It’s funny, because the more that gets taken away from you, the more grateful you become. Every little thing becomes precious. You realize that nothing is given. Not only could it all go away – it will.

Like a miracle, everything starts to look “half-full”.

If you’re reading this, I’m grateful for you. I don’t say this enough, at all and it’s terrible of me. I’m sorry.

I am very grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Dear Alexandra,
    You are a wonderful human being and I am very thankful that I am part of the circle of faithful followers over the years.
    May God bless you and the wonderful service you provide for so many people.
    This message comes to you from a 93 old lady in far away Australia’s Gold Coast.

    • This is the most amazing thank you letter that I have ever received!

      Thank you for reading my posts all the way from Australia!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    May I wish you a happy and relaxing Thanks Giving dear lady.

    There is no question in my mind, that during this most recent troubling period you have managed to bring a degree of peace to my mind.

    I noticed today that my monthly subscription of $20 to you was paid. Please be aware that as a small token of my thanks, I will increase this to $25 from hereon.

    I am only sorry that my very small pension does not afford me to be able to donate more to you.

    It saddens me greatly that so many of your followers take you for granted, whereas I am certain, that even $5 per month would make a huge difference to your humble life.

    Thank you, so very much from the bottom of my heart.

  • I’m seeing current human sickness as the mindset of submission to dominance as well as the will to be a dominator, both extremes of that world are examples of lost potential. Where-as its easy to empathize with the bottom bricks of the pyramid who carry the weight of the exploiters on top; one could say that the lessen’d chances of a healthy and stress free mind is a direct assault on liberty, and so that those on top of the monetary pyramid are also often at the swill bottom when it comes to their incapacity to feel loving connection and hold deep respect and reverence, for themselves, others, and the earth as a whole; many of them will talk it, but few walk it.. If a big portion of the 7billion are the sore that needs healing, the 1% uber wealthy are, or carry, the puss that needs getting rid of all together.

    There is hungry ghost behavior that lurks as memory demons within likely most of the species. It presents as pain or fear, physical or psychological, inherited or caused from trauma that was never resolved or fully felt/digested. Some use inert objects as a distraction from the ghost that rides them (I do heaps), this can placate physical discomfort, but the pain simply morphs to far more insidious symptoms like the impulse to ignore, aggression, over consumption, and vanity.

    The good news is that the cure for this global pandemic of unresolved trauma does not require electron microscopy or any machine that goes “bing”. The antidote, or the cure to get back to healthy humanity can start with opposite action, or the inverse of the dirty done, and choices that do not impede anyone elses chances of thriving: if one is ignoring the impact of ones decisions, one can climb the heap of one’s own daily habits and choices and look out upon the bigger picture. This is the learned and earned skill of self-awareness. it takes practice and as one pushes to be better at it there are traps and aids, shoots and ladders . We’re on a tightrope taking us towards beauty, the balance pole is weighted to the left with self love and to the right with love of others and the biome spaceship of which we are merely small pieces. Our feet (our land wings), are just being, simply on the job (try talking to your feet at the end of the day: “gee guy you shut me in those unbreathing shoes and socks everyday for the past 58yrs and now you decide to say hello with some oil and a rub, better late than never,,”). Our hearts are life’s longing: two footsteps and a heartbeat mate, thats prime reality for most; the rest of the drama is malleable, ..(with apologies and respect to those in extreme hardship circumstances)

    if you are materially poor, maybe it’s time to stop giving power and time/effort to abusive people claiming to be “the authority”, if they are supporting unjust laws or keeping you from thriving by selfishness or aggression or pride, they are not any “authority”.

    If you are materially rich, but think you’re above it all because you fought hard or got lucky, yet there’s still some question about what it means to thrive, or what it is that you REALLY want?, start using that massive wealth to improve the lot of others. It ain’t rocket science. and do we really need rockets if a byproduct is an environmental wound?

    We may have stopped and locked down for a good reason, and but it ain’t about reducing sharing viral matter (proven by the similar results of entirely different protocols); maybe it’s about having the pause needed to see that the old normal was headed for an environmental tipping point: the environment of our psychology, nearly losing its most precious gift, the capacity to choose the beautiful way, to experience a vivid imagination, and have original thoughts.

    As bent as our ancestory was, so too do we continue carry and propogate those same distortions, albeit renamed or buried in denial, ignored. Indigenous oral history keepers will tell us that the origins of “Thanksgiving” were simply a recognition of the fall harvest which had been going long before euro barbarians arrived with guns to steal their lands,, the way australian originals call “australia day” “occupation day” correctly. It was the day cook arrived in sydney harbor, beginning the 200 years of genocide and theft backed up by guns that still continues. spineless cowards.

    One of the favorite modes of us dominators is “rule bending” (a sure sign of habitual denial), we fall in love with our models of reality so hard that we need to bend the narrative to justifiy or support our beliefs, and often ignore or even destroy any others. That’s all T & B supporters in a nutshell.

    The love of family, the sharing of abundance, the great themes that everyone (some more and some less) recognizes as “thanksgiving”, are wonderful mighty examples of how we can thrive together, but if we gather without also acknowledging of the rest of the pain we carry, then the tradition and the real visceral experience of grokking its meaning may become another watered down nothing burger.

    Here’s wishing you and your family and beloved friends brilliant moments of connectedness in truth, beauty, health, happiness, and great peace of mind.

    happy thanksgiving,

  • I am SOOO grateful to have come across your website years ago and to be able to learn from you all the information you share. A wonderful Thanksgiving to you, and that meal looks perfect to me, though since I’m a health nut, I’d drop the potatoes (hee hee) but it looks delicious and JUST the right size! Actually, it would be a tad too LARGE for me, but who cares? Big Hugs and Bountiful Blessings!

  • Thank you, Alexandria – but it is I who should be grateful for you…and I am! You are relentless and so very focused on leading us to the truth. It takes enormous amounts of courage and patience. Very few people could attain what you have and I really am thankful. Enjoy this special day! Love you!

  • That meal looks about the right size for an eight year old child, but on a celebratory day a significantly bigger meal is more appropriate and more customary for an adult, as the richness of such a meal is actually intended to produce a very sated feeling of great well-being with the extra amounts of nutrients, but I think the meagre amount of food in the meal shown in the picture would leave me feeling quite cold.

  • I’ve been getting no updates in my emails from your webpage . glad i can still go to your web page. but some of my friends cannot .thank you for ever thing your doing. please keep up all the great things you do.
    thank you and happy thanksgiving
    bob Johnson

    • Bob – You’re still subscribed and newsletters are going out to every day. Have you checked your spam? I receive complaints daily from people that they’re not receiving their emails. The emails are disappearing into the ethers. It’s the latest form of censorship.

      • Dear Alexandra,

        I too very rarely receive your newsletter, I think it is ‘Evil’ within GCHQ here in the UK that is censoring you?

        Notwithstanding, I log onto your archives at least once every day, and often multiple times.

        Your narration is a clear voice of sanity in this troubled world of ours.

        I just wish that those in whom I should be able to trust were as reliable as your good self.

        Thank you once again, dear lady, from the bottom of my heart!

  • Grateful for you & your website…..thank you for your intelligence & courage & for allowing ‘us’ to air our opinions.
    I hope that your Holiday will be a peace-filled and a happy. We all have much to be thankful for . ‘Thanks’ bears repeating daily!
    Be safe…. Alexandra….and God Bless!

  • Happy Thanksgiving Alexandra, and thank you for all you do to make life most interesting for myself and all who contribute.

  • Dear Alexandra, Thank You for providing information to us to see beyond the surface, as well as entertainment for the mind. Once again, have a great one. JPC.

  • Dear Alexandra, Princess Warrior, I, being one amongst the multitude, am also thankful for your courage, vision, and sense of Humor!

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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