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    I’m so happy Mouthy Buddha is back! I’d lost touch with his new videos after he was de-platformed by YouTube 9 months ago.

    His latest was released yesterday and I remain blown away by his amazing talent as an editor but in this piece, he keeps a rein on his flashy skills and lets the content and the research by Memory Hold take center stage.

    The video follows the history of the State Department’s Art in Embassies program, which appears to be a front for a tightly-controlled shipping operation in and out of every US embassy in the world that sidesteps customs and normal security procedures.

    The groups associated with the Art in Embassies project have been connected to illegal activity, including human trafficking and the cover-ups thereof. One of many such cases involved US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, who was accused of soliciting sex from minors. The State Department managed to sweep all of that away.

    The State Department is perhaps the stinkiest region of the swamp, whose denizens, like Norm Eisen orchestrated both fake impeachment trials against Trump and just bragged to Time Magazine about how they stole the 2020 Election.

    The piece follows a harrowing trail, leading from the art world to “baby farms” in Brazil, whose infant victims were sold to Satanists worldwide in order to be sacrificed and then to the International Center for Missing & Exploited Children, of which famous artist Jeff Koons is a Founder and Member of the Board of Directors, which is concerning, given that his ex-wife, Italian p*rn star and politician, Cicciolina alleged that he sexually abused their infant son and that Koons went on to father an additional six children.

    Recall Cathy O’Brien’s recent testimony to Sean Stone that ICMEC was founded in 1998 through the FBI for the specific purpose of giving cover to child sex trafficking operations. Cathy said that her “owner” in the CIA’s MK Ultra operation, the late West Virginia Senator Robert C Byrd, “Had an office at the FBI, just for establishing this catch-net operation.”

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