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    “There’s no graffiti. There’s no filth. There are no foul smells. There are no bums or drug addicts or rapists or people waiting to push you onto the train tracks and kill you. No, it’s perfectly clean and orderly,” Tucker Carlson has said after his visit of Moscow’s Kievskaya metro station. He took his viewers on a virtual tour there and compared it to what is commonly seen in American subway stations.


    by Tucker Carlson

    In 2022, NATO and other allied governments, led by the United States, imposed a myriad of economic sanctions on Russia. The goal was obvious: punish Vladimir Putin by turning his country into a pariah state, isolated from the post-war West and forced to fend for itself as long as the war in Ukraine continued.

    During his trip to Moscow to interview Putin, Tucker explored how the city has fared since those sanctions took effect. Has it been reduced to poverty and anarchy as some had hoped? Or has it turned out that Russia doesn’t need the West as much as everyone thought?

    Today’s episode of TC Shorts, part one of a three-part series, offers a glimpse into everyday life in Moscow. It may shock you.

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    • The differences are the Russian police are stage one of imposing justice on miscreants messing around trying to find out so when you get to see the published mugshots they would have cuts ,bruises , bandages and a few missing teeth and so usually they learn faster from these mistakes and avoid such foolery . A clean house means the trash is recycled into a usable form or excised forthwith not given the keys to the city unlike most of Turdville USA .

    • what on earth happened to that comedian named TC?? LENIN add in the cozy atmosphere of compliant society??? There are no homeless people there, but equally there are NO PLANTS anywhere to see…
      Just wonder, will the enthusiastic TC join Snowden, who is living in that super clean country with the wonderful achievements of the tyrannic Stalin??? Lot of the old Germans admire Hitler to this day, for building great ‘highways’ and fast railways…
      Truly speaking, there are people who prefer rats, than Lenin’s picture in a ‘great’ environment, without plants.

    • Americans do not know even their own historic roots let alone any other nations roots, so they just go along like any other flock critters with whatever direction their shepherds lead them.

      Russians are not natural born Communists, that Marxist mold was imposed upon them by western investment bankers in Berlin, London and NY, with the aid of disgruntled Khasarians who had a bone to pick with the Czar, who wasn’t the Czar anymore, but what the heck , never let an opportunity to take advantage of neighbors go to waste.

      Russians are far more resilient and resourceful than Americans think, forged in their harsh natural environment and invading tribes over many centuries.

      We need to put this in perspective. We Europeans have been in America only about 400 years and Africans much less. Russians have been in their homeland for thousands of years, like I said defending themselves from invaders.

      Only fools imagine to take them on with conventional war machines. Our leaders are exhausting our resources and sullying our good name on a fools errand.

    • There are “some” things better in Russia, of course (though you wouldn’t want to mess around with Russian mafias, for example).
      Nice pic of Lenin, by the way.

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