions and I can bring things back, as proof that I’ve been there. It may be possible to take others with me. I don’t know, as I’ve never tried…

“What I’m saying is that…I’ve traveled interdimensionally, using shamanic levels of psychedelic drugs…shamanic levels are 25 wet grams or higher, maybe 9 dry grams or higher [of mushrooms]…

“I’ve brought stuff back, that allowed me to do my web bot software, allowed me to program the emotional reduction engine, all of these different kinds of understanding have occurred because of these interdimensional travels – and because of the other people I met on the other end of those interdimensional travels and the discussions that we had…

“Joe Rogan has taken DMT and has probably gone to the same area of hyperspace as I have and…it is a giant moving of everything, because your isolated consciousness is shoved into a greater mass of consciousness within the stream, within the pulse and it is this giant mass of consciousness that you interact with in ‘hyperspace’.

“When you pop into there, it is just like a spaceship popping into this reality. You’re just suddenly there. There’s no transition. You don’t scream in from…a higher altitude, you’re just shoved in there…”


Clif then proceeds to describe his encounters with mantid beings and with a member of a humanoid race that had problems with Mantids and had kicked them off their planet.

He says, “The Mantids may be what we call ‘archons’, here on Earth in ancient times. Because these guys don’t work by walking around here physically, even thought they are physical and they may, indeed be able to come here physically. They work through this media of consciousness and to them, the perfect society, the perfect order is what they have.

“And they fear – and that’s really the only emotion that they have – they have irritation, they have sort-of placid satisfaction but they don’t have any big ups and they don’t have any big lows in emotions, because they don’t have a central nervous system, the way we do and beyond that, they don’t have a vagus nerve…

“Communism is exactly the way that the Mantids work. The Mantids are insects. And they’re a very predictable kind of an insect. So, this Mantid that I was…interacting with, at first was this big f***er. And the older they are, the bigger they get. They physically have to shed their body and keep growing. But their minds don’t grow.

“They fear. And they fear us….They fear all species, all beings that can individually learn. And so their social order is entirely Communistic. It is entirely a dictatorship. And it is entirely a scientific dictatorship. And it is entirely structured and it is bred into them and they could not rebel against it, if they tried… 

“This [Mantid] scientist, who was very old had basically learned no more stuff. He’s done lots of experiments and so forth but here’s the weird part about it…The old scientist was doing the work for the young Mantid, because the young Mantid had just hatched. And in Mantid World, that meant that the young Mantid knew more than the old Mantid did and knew more than the old Mantid ever would. Because here’s the thing with these insects: they literally put their brains and their knowledge into them while they are in the egg. And when they hatch, they have all of that knowledge, instantly.

“Their strategy doesn’t involve being an infant, doesn’t require going to school or any of that. They don’t do any of those kinds of things. It’s a huge…savings of time to do it this way, but it has this very fatal flaw. And this very fatal flaw is, in order to learn anything new, which is just excruciatingly difficult for any of the adults – they can…but it is not easy, nor native nor natural for them and there’s no mechanism within their ability to connect to – we don’t store our memories and stuff in our brain, it’s an antenna that connects to the larger consciousness. The Mantids don’t have that. They have no ability to have neuroplasticity and make new connections…because of the rigidity and the nature of their body, mainly.

“Anyway, so the Mantids operate on this dominance hierarchy that’s all power and its all-powerful scientists that are instantly all-powerful as soon as they’re hatched. Now, they have to go through a ‘hardening of the body’ stage…but they start barking out orders as soon as these f***ers are out of that egg case.

“And all the other Mantids just accept it; just pick up on it and that’s the nature of the Mantid society and so, if they need to learn something, if they collectively go through this process, and decide that they needed to learn something, basically…they program themselves…they can program new knowledge into other Mantids without having to know what that knowledge is…

“Basically, they do a chemical bath on the eggs, they give knowledge to the being that way and the being hatches and it’s in charge. And it’s the new Joe Biden, it’s the new head Communist. And so, it runs around and it gives you orders.

“This is the ultimate in authoritarian, structured, non-changing societies. And the Mantids fear beings like us…It was freaked out by me because instantly, it knew I learned…This is their big fear. They know sh*t. These things are ancient. Beyond our ability to understand ancient. And they know sh*t beyond our ability to grasp. But they’re afraid, because every time they do something, we can learn from it. They know we can learn from it, they can’t stop us from learning from it but they still must react, knowing we’re going to learn from it and do something different and then, they’ll have to struggle and struggle and struggle to try to react to our something different. They don’t do well with different. They don’t do well with change.

“These are the beings that instruct all the other f***ers in the pantheon of UFO World’s ‘alien horrors’. And all the other f***ers are controlled by the Mantids. The Reptiles are controlled, because they have such a crude, very, very crude vagus nervous system, that you can just tap into it with your mind and tell ’em, ‘Turn left, turn right…

“But the Mantids are behind it all and they’re hugely ancient. And they really are afraid. And fear is growing. They have as much fear in them as the Deep State does, because the Deep State can’t control us and it is exactly the same thing. Every move the Deep State makes exposes them more and we learn more….

“The Mantids have Communism down pat. It’s built into their bodies. When they hatch eggs, they hatch ’em into this system. And they’re trying to impose this system on all other species.”


Clif says the humanoid he met in hyperspace told him that they had thrown the Mantids off their planet a long time ago and that they had been progressing ever since. It was he who had explained the importance of the vagus nervous system and how key it was, especially the ‘X’ nerve, Nerve Ten. “Nine and Ten of the cranial nerves are tied into the vagus system and are very unique in a specific way. Again, the details are not meaningful to you at this point.

“We have the ability, because of the way the vagus nervous system is built within us, to be very superior to the Mantids and they are very much afraid of this. Because we have the capability of mastery. Mastery is an interesting thing. I consider myself a master of Aikido…I’ve done Aikido for 30 years and I’m a White Belt. And I’m a very, very, very good White Belt.  I am a master of Aikido. I am a master of Aiki-jujutsu.

“Once you get mastery in one thing, some people will tumble to the idea of becoming ‘masters of mastery’. And then, they’ll take that ability to master something and they’ll aim it at something else, shrink the time, because they know how to do that, because they’re a master at this other thing and you apply these same principles and they become a master at this thing. The more things you master, as you go forward in your life, the more things it becomes easier to master…

“Bear in mind, that the Mantids are born with knowledge and will never, ever, ever know mastery. And to them, mastery is the ultimate prize. This is because, mastery, to them – and to us – is true magic. It’s a response of the physical environment and the…people executing the mastery, the sensei, the master; it is their body, their emotions, their knowledge, their thinking, in that moment that demonstrates mastery.

“And it is done without a conscious application. That is to say, the master doesn’t go out there and say, ‘OK, right now, in this moment, I’m going to demonstrate this particular mastery.’ No. You just go and you do it…It’s the flow. You get into the groove and it’s the peak experience. The Mantids…will never, ever, ever have any of this. Really, I feel very sad, whenever I think about them and I feel sorry for them.

“They are as they are and they are my enemy, because of what they want to do to me but they don’t do it out of malice, only doing it out of their own fear. Nonetheless, they shall not do it to me and I must fight them on this. And so they are the enemy and the ultimate head of the enemy class. But they are to be pitied, because their experience in this life is so – in my opinion – so shallow and so sad and doomed. 

“So, the Mantids fear the master of anything…They recognize that that acquisition of mastery has demonstrated the actual movement of that individual from one level to a higher level. Now, bear in mind, they’re born to the best they’re ever going to be. Their first day is the best they’re ever going to be, they’re going to live a monstrously long life and deteriorate the entire time! Truly sad beings. But they are our enemy and they’re trying to oppress us with Communism.

“[The Mantids] have the ability to manipulate consciousness…[The humanoid] told me that the Mantids were physically repulsed from their complex of planets. These [humanoids] lived on a string of planets in a solar system and they actually had to physically fight the Mantids. They had to destroy the bugs and it was not a good time for anyone and it took a horrible toll on their social order across all three planets. And they were successful…

“I know this guy celebrates – they celebrate all the time getting the Mantids thrown out of their system and it was at a cost of 100% death of the enemy. The Mantids. They don’t surrender. You can’t reform them, they can’t be jailed, because they have this ability to do things in consciousness…and so, you simply must eradicate them.

“And that, alone, to this very intelligent, highly-emotional species – one of the things he told me was their entire species changed color from the agony of having to kill all of the Mantids to get them off the planet…and so, humanity is at this point, now. We’re having to throw off the Mantids.

“We can’t see them, because they’re hidden from us but…they’re manipulating the enemy class to do their will – not the enemy’s will but the Mantids’ will. And it is their goal that we shall never have mastery, that we shall be one of the species that they keep perpetually under their – I don’t know what you would call their digits they’re certainly not thumbs!

“And they fight all the time. Mantids constantly engage, all around the Materium, all around the Universe, trying to suppress species capable of learning. And because we can, many of us gain mastery and they fear mastery. And they fear the woo…

“So we have the echo of that here on our planet, because it makes no sense, all of the actions of the Fascists…at the top and that’s because those actions are not necessarily intended to make sense. They’re not necessarily a sensical thing to do. And they’re only happening because the Mantids are f***ing with us. We’re being f***ed with at a very deep level…

“Any human can be recovered, in my opinion, because we can all learn. And some humans will present themselves and demonstrate that they’re not redeemable and we’re going to have to figure out what we’re going to do with ’em but in the meantime, in this irregular war, that we’re fighting against Communism here, in the United States against the global elitist Communism, all across the Western Hemisphere, the Western Republics and against the Mantids, who are probably deep in the Earth, or somewhere in consciousness where they’re they’re looking down and they’re controlling this, as we fight this war, remember we can learn, we can do things, we can acquire knowledge. The enemy cannot.

“The enemy is rigid. The enemy must always react within specific parameters, even though, at times, they will be trepidatious about those reactions, about doing those things, because they know we’re going to learn from them and we’ll figure out something else for them to have to figure out how to try and react to them. And this is causing them a great deal of trouble.

“This Deep State panic will be evident as we get into July. You’ll see this in a lot of different ways. False flags are not necessarily out of the picture. We may be able to derail those. The central bank is losing control. A lot of the people that they usually bribe know the central bank is losing control and so maybe false flags won’t be able to be as powerful as they’ve been in the past. More and more people are waking up, more normies are looking around, seeing things.


“And so, the more we’re observant – ’cause it’s hard to do a false flag when you’re watching every move…So, if they know that we’re watching ’em, there’s a movement out there, maybe we can get the Q people saying, ‘Hey Guys, keep your eyes peeled. There’s a false flag in the offing. Get your camera ready. See if you can capture it. Stay safe but they’re going to try and do it.

“And so if we actively go into alert, aware, observer mode, we can f*** their plans. We can come on in there and be irregulars…’I’m not going to do my shopping. I’m going to stand here and watch what you’re doing and I’m going to get my camera out, ’cause I don’t think this is legit.’

“And it has a huge impact. Especially on the people rattling in the kill box of the Deep State. They know that’s a kill box. The workers even know it. I see, in the limited contact I have with the Deep State, way the f*** out here, when I do go in there, I see the jitteriness of all of these people that are at the level of having to actually execute the orders of the Deep State, they don’t like being there. They can sense this sh*t is coming. And it is, indeed coming. So harmonize with the effort…

“So, this is for all of the people that are waking up and getting the itch…You’re not going to slug anybody. You’re not going to use your own poor emotion control and take it out on some other human. You’ve got to be smarter than that. Our goal is to harry, to drive the Deep State in ways that it would not go, simply because we’re down there, gnawing at its feet, every time it steps down. We’re poking at it with little sticks…we’re gonna keep doing this…we’re gonna wear the bastards down…”




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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Clif aint no shill hes legit and would smack you repeatedly for suggesting such bs as would i look if you cant tell whos who by now you need to pick it up and stop whining if you cant see this i recommend some food for the blind by HELEN KELLER. THIS AINT NO TIME TO BE HALF STEPPIN AND BEING A RAGGIDY DRIED UP HOOT…. CUT IT .

    • For those wondering what he means by “Woo”, I’d say, it’s a humorous nod to the term “woo-woo”, crossed with the unknown unknowns of the Universe (or “Wooniverse”, as he sometimes calls it).

      Often, it sounds like he uses “Woo” in a way that could be interchangeable with “the Tao”:

      Laozi in the Tao Te Ching explains that the Tao is not a “name” for a “thing” but the underlying natural order of the Universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe due to it being non-conceptual yet evident in one’s being of aliveness. The Tao is “eternally nameless” (Tao Te Ching-32. Laozi) and to be distinguished from the countless “named” things which are considered to be its manifestations, the reality of life before its descriptions of it.

      • He explained it in one of his shows, I forgot and now I’m looking for it. As for your guess: that ain’t it. And ‘tao’ means simply ‘way.’ So; wrong again. I’m starting to think it’s just an egotists way of attempting to coin a word. He’s committed to it and it just makes him seem even more ridiculous. I’ll never use it.

  • So we have Mantids, Locust, Reptilians, Apes & Nazi’s. Anything else we can throw out there & see what sticks.

  • This guy is a Deep State disinformation shill! Evidenced by the fact that he refuses to call the Nazi Socialist Demonicrats what they are, Socialist, he kept using the word, There’s a difference between fascism and socialism and what you were seeing in our government is Nazi style socialism you can ask any Jewish people that lived through the holocaust or that are even on videos will tell you what it was going on right now in America it’s the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany case closed. This guy is a shill for not calling the socialists, socialists! Then he’s putting out this disinformation which is what They want him to do saying oh yeah just come and give the Nazis a little poke here and a little poke there and it’ll be just fine! Why don’t you ask the Chinese going back to Tiananmen Square, “hey how’s that little poke stuff going for you?” Yeah right dude, total disinformation Deep State Shill. Initiate 2nd Amendment for Intended Purpose NOW!
    Us conscious frogs know the water is only going to get hotter

    • Let me argue my case on Frankists versus “Mantids.” First of all, Clif High is on the up and up, not a shill. He is into “Woo” and the “Normies” don’t get “Woo.” I would define “Woo” as a thinning of the membrane of reality so that what is invisible to a lot of people is obvious to the “woo woo” aware. Anyway, back to the “Mantids.” I just became aware of a group called “The Center for American Progress” that this guy through FOIA requests pieced together was the group in charge of the lockdowns in the “Western States Pack,” that is California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. It was not the CDC, FDA, any elected official but an invisible group that is utterly three -dimensional, that does not evaporate in the light of day. In fact, it was started by John Podesta and George Soros with the benedictional blessing of the ADL–so, a strange command center with alleged pedophiles and head of ANTFA, BLM. Basically a real shadow (color revolution) gov. ,naught bureaucrats . Definitely, Frankists flavored…there are paragraphs of do goodnick platitudes on their website. I needed my vomit bag to just read it. Maybe the Mantids in visible light of day. What they do in the dark would chill (not shill) your bones. And they love to channel demons.

    • Avery, As long as one believes in the ultimate Lie of the German People, you will never be free from the mind control. It is the Key to freeing yourself.

    • I’ve been listening to Clif since 2003. He was the TARGET of the Deep State. They learned of his Web Bot Predictions and offered a ton of money to purchase the programing, and hire him to interpret the data. He refused. That pissed them off and put a cross hair on him. The later stole a version his program for their own use. But, apparently without a constant reevaluation of the values assigned to each word, and Clif’s unique interpretation, the effectiveness was never realized.
      Clif = 1. You = 0
      Clif specifically said Communist (Chinese and Globalist) take over. Not fascist. Your recognition of the push towards Socialism is in line with Clif’s assessment. In that Socialism is the first step to Communism. Wrong again.
      Clif = 2. You = 0
      Yes, if someone comes knocking on my door with the intent of harm, or confiscation – Damn right I’m going to defend me and mine. We practice at a local firearms club every week. My household knows were they are hidden, and exactly how to use each one.
      Who’s the shill? Who the hell are you? I’ve never seen your name on any website or video proclaiming the socialist agenda and your solution to it.
      The way you talk of ‘rally the troops’ to coerce and organize a group of ‘like minded’ armed individuals to overthrow the US Government is exactly that kind of crude, emotionally violent response that the Deep State expects. And is prepared for. To use the Second Amendment in an offensive move would be an untenable strategy. It would lead to many dead. Further advancing the Globalist agenda of population reduction. While never achieving the goal to rid us of the Communist control of the Government.
      So, if we can’t outright war with them. And, we cannot just sit by and allow them to gain total control, what then?
      Undermine their efforts by attacking them at the edges. Disrupting their plans where they least expect. Then, disappear into the back ground. Leaving them without anyone to retaliate against. That would multiply their frustration exponentially. Now, they are the ones reacting emotionally. Erratically. Just as in Nazi Germany. The more erratic the Command was, the more they lost ground. And, when the troops realized the command structure was no longer cohesive and falling apart, they plotted within to stop the regime. Clif’s solution is the better long term, then everyone arming up and having a 2nd Amendment shootout.
      Clif = 3. You = Loser.

      • Nazi Germany “lost ground” because they were fighting Communist on all sides, which includes U.S. & Britain, whom both supported USSR & Stalin. The fact of the ‘Lend Lease/Land Lease’ says it all. Wake Up!

        • Yes, you are correct! The Nazis [Globalist created and controlled] DID try to recruit the U.S.A. [thru Gen. Smedley Butler] to fight with Germany AGAINST Russia in the mid 1930’s but Butler blew the whistle on them so the Globalists just sided with the Communists [also created by the Globalists] instead to fight against the Nazi Axis powers. The Globalists create ALL sides in a conflict and loan money to them for profit.

  • I am not sure Clif High was referring to Mantids from the inner planes. He prefaces the reference to the Mantids with a fairly long discussion about what I would call “stealth” or irregular warfare. Then he begins talking about the Mantids, but he doesn’t really explain how the Mantids get into the brains of the globalists. Maybe the “Mantids” are really the Frankists. Aleister Crowley followed the Frankists and channeled demons. People say he opened some kind of portal that allowed the influx of demonic spirits (maybe Mantids, who knows). The Frankists said you have to go down into the abyss to come out the other side. Or maybe Clif High is bringing up the mantids as an irritant. He may be thinking about the Frankists but talking about the mantids–that is my sense. But I have never been to the “in-between spaces” or gates. I’ve talked to many that are zombifized by Frankism–half the state of California–but never directly with a mantid.

  • So I know that mantids exist, an intelligent insectoid race, and I believe C.H. here. But I wonder why he thinks that he and he alone can have outlandish and outrageous experiences and Corey Goode and Michael Jaco are quite simply liars? I mean, how narcissistic can ya’ get? In addition, it might interest C.H. to learn that someone else he’s poked fun of, declaring him a grifter, Simon Parkes, had an experience with mantids when he was a child, as well as reptilians. Listening to Parkes’ story is how I came to know mantids existed, in fact.

    • I’m thinking as you are, Marilyn; staying open to many who are coming forward with their info.. I also thought of Simon Parkes’ story who most likely could talk about the Mantids with more authority. It’s probably why he is a spokesperson for the White Hats at this time. I’m very grateful to Alexandra for her articles like this and most of all, transcripts! Clif is offering some good perspectives but is not the final authority.

  • Thanks for this –
    Cliff High speaks a lot of common sense. I think I understand much more about the bigger picture, and how it translates to the right kind of action here. I feel a bit more hopeful – these are sensible marching orders.
    What he’s saying dovetails with Martin Geddes’ (entirely terrestrial) advice which he’s just put out, ‘Five Lessons For The Effective Digital Soldier’.
    Oh, and I begin to understand about those Mantids – ‘understand your enemy’ is right, as is ‘understand yourself’. In this case, our crucial ability to learn, to adapt, and to acquire mastery as individuals, as the basis for creating real evolution in humanity itself.

  • Greetings, I read all your news you post and thank you very much for all the great and truthful news coverage you are doing. I also have had the psychedelic journeys Cliff talks about, but mine were an awakening to the Hidden subconscious Heaven oin Earth , Paradise lost, that exists within everyone everything as that which we seek as God, which is a state of Christ awakened infinite love and intelligence within you and I and everyone, for eternity. it is hidden beneath the veil of forgetfulness. Awakening to this is the holy grail we looks all seek and so often look outside of us in all the wrong places to find. This the “light” that the dark wants to blind and get us focused into fear, so as to blind us to who we truly are and why we are all here. This is the war of light referred to by such great channels I’ve encountered since 1980’s that taught me through personal channel sessions and in books and transmissions about contact with higher consciousness “ET’s” as well as” negative ETS that met with President Eisenhower after WW2 and the military Industrial complex cut a deal with the negative ETs and exchanged technologies in exchange for their AI control over humanity we see rolling out today. Since such an awakening occurred in 1969 for me I’ve searched for answers everywhere. It led me to understand the dark side NWO, the American Indain shamanic view, and the great channels of America tht began in 1963 wih the Seth Material, Ramtha, Abraham and later, Galactic Contactees such as Sheldan Nidel- Galactic Federation of Light, The Ashtar Command through Centaurian Christ Jackson and L’Vell Zimmerman, Barbara Marciniak the Pleadeans, Alex Collier the Arcturians, Bashar, Through Daryl Anka the Essessani, and after fifty years of the best face to face encounters and studies with all of them, I want to add that no matter how dark and diabolical it appears on Earth and in the galaxies teaming with “Alien life ” I am of the Family of Light from the light team here for what is termed Great Awakening. yes the stakes are incredibly high, but, the true source and most advanced technologies of all, are known only to highest enlightened ones of the love and true enlightenment and divine love based, because this does indeed exist. This is what the war of light is all about. it is this waking up to the universal Christed state of consciousness inside you and me and humanity to a hidden source of love shared by many ETs also. love as One source consciousness within animals rocks plants insects etc etc, throughout multidimensional time and space that is the Source energy of All That Is…The Kingdom of Heaven is within you that is Lord of all. Cliff has great insights and I just want to give emphasis to the source even the antids were created by and there are volumes in history written on Annunaki, the American Indians have histories of extraterrestrial connections, but above all, the most adnaced so called aliens are not alien, they are part of our soul level consciousness, they share the same source as us. and we who are “star seeds” are here with the first wave of Indigoes’ on a mission. That was the first wave known here in the sixties marking the “beginning” of “Great Awakening”. If it is your wish, Please contact me if you wish so we may continue with more information if it is your desire to do so. It’s time for all this information to “connect the dots” Thank you for listening

    • Hi Jake Bell; I’m of the Family of Light, as well. A Lightworker, a Wanderer, a Starseed. And truth to tell, I’m tired of being here on planet Earth. Call it burn out. I keep telling myself that I have reincarnated on Earth for 45,000 years, learning to be human, for this one lifetime, so I really have to hold on. Surely the end is in sight, I tell myself. (I don’t want any lectures; just wanted to say hello). ~ Blessings

  • Sounds unreal to me. Like an Outer Limits Show. There’s a show with insects on it. Sounds like bull$hit to me

    • Brenda, hello. No, no b.s. There is a myriad of beings ‘out there’ in the universe, some look like us, some are straight out of Star Trek. If fact, I hear Roddenberry was clued in.

  • I’ve had a few out of body excursions, none so great as Cliff has. LOL, but he’s right we must continue to be a pain in the DS’s back side, they are on the same sinking ship, mayhaps some will awaken… Q uestion everything. More hopeium please. Great day to all!

    • James I too have had several hundred out-of-body projections in my life I could never really stay where I popped into very long but have had experiences where I was literally taken by my hand that wasn’t really there, but I then was shown a different cave with huge gemstones lining the cave I was being pulled through and other places. One time I was over a body of water and pulled straight up over 10,000 feet alongside of this mountain peak in full color and just dropped and continued to fall until I hit the water and a wake I went lol.

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