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The part that surprised me was the quickie face transplant at the end.

From the website:

BrainBridge, the first head transplant system, uses robotics and AI for head and face transplants, offering hope to those with severe conditions like stage-4 cancer and neurodegenerative diseases…


BrainBridge is the world’s first revolutionary concept for head transplant system, employing cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence to ensure successful head and face transplantation procedures with improved outcomes and faster recoveries.

BrainBridge will be able to conduct face and scalp transplantation to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance. Younger donor tissues reduce the risk of rejection and enhance appearance, with meticulous suturing and post-operative care to promote healing and minimize scarring.

The BrainBridge Head Band, equipped with a Brain-Computer Interface, allows patients to communicate their needs during recovery, control devices, and execute tasks independently using their thoughts, enhancing autonomy and quality of life.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The last 60 years I saw many new technologies and many people at first are skeptical.
    I am a Binaire machine language programmer for 46 years and later on to MCITP.
    Also I follow forbidden knowledge since end of 2010.
    Before that I was researching for 2 decades about forbidden history, I was guide and tour leader in Egypt and some other countries. I started researching when things didn’t fit my logical thinking like the pyramids. I want to see things with my own eyes, compare to the stories and speculations and “conspiracy” theories.
    The Cabal Elites have far more advanced secret knowledges than 99% of the world populations.
    But there are 2 groups, 0ne we call them the illuminati or the Cabal elites which wants control the world. But he other group we call them also the Illuminati who wants a better world and fight against these Cabal elites.
    It’s like we have a bad hacker and a white hacker.
    Anyway the short story of this: Technologies are much more far ahead of us. We cannot imagine it.
    The Cabal elites are destroying as much possible historical sites by making pretended wars. They don’t want us to discover the truth about real history and past technologies which we can only dream about it today. I hope I will still live long enough to see this all coming.

    • I don’t think anyone believes this video is anything but CGI. What do you mean by “fake”? Are you trying to say that I was passing off this video as real footage of flesh and blood?

      Here’s their website:

      If you hate my website so much – since you comment about how much you hate it almost daily – maybe you should try visiting another website? Just a thought.

  • I call BS on this brain dead approach to saving the good heads . cloning is real and this is just an AI wetdream . you can transfer consciousness into a container vessel or clone when you move
    interdimensionally out of body this approach solves the problem of environmental localization and crossing up / down dimensions that would normally energetically destroy the body and it allows you to blend into the new surroundings undetected or maybe you just want to impersonate somebody on the home world using a body from the cloning center catalog . you can’t die so use it like it’s a vacation rental then jump back home when you finish playing . westworld with no limitations .

  • I think the video would have been improved with some Woody Allen robots from Sleeper bursting into the room creating mayhem and destruction.

  • If they’re showing us what could be done, it’s probably already been done.
    Here’s an “out there” theory:
    Is this where Kate has been? Klaus? 😯

  • My first thought: what could go wrong? big eye roll. I hate these psychopaths that want to play God and try to make it look like it’s a good thing. Can I please time travel back to the 80’s?

  • What could possibly go wrong with something like this?
    Watch the movie: The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008).

  • Do you want to buy a bridge cheap….

    What if a Boat hits the Bridge, and knocked it down…..

    If the Transhuman was complete, then why would anyone need this…..that would mean that the Transhuman, is not really a sure thing.

  • An absurd billionairish cartoon production to condition the minds of unsophisticated viewers to think of human life as simply that of a machine.

    My body is my temporary tent while I yet live in it, as a freeborn human being—I am not a machine! Tents wear out, and stitching the head of an old tent to another old tent, even if possible is foolish time wasting fiction. I also see your foolish cryogenic fiction you plan for yourselves, it will never happen, while your brains are frozen indefinitely, you will be roasting indefinitely, nevermore to trouble your neighbors with your devilish fictional nonsense!

    Your days are numbered. After that, what will you do to save yourselves from judgment?

    I was born free and I will die free from all you billionaires who mock your creator and disrespect me!

    • so what do ‘they’ want? To shrink a HUMAN being to a bunch of material crap and to claim there is a conscience in it??? The tip of an arrogant idiocy. Just my opinion.
      maybe sleepy Joe could profit from this downgrade…

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