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It’s funny, because the more that gets taken away from you, the more grateful you become. Every little thing becomes precious. You realize that nothing is given. Not only could it all go away – it will.

Like a miracle, everything starts to look “half-full”.

If you’re reading this, I’m grateful for you. I don’t say this enough, at all and it’s terrible of me. I’m sorry.

I am very grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Grateful for you & your website…..thank you for your intelligence & courage & for allowing ‘us’ to air our opinions.
    I hope that your Holiday will be a peace-filled and a happy. We all have much to be thankful for . ‘Thanks’ bears repeating daily!
    Be safe…. Alexandra….and God Bless!

  • ASK, Any “Indigenous American” what they THINK about “Thanksgiving day” and its Origins, and SEE the TRUTH about WHAT happened that created that day.
    Since that “Slaughter” took place there has not even been a show of “Remorse” or any “Compensation” to THEM.

  • Dear Alexandra, Thank You for providing information to us to see beyond the surface, as well as entertainment for the mind. Once again, have a great one. JPC.

  • Dear Alexandra, Princess Warrior, I, being one amongst the multitude, am also thankful for your courage, vision, and sense of Humor!

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