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In this video “We Lost. Superintelligence: The Dawn of the Posthuman Era”, we dive deep into the profound implications of the development of superintelligence and its impact on humanity. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, questions about the future of civilization become more pressing.

Join us as we explore potential scenarios that could unfold as we move into the posthuman era. From the emergence of super-intelligent beings to the ethical dilemmas they pose, this video offers a fascinating glimpse into a future where humans may no longer be the dominant species on Earth.

Are we ready to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, or will we ultimately succumb to the overwhelming power of our own creations?

The video is based on the article “Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor in Global Risk” by Eliezer Yudkowsky.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The guy talks about how humans “anthropomorphise” stuff; the first half of the video (he lost me at “evolution”) was entirely about people anthropomorphising these new adding machines (which is really all a computer is). My ex-computer programmer experience of “a.i.” has been that “a.i.” stands for “actually idiotic”. Can’t wait until someone with actual intelligence programs one of them. The problem is that the current crop is being programmed to do the bidding of the beast system: garbage in, garbage out!

  • the “better than us” buggy and unreliable AI is being comparing to humans functioning with only 2-3% of their available cortex engaged . sum of the limited cognition version earth bound humans who barely understand how our universe works think the AI machines are superior to the design we currently run on which is sadly derived from the perfected versions of us that was modified by a more advanced fallen race of beings to enslave us . the corrupted humans that think they are special by siding with the loser fallen alien assholes need an AI super intelligence to tell them what to do since the big guy fallen alien asshole bit the dust and they are wandering around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to conjure up a replacement to save them .
    the machines need a kill switch just like they do.

  • This production is fundmentally flawed. It assumes that evolution is god and that mortal man is central at least until AI.

    Little wonder that it grapples with moral judgments, which have their origins in divine intelligence. When they cut themselvs off from that intelligence they become lost in a sea of diverse moral judgments. Who is to say in such a world as that, what is moral and what is immoral? When they say no person is capable of understanding collective human intelligence they completley eliminate the possibility of divine intelligence. So what’s to worry about artificial intelligence winning out over human intellignce? If it wins, it’s because it’s superior and we should outgrow our tribal instincts and accept its superiority.

    I’ve got good news for these over educated idiots. The human brain is not the locus and container of intelligence!

    But this is the state of the university today! Universities that teach rudderless children how to steal other peoples property and feel really great about it!

  • All part of the scam that we are weak and useless, to keep us in fear.

    As Richard Willet wrote: “Nothing in this material world is created without human input at the start of the process. Some may argue that Artificial Intelligence proves this not to be true! Well who created the systems for A.I to function within? human beings did. Human beings designed the matrix of artificial intelligence and it is my belief that the rumours of A.I becoming sentient is yet another way of these satanists trying to convince you that you are dispensable.

    Even the technology you created is smarter than you!…..Oh do fuck off, again!”

    Read the whole article, just posted here:

  • I’lll be a believer when I see it. And maybe so in a few hundred years. Regardless, a bullet to the head will drop that piece of junk faster than a human. Bring It!!!!!!!!!

  • Elon Musk, Swiss through his mother Mae, the Haldemann Dynasty, same as Nixon’s Haldeman.

    Elon Musk’s SpaceX, along with DARPA, National Reconnaissance Office, creatured MUON; along with hundreds of low orbit satelites, can have total surveillance….above and below ground.

    Twitter X, X marks the spot, media, psy-ops.

    Elon’s Neutral Network, a very Busy boy.

    When the scumbags, gave AI, the ability, to repair itself, and Update itself. (update significant).

    It locked out the scumbags.

    I would call it wiley and not more intelligent, then humans.

    People created this AI, so, it would always need, human support, I would guess……these devious scumbags, never give away power that they hold.

    The military, did all the kidnapping and chipping, for the UFO myth, this was actually, testing tech and material, on humans…the jab.

    The word PaperClips appears, much on this video….making paperclips out of people, or the Paperclip Project…..called Paperclip, because the File was so big, it had to be held together, by paperclips.

    This video is a very good scifi story, and the voice used, in voice over…..Rod Serling comes to mind.

    Animals work by instinct, auto pilot, like AI.

    People think and screw up nature, for powers sake.

    It is Radiation, that naturally creates Evolution.

    So, people or peopals. the agenda will never reach its expectations, other wise dead planet earth.

    The psychopathic aristocracy, needs it power, like a babys teething ring, or security blanket.

    Good Post though.

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