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Anons have identified the “tentacled” organism described by Dr Carrie Madej from the Moderna vaxx as this endocellular parasite called Polypodium hydriforme, a metazoan with “unusual characteristics” that is in the same Cnidaria phylum as coral and jellyfish and it is not known to infect humans, which is why Dr Madej had never run into it before, as an internist with 20 years of practice.

Polypodium hydriforme is one of the few animals that live inside the cells of other animals. It spends most of its life inside the oocytes (egg cells, i.e., immature eggs) of sturgeons and paddlefish but you can’t get it from the caviar.

Polypodium hydriforme is a parasite that lives in an egg cell, has an “unusual lifecycle, a peculiar morphology and high rates of DNA evolution”. It forms a “binucleated cell” similar to cancer.

Why is this  in the vaxx? To speed up DNA replication? Or to transport spike proteins into a cell host? Or is it for some other transhumanist purposes?

Cnidaria species have very dynamic properties. The Immortal Jellyfish is the only animal known to be able to reverse its life cycle. It does this through the cell development process of transdifferentiation. An adult or juvenile under stress can, instead of dying revert back to a polyp and begin the life cycle all over again, which makes it an important target of aging and pharmaceutical research.

Recall that Dr Robert Young found a different parasite, T. cruzi in the Johnson & Johnson vials. T. cruzi causes Chagas disease, which is incurable if left untreated within 4 weeks of infection and after which the infection becomes chronic. It can shorten the lifespan by decades if left untreated.

After initial infection, benznidazole and nifurtimox are the antiparasitic drugs of choice for treating Chagas disease.

If you are facing forced vaccination, it would be a good idea to prepare to be tested and treated for such a parasitic infection, to at least not have to worry about that, on top of the superconducting graphene and SPIONs, the latter of which can be treated with ivermectin and nutritional supplements.

If you were force-vaccinated more than a month ago, you may want to be screened for T. cruzi and other parasites.

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  • Interesting that they live inside egg cells, and we know that they’re targeting fertility.

    I wonder if there have been parasitic infections in people caused by eating bad caviar? It seems like something that would be well known if such transference were possible.

    The elite would surely know, they love caviar.

    But I can’t find anything on human infection with this species.

    Then again, we know how much secret research goes into GMOs and “hybridized” creatures.

    Idk, definitely dubious but I can’t draw any conclusions yet.

    • I looked all over for accounts of this parasite being transmitted to humans via caviar but didn’t find any, either.

      They’re highly-adapted organisms that very specifically feed on the yolk sacs of immature eggs before they are released into the surrounding freshwater during their free-living (non-parasitic) stage.

      The way they infect sturgeons is during this free-living stage, when they’re in the water and then find their way into the fish’s oocytes, which aren’t mature eggs yet. I’m guessing that they kill the oocytes before they can become mature eggs (caviar).

  • The link to the “immortal jellyfish” leads to an article on a different species altogether. Why is this included here?

    • I said that two species of Cnidaria, 1) Hydra vulgaris & 2) Polypodium hydriforme were suggested as two candidates for what Dr Madej had photographed. The former is 30X larger than the latter and that if one knows the size of the organism in her photo, one could determine which of these is more likely to be what she photographed.

      I referred to the Immortal Jellyfish was yet another member of the Cnidaria phylum and that it seems that all Cnidaria share these “immortal” characteristics of either not going through senescence or of going through stages in their lifecycles, in which they are capable of multiplying via meiosis, or that fragments cut off from the organism can become fully-fledged clones of the original or that injured organisms can reverse their lifecycle to that of a simpler polyp.

  • Rev 9:6:
    And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

    All according to plan! Thanks for the video!

  • I know this is off topic, but to all the people who acted as doctors and nurses who refused to have a trespass (shot) against there property (body); i was just thinking what you could do; home births, i am thinking that there are alot of pregnant women who don’t want to or are afraid to go to the hospital.

  • My uncle has been getting the flu shot for 6 years and he has had heart problems, is on a blood thinner drug. He took both vax shots and is now suffering from fatigue, digestive problems and has had two procedures for skin cancer.

    • So naturally vaccines must have caused your uncle’s health problems because God knows, there can’t be any other reason an old person might end up with heart disease or skin cancer. I’ve been getting a flu shot very year for 30 years, plus got both doses of Moderna’s vaccine 8 months ago and strangely, I don’t have heart disease or any sort of cancer, my digestive system functions perfectly, and I feel great. Weird

      • That’s great, Colleen. You should get a gov job since you’re so keen on shilling for them. You already lack empathy, so you’ll fit right in. If you’ll excuse me, I must go inject my body with chems and parasites so that I can feel safe.

      • Thats great you havent any problems, and I hope you still haven’t. The facts are that the vax have caused great damage to a considerable percentage of tbose who were unfortunate enough to have recieved it. Also one must consider the ongoing agenda to cover up or misdiagnose so we dont actually know the actual growing number of adverse events. Its not wierd, this is probably one of the worlds biggest tragedy ever recorded, and thanks to our pure propaganda media it is still ongoing almost halfway through 2022. When will people wise up and stop this stupid blind faith to Fauci and the rest???That sarcastic attitude has no place with even one adverse event, now its over 1000000 for US in a year alone, GOD HELP US.

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