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by John Bowne

Over 100 cities have been affected by looting, rioting, and random gunfire. 45,000 security forces deployed. Over 2,400 arrests. 2,500 fires set. While in Lyon, France alone, 27 Police Officers were injured, seven of those by shotgun fire in the fifth night of New World Order-driven anarchy.

According to a CSA poll for CNEWS, 70% of France is favorable of restoring order with the Army, as they have witnessed a terrifying 21st Century Islamic Crusade into Europe that has played out exponentially since 2015. This is the New World Order on the march, as security is traded for compassionate anarchic diversity, steadily manifesting order out of chaos into being.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wake up!

    The Biden coup is nothing more than a CCP proxy Warfare unit!

    This is a time of war and declared National Emergency!

    America is absolutely infiltrated with Chinese, Russian as well as United Nations enemies!

    They are here, they are ensconced, they are in your neighborhood!

    Overt, kinetic Warfare is going to hit America!
    This has everything to do with your color!

    The white family is under attack from each and every angle! What you call a representational government has been usurped & is now full of CCP WARRing agents!

    These are private corporations masquerading as lawful government!
    The Kalergi Plan, what’s in your neighborhood?
    Don’t you dare believe your lying, goyish Eyes!

    You have been duped!

    Stay apathetic, you and your family will be gone by this time in two years!

    They are coming for your children!

  • Caution. There is no “Muslim Domination in the West”.
    There is a campaign to display France as a NO-GO ZONE. The FRENCH BASHING strikes again because it is always important for the world dictatorship to crush the french soul.

    The young people who destroy all they can have been brainwashed by american RAP, have been receiving funds and training from Soros, and the American Embassy for years (after the 2005 riots, we even were honored with the visit of special envoy Angela Davis), wear NIKE plastic shoes that stink, want to look exactly like american rappers speaking of violence in word salads, and adore the american way of consuming, theu don’t worship any other god.

    In France we say that the brand NIKE is funded by the taxpayers’ money, because these families are priviledged with social benefits that French have no right to… and we want to defund Nike.

    As said, many of them are now going to their parents’ homelands for the 2 months holidays, and some will have time to realize they have been had, because the real integrated french patriot moslems are now striking back and explaining all that BS to them, and tell them how sad they are that they have muddied their image.

  • Your government is responsible for training and funding ISIS and similar terrorist groups, and you’ve bombed these countries so now they have excuse to be shipped to other countries.

    • Ancient history says the same thing about “Muslim Invasions”
      Who do you think used to live in the Middle East….Sure in the hell was Not Arab’s.
      Iran is a good place to start, which used to be the Persian Empire, which were Aryan’s, Not Arab!
      Egypt was Aryan’s until the Muslim incursion that defeated them in 640, which than the Arab’s created the African Slave Trade that lasted well into the 1920’s.

      • Even if it were true, it doesn’t give the right for US+other EU friends to invade other countries and fund terrorist Israel, Saudi, ISIS and so on.
        Arabs traded slaves as well as European nations and USA as well as Asians also had some slave system, all f*cked up because of the ones in power and greed.
        What are we gonna do about this mess?

        • Arab’s/Muslims need to Own Up to their history. They hide behind the “Jew.”
          Quick read, that helps put things into perspective:
          Fair Planet .org
          title: The Forgotten Slavery, The Arab Muslim Slave Trade

    • Pig s***. Those are criminal elements inside the United States government. Criminal elements exist in every government on the face of this planet. They are part and parcel of a larger Spectrum called, the cazarian mafia.

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