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    The Minister of the Interior of France announced on Sunday that the government will restrict internet access in “certain” neighborhoods, as the violence continues across the country, claiming that the restrictions are meant to prevent the use of social media and other platforms to organize violent activities.

    Some believe that the real reason France is shutting down the nation’s internet is to prevent the world from seeing what Third World migrants are doing to the country. In the span of just a few days, France has devolved into an Islamic nation engulfed in war, with its reigning despot limiting news from reaching the outside world.

    For his part, President Macron blamed video games for the riots.

    Long derided by the French mainstream media as being a “racist” and “extreme right-wing”, politician Marine Le Pen is drawing increasing support in the midst of the violent immigrant riots that have overwhelmed France.

    While Le Pen has long attracted the support of members of the Working Class, she is now beginning to draw the support of Middle Class voters and of those who had previously identified themselves as being on the Left.

    Alex Cristoforou and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran discussed this major shift in French politics, with the latter opining that she will eventually succeed in becoming the President of France.

    Marine Le Pen, who ran for President of France against Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and 2022 posted this video message to social media last Friday night.


    English Translation

    Dear compatriots, for several days, a state of endemic disorder, of violence and destruction has been established in the country, the images and echoes of which are chilling in their brutality.

    In a republic that respects itself, no event, no matter how dramatic, no cause, no matter how emotional can legitimize an anarchy that wants to make itself permanent, with attacks against the police and firefighters, the sackings of town halls, the burning of schools or the looting of shops.

    Polarized politicians and unions who have taken on the responsibility of morally exonerating these criminal acts have likewise come out of the government; they will carry an indelible responsibility before the nation and history.

    Although they will be overwhelmed by the movement of senseless violence that they have encouraged or even initiated, I call on all citizens to distrust these anti-republican and extremist forces, which through their indirect calls for secession and their collusion with the violence lead the country down terrible paths of chaos.

    This years’-long ongoing violence is now at unprecedented levels and it now affects all types of municipalities, from the smallest to the centers of large cities, including the heart of the capital.

    These appalling events bring our leaders back to the reality that the intoxication of solitary power and crazy ideological constructions, particularly in matters of immigration and judicial laxity, have made them lose sight of the prosperity of a people, of order and of civil peace.

    As social cohesion does not arise out of sheer luck but in any nation from constant attention to an everyday fight.

    Our country is entering a period of uncertainty and concern. As the person responsible for the main opposition force, I intend to stick to the line of conduct that is ours; to do nothing that could prevent or hinder the action of the legitimate authorities who are in charge of public order.

    I give my full support to all the security forces deployed to put an end to the riots. For my part, I call for the cessation of violence, either by spontaneous intervention, like the admirable, courageous and civic-minded parents who seek out their children who have been dragged into destructive madness – or as soon as necessary by the legitimate force of law and justice.

    Faced with hordes seized with a destructive rage – an unlimited rage – there is no other immediate solution than the return to national order through sectoral curfews – and should the situation continue or worsen, by the declaration of a state of emergency.

    It is essential that all the forces of the State, often scattered abroad or in subordinate actions, focus on the internal situation of a country, which throughout its history has been able to overcome the forces of enslavement.

    Already, as head of the first opposition political force, I ask the President of the Republic to receive without further delay the parties represented in the National Assembly to revoke the serious situation of the country and the initiatives that the Republic must commit to the safeguard of freedom and public security.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I do not understand the people of my own country, let alone that of France.
      What I understand and see most clearly is the extent that ‘Evil’ controls our world, and none more so than in France.
      It was evident the paedophile bankster upstart was not elected when he won against Marine Le Pen but simply imposed against the sane will of the indigenous people of France.

    • yes this is going on in the USA also Voting is a Joke . No way do the people want the morons that are running our country, but they keep winning elections.

    • Hi Alexandra,,
      Can you Please !!!! Check / Look into my email newsletter subscription ,
      Nit received since June 9 2023 ,,

      Hope you can straighten out this matter.

      It’s a messed up world….

      Jimmy Jukebox

    • Unfortunately, it has been Welland government have pretty much ignored immigrants for a very long time. That is on the employment front in particular. You have left them in their ghettoes to help each other, and deal with life the best they can. Macarons socialist and regressive policies got them over the edge. It’s on you, so figure it out!

    • The education system in North African countries teaches the kids to hate the colonialists/west. In addition Islam in the past 50 years teaches hate to Christians and Jews. Hence the West important enemies combative.

    • I have no time to write more, but please be aware that there is a MAJOR FLAW in Alex Cristoforou and Alexander Mercouris” analyses on France (like many non-french speakers looking from far away) :

      they seem not to notice that we did NOT have any real VOTES since the Referendum in 2005 (when we voted NO to the so-called European Constitutional Treaty including the suppression of our sovereignity and mandatory participation in US-NATO wars).
      Our decision was nullified in 2008 by the parliament of collaborateurs and the EU dictatorship treaty was shoved down our throats.

      Sarkozy was put in place by rigged elections in 2007, and eversince NO president of France was elected.
      So why keep on speaking uselessly of chances of any candidate ??

      Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic
      by Thierry Meyssan
      26 July 2008

      Additionally, Marine le Pen has recently given up any intent of freeing France from the EU dictatorship. We will do it ourselves.

      • Thank you for this information. I have a question: why do you say le Pen has given up any intent of freeing France? Thank you for any info you can provide. Prayers for France – a wonderful people and a great nation.

      • Dear Tony and E. Grogan,
        Thank you for your words. I keep them in my heart.

        @E. Grogan : I am completely overworked due to the present battle for the deprogramming and reinformation of the minds on the gigantic psy-op that is being unrolled in our country. The French patriot muslims are already backfiring with us.

        Now we are working at contaminating the police and gendarmes with truth, some patriots have already begun to help them keep peace and arrest the brainless destroyers. They are in a very frightenened position and this is a key moment to turn the table.
        If we succeed, they will no more attack us when we fight for our freedom or refuse to obey, it will be too late for the parasites of Man kind to make them serve them.

        The psy-op is also a cover-up to pass new laws to strip us of all our freedom and all our properties, enroll us forcibly for the war of extermination that is organized to kill european people via the Ukraine meat grinder.

        Sorry I have no time now to find links to share to you about Marine le Pen’s recent change of objectives. If Alexandra has your e-mail I can come back later to provide them (not in days, rather weeks or months).

        • You have said it fairly.
          Let your spirit keep going, remember that you will achieve anything as long as your belief is strong

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