I am a complete sucker for Rube Goldberg machines, so when I happened upon this one by one YouTuber on lockdown named Creezy, I decided to refrain from launching into yet another screed about the Big Pharma Global Coup d’État and to try to have a little fun.

It’s funny how well this video encapsulates the lockdown; the boredom of a teenager who was forced to stay home and who began looking at all of the unloved crap in his garage, 99% of it, Made in China.

Creezy says the video was filmed in one take, without any edits and that the machine took a month to build and another month to tune.

The interesting technical detail is that it was shot with the GoPro MAX, which is a 360º camera, so he says, “I did not have to stress about missing anything during the filming process. With the GoPro MAX, you can reframe your video [in post-production]…so it was impossible to miss any part of the machine when filming. If there are any strange spots in this video you might think looks like a cut or edit, that is just the stitching of the 360º video.”

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