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    Intelligence expert, Brian O’Shea joins Seth Holehouse at Man in America to discuss the World Health Organization’s One Health initiative.

    Brian describes One Health as “A sleeper governance dwelling inside the agencies that run, not only our country but all the countries in the WHO, because they all have a One Health component woven into their governments, now. And if the Treaty passes – this Pandemic Treaty which gives the WHO unprecedented powers during a global public health emergency (and other “environmental concerns”), then the minute they call a pandemic or “Global Health Emergency”, it automatically activates this One Health governance that’s already been pre-installed into all these governments.

    He says it’s their “their largest power grab in history”, that threatens national and personal sovereignty and that, “When the WHO counters with, ‘No, we’re not going to take people’s sovereignty, we don’t have the power to do that, that’s nowhere in the treaty,’ they’re telling the truth. It is nowhere in the treaty – but it doesn’t need to be, because the minute they call that emergency, One Health, which is literally global governance – activates.”

    In Brian’s recent Substack post, he urges everyone to get involved to counter this nefarious Globalist attack:


    Don’t like what you are hearing? Do you want to give your feedback directly to the One Health Commission? You should…as a matter of fact….EVERYONE SHOULD. Luckily, the One Health Commission has provided an email just for that…so please…overwhelm them with your concerns…after all: they are building the Governance of Globalist Medical Tyranny with your tax payer dollars.

    I have opened up the comments on this for all subscribers so please, post the your messages to One Health Commission and post the replies. You may also tag me on Gettr (@BrianOShea) and/or on Twitter (@BrianOSheaSPI) and I will retweet, repost, etc.


    (Please note: the information posted here was publicly posted on the internet soliciting feedback from the public):

    Cheryl M. Stroud, DVM, PhD
    Executive Director / One Health Commission
    P.O. Box 972 Apex, North Carolina 27502
    (984) 500-8093

    (984) 500-8093
    Street Address (Which appears to be a parking lot):
    920 US 64 Hwy #1016
    Apex, NC 27523

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    • Well they are going to have to get use to ALOT of citizens who are awake and ready for this tyranny!
      They push and force people ..
      I’m sure the lead will be flying! …pew pew!..

    • You people should be intelligent enough to know that Donald Trump is a main part of the CCP/NWO plan. Has all the fake christians fooled. One of the most evil, or actually THE MOST EVIL person on earth. Has every “attribute” of the antichrist, and most likely he is exactly that. You are FOOLED by this fraud?? You must be controlled opposition.

    • STOP – Just say NO – Be HUMAN for the sake of LIFE

      These lunatics, have a plan to (gets much deeper), label and track each and every tree, pig, mosquito … and human –
      Jab you to death. If you do not die, these devils want to have the option to reap and harvest your organs, rape or kill at will, Control EVERY living thing on the Earth (killed Mars) – Spay, Neuter or Euthanize LIFE!
      This plan is NOT of the truth or the original writings (plan) for living – In one word: LOVE!!!

      Be Love – Live Love – Be Love

    • Somehow I cannot imagine that a few thousands Chinese who come here to work or buy real estate are going to be big enough force to overtake 350 million Americans?

      WHO? The entire world send their youngsters to our universities. It is stupid for the teacher to take advice/orders from the students?

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