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Well, wouldn’t you know that within 24 hours of the first tranche of long-awaited 302 reports about DOJ coup plotter, Bruce Ohr being released, that 2,000 documents related to a past case involving Jeffrey Epstein were unsealed. On the eve of indictments against former members of the government, we’re also being treated to this in-depth testimony about Area 51 from Special Agent for Counter-Intelligence for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Richard Doty.

Is this UFO special from Steven Greer a distraction? Possibly. But is all of this dumped data, including more from Judicial Watch an embarrassment of riches? You bet!

Richard Doty is the disinformation agent perhaps best known for driving Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz insane with his disinformation about an underground alien base in Dulce, New Mexico, which became the subject of the independent documentary film called ‘Mirage Men’.

What’s news to me here is that he claims for over 8 years, he was the special agent in charge of managing not only the UFO/Extraterrestrial issue at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico, which we already knew but also at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base and at the secret test site at Groom Lake called Area 51 and others.

He discusses here for the first time the legendary UFO crashes of the late 1940s, the recovered bodies of the four types of aliens and the four kinds of craft and technology that were recovered.

Should we believe him? Maybe that’s not the question to ask. For certain, this is an epic opportunity to study his claims and to hone our own powers of discernment.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I would take anything Doty says with a large tablet of salt. He’s not to be trusted and is a known resource of “Dis-Information”!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    The now-defunct research base at Area 51 is owned by the British and not the USA. What the guy has spoken of is very much low-grade stuff and he obviously has no real knowledge or experience of OFOT, aka Our Friends Out There.

    My Ancient father aka my Mentor was I believe one of the Nordic extraterrestrials that met with President Eisenhower on February 20th and 21st at Edwards Air Force Base in the USA, in an attempt to persuade the President to eliminate America’s nuclear weapons by offering to share their superior technology and their spiritual wisdom with him. Sadly for humanity and our Universe at large, the President failed to be so persuaded! 1954 was the same year my Mentor also first met the Duke of Edinburgh and established the close-knit relationship with our team and HM Queen Elizabeth II, which exists to this day.

    As for Epstein, I can assure you that his heart is still beating and blood flowing through his ‘Evil’ veins!

    If you were interested I could dowse his energy and find out exactly where the ‘despicable cretin’ is, to within a matter of a few feet.


  • Richard Doty, is DISinformation. A DIStraction! I’m no expert, that’s for sure, but did you watch this clown perform?
    Don’t get me wrong, I like what Steven Greer has been trying to do most of his life. But, to believe this pile of CIA bullshit, is very, very foolish.
    He tosses in some great -information-? I would like to believe, (you see that’s the trick) but this owned person(?) is not to be trusted to handle lead, let alone truth.
    Any, body language experts out there? Please tell me I’m wrong.
    Has he got any proof? (Yeah his CIA records) LOL?
    To me, red flags are waving quite brightly.
    What do you feel, about Doty?,.. Doty? LOL

    • I don’t believe anything Doty says but actually a body language expert wrote in and said that his body language was open and not lying.

      But Doty was an ace professional liar who has perfected the art.

    • Kind of like at the Pentagon on 911.
      And at the hospital when Seth Rich was taken in for surgery, he was very much alive when he was taken in.
      We are still being played with, like children.

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