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Dr Carrie Madej joins Stew Peters to describe the incredibly creepy things she found when she put the contents of the vials from three different batches of the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines under a microscope.

Dr Madej describes what appeared to be self-assembling synthetic biology and these horrific, seemingly sentient microscopic tentacled organisms and brilliant colors emanating from some of these graphene-like structures, which nanotechnology experts told her may be indicative of a superconducting material.

If it is so that the vaxx contents are superconductive, then based on what she was told at these shady “business owner” meetings that she was invited to attend in Atlanta and based on what she’s read about a project Bill Gates is currently orchestrating in West Africa, through GAVI, MasterCard and TrustStamp, an AI-powered biometrics company, they are building out a system that ties your vaccine status and medical records to a digital ID and a digital currency system, that they’re calling the “Wellness Pass”.

She says the African test subjects can only obtain money through their digital ID and MasterCard and that cash has been completely abolished. The intention is to perfect this system in Africa before launching it globally.

At the meetings she had attended in Atlanta, they plainly stated their intention to secretly implement a technology that can monitor and control the behavior of the populace, in conjunction with a Pavlovian social credit system and “Predictive Policing” and that is exactly what this Bill Gates project is doing.


“First, it looked just translucent and then, as time went on, over two hours, colors appeared, which, I’d never seen anything like this. There wasn’t a chemical reaction happening. It was like a brilliant blue and a royal purple, a yellow and sometimes green. These colors appearing, I did not know what that was.

“After investigating more, a superconducting material can do that with white light emitted to it. A superconducting material would be something like an injectable computing system.

“Anyhow, these fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the fibers had a cube structure on them…and also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I’m used to seeing. They were exotic. They’re very opaque…

“All the particulates, all these colors started to move to the edge and there was self-assembling going on. Things were growing…They looked synthetic and then, there was one particular, I’d say, object or organism – I’m not sure what to call it, that had tentacles coming from it and it was able to lift itself up off the…glass slide.”

Stew interjects, “It was alive?”

“It appeared, yeah,” she replies. “It appeared to be self-aware or be able to grow or move in space.  All I can tell you is this is not something they taught us in medical school. Nothing in my laboratories, nothing that I’ve seen before and I have shown this to other people in the field and they don’t know what it is, either.

“And I thought, when I first saw this, I kept looking at it over and over again and a colleague with me and we both thought, wow, this almost appears like it’s self-aware, like it knows we’re watching it. It’s just an intuition, a feeling of mine but it was very upsetting and so after two-and-a-half hours, everything was destroyed, of course.

“And I thought, maybe that was a fluke, in a way. Maybe that was just that one vial. And so, just recently, the lab was able to get more vials and same manufacturer but a different batch, of course; looking at it the same way under the compound microscope – and ANOTHER ONE of those tentacle-like structures appeared…

“I was also able to look at the contents of a Johnson & Johnson vial, and there was definitely a substance that looked like graphene. They all had graphene-like structures in there. Whether or not they were, I don’t have the capability of testing them in this lab but that it what they appeared to be.

“They had fatty substances, like a sticky glue-like substance that would be considered a hydrogel in both of them. So that means they’re lying. They’re lying to us about the Johnson & Johnson not having nano lipid particles or anything of that substance in there but it does.

“And in the Johnson & Johnson, they also had colors appear. Their colors were different. They had like a fluorescent pastel kind of color. Again, a lot of synthetic structures in there, as well. In the Johnson & Johnson, more spherical ring structures were there, a lot of sphere structures.

“I’m describing what I’m seeing but I’ve never seen anything like this before! They’re not supposed to be in these injections they’re falsely calling vaccines. What are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do to a child? I started crying when I saw these a second time through the microscope, because it was a confirmation of everything I saw the first time. What will happen?”

Stew says, “If I was looking through a microscope at something that was supposed to promote health and safety and some self-aware tentacle-equipped creature started moving, I would probably run out of the laboratory. That’s just me. I’m not scared of a lot but that seems scary that is going into the blood of global citizens and you’re right, they want to push this into our children.”

Dr Madej continues, “This was about 400X magnification. So we don’t have more information than that but people really need to really, really, really stop and think about what is happening right now and it doesn’t make sense. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t rush to a decision that you could regret.

“Something’s not right in the world, I think we all know that, right now and to me, it’s definitely on the level of a spiritual warfare.

“Looking at at it under the microscope, absolutely pushes me, inspires me to make more of these videos, if we can get the lab to get these samples to do that in real time, so you can actually see what we’re doing; to have proof of, ‘Yes, this is happening. This is what we are seeing,’ so you, yourself can see what is happening under the microscope.”

Stew then asks, “Before you started talking about the self-aware whatever it is that lifted itself up off of the glass, you mentioned something about an injectable computing system. What do you make of that?”

“When colors just appeared in the solution – I’m talking about, there’s no color or very little – all of a sudden, the most brilliant blue, the most brilliant yellow, the brilliant purple appeared and more and more and more, over time, I’ve never seen anything be able to do that besides if you added another substrate for a chemical reaction. You know, it has to react with something. I didn’t know what could do that. 

“And so I started to talk to some nanotech engineers and genetic engineers and they told me the only thing they knew of that could do that was a white light, which, a white light did hit it – the microscope has a white light.

“A white light, over time will make the reaction on a superconducting material. Superconducting is like a injectable computing system. So this is where the electronic components can become visible under white light, so you know where they are. 

“So, this is proof that they are putting an operating system inside people. This happened in both the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson samples that we observed. So we’re getting pieces of evidence put together, one by one by one by one but everything is pointing to the very ominous endpoint of this is the beginning or the advent of transhumanism or this is the beginning or the advent of being able to have surveillance and spying done on people, just like Bill Gates says he’s doing right now in West Africa.

“People need to remember that the Gates Foundation, or at least Bill Gates and GAVI, his companies, working with MasterCard and TrustStamp, an artificial intelligence program; testing it on the people of West Africa, with their COVID vaccines – injections, I should say; giving them a digital ID. They can only get their monetary funds through the digital ID and Mastercard, no other way, no cash, nothing. And all of their medical records; all their information downloaded into this digital format in their body.

“And this program, this research experiment they’re doing on the people, they said that if this substance is inside of them, this hydrogel substance, why don’t we use it for surveillance and predictive policing? We are! We’re going to use it for surveillance and predictive policing on the people of West Africa right now.

“They’ve been doing this since July of 2020 and they said once they have it perfected, they would like to unveil it to all the developed nations. And what are they calling it? The ‘Wellness Pass’, which is also known as a vaccine passport.

“So how do they do that, Stew? They have to put something inside your body to monitor you and know everything that you’re doing. So people need to wake up. What could they put inside your body for that to happen? How would they do it?

“I think Gates is already admitting to us how he’s doing it or how he wants to do it. How much does it take? I don’t know. I just know that I’m seeing these things with my own eyes, things that don’t make sense, things that look like they…are the advent of starting something of artificial intelligence inside the human body.

“And we know that the people in charge aren’t trustworthy, at all. We know they’ve lied many times to us and manufacturers have lied many times to us. So this is the time…we don’t take this anymore. We don’t take this kind of oppression and suppression. We’re better than that. We are children of God, if we choose to be, right? I, for one will not stand for it.”

Dr Madej promises to return to Stew’s show when she is able to obtain video of her next microscope investigations of the vaxx.

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  • The government here in New Zealand have are turning up at primary schools with medical staff and jabs without parental permission offering the kids class points having concerts , sausage barbaquies to con people into excepting this filthjab it’s heart breaking how many people are swollowing the push. The mainstream media scum are well paid not to rock the ⛵ all the alternative media are closed down on face book anyposts telling the truth are taken down, blocked. the ignorant don’t know they are spreading the virus’ the unvaxinated are accused of being the spreaders they are talking about makeing it mandatory the tentaculs are spreading .

  • Do you know how many people have died within one to three days of getting the shot? They have stopped vaccines for far fewer deaths & illnesses in the past. Also, the earth is a fixed-level plane. There is no such thing as bendy water that gradually conforms around the exterior of a ball. Nobody is living upside down on a ball. We do not live on an “An oblate sphere that’s chubbier in the middle like a pear”. The globe is not based on reality it’s pseudoscience nonsense. But is not about the shape it is about the Many lies connected to the globe lie. “God set the earth on its foundation so that it would never move”. Nasa in Hebrew means “To Deceive, “To Trick, “To Beguile”. They all don’t have to be in on the lie. Most are indoctrinated like we all were.

  • Dr Madej observations are also backed by a United States Patent and the presentation by a former Pfizer employee.

    (IO) Patent No.: US 10,703,789 B2
    (45) Date of Patent: *Jul. 7, 2020


    (57) ABSTRACT
    A pharmaceutical composition which has a plurality of lipid nanoparticles that has a mean particle size of between 80 nm and 160 nm and contains a modified mRNA encoding a polypeptide. The lipid nanoparticles include a cationic lipid, a neutral lipid, a cholesterol, and a PEG lipid. The mRNA contains a 5′-cap, 5′-UTR, Nl-methyl-pseudouridine, a 3′-UTR, and a poly-A region with at least 100 nucleotides.

    Section 219
    In another embodiment, the polymer-based self-assembled nanoparticles such as, but not limited to, micro­ sponges, may be fully programmable nanoparticles. The geometry, size and stoichiometry of the nanoparticle may be precisely controlled to create the optimal nanoparticle for delivery of cargo such as, but not limited to, polynucle­ otides, primary constructs and/or mmRNA.

    Former Pfizer Employee: COVID Shot Contains Poison, Mandate Violates Nuremberg Code and Why FDA Approval is Good News

  • Someone needs to lay off the substances. Seriously, this is a work of fiction. Is there a single shred of proof in this? Has the person in the story made any attempt to document anything they say took place? Why wouldn’t they simply repeat the experiment the next day or the next suitable opportunity and upload the video evidence for the world to see? Use your critical thinking skills people, this is absolute utter bunkum.

    • It may be…
      Do you have a shred of proof that the pharm controlled media and funded politicians are telling the truth?
      It seems they keep “not” telling it…
      Do you have faith in one and not the other?
      I’m skeptical myself.
      But im not saying its less believable than the tv.

      • Yes I do. I know a person who works in biotech, on one of the vaccines, and they are not part of some flat-earth sized conspiracy against the common man. It’s actually ridiculous to single out an industry/profession and continue to declare that they are part of some nefarious scheme to kill humanity. It’s disingenuous and frankly quite offensive to the people who have dedicated their professional lives to doing the exact opposite of what the conspiracists are insinuating.

        Do you have a shred of proof that the peoplke you Are choosing to believe aren’t all fraudulent quacks? Because that’s what my research on these dubious individuals suggests.

        • ImperviousGus,
          Don’t you know of such a thing called compartmentalisation? Do you think the folks at the top controlling this forced mandate will reveal their motivations to their hired workers?

      • all media, pharma, universities, hospitals, education, state, police,
        military, justice etc is in freemason mafias hands and their jewish
        bankers masters and they are on way to world power dictatorship
        where all rest goyim of 500 milion are their slaves, controled as
        remote controled zombies with graphen oxid in vax + 5G of Elon
        musks space x satelites !

    • So us commoners need to be jabbed or locked out of society for something that 99.8% EASILY survive without drugs or a trip to the hospital? But the elites have exempted themselves from it? Sure all sounds reasonable to me. Might be the vaxxed and masked who need to lay off some substances.

    • The burden of proof used to lie on the “vaccine” manufacturers that their “medicines” were safe and effective. Now institutions like the globalist UN WHO and US CDC redefine language to fit their agenda – which is patently to destroy society by creating a class of initiated vs. the unvaxxed, unmasked, unclean, subhumans (untermensch) – which by the way you will be forced to mask forever and suffocate yourself even once you’ve been satanically initiated with the “jab” once, twice, triple, quadruple, permanent operating system updates. $$$

      Now the people who are urging caution, restraint, less risky population level experiments and who are simply questioning unprecedented forced business closures, fines, firings, and illegal dictatorial mandates from permanent states of emergency governors have the status of enemies of the state, domestic hate crime terrorists who are deplorable, racists who need to be locked up in their homes forever. The burden of proof is on us to do our research – but first to trust the primary reality, to trust oneself, and not to shame, coerce, or force an agenda on others. A society isn’t healthy because the initiated rulers have “Freedom” but if its dissidents have anything at all.

      There isn’t any more proof than these articles and whistleblowers because the big tech media shuts down anything against the official narrative. There isn’t more testing because it’s illegal to test these “vaccines” – yet you can get them for free, on demand, injected directly into your bloodstream, unable to ever be removed. Take a look at what people are seeing in the “vaccinated” persons blood supplies. It’s dead, crippled, deformed cells. Why don’t you simply repeat this experiment? Good luck finding a “jab” to independently analyse. OH WAIT. There’s no need because they’re 100% effective, right? We don’t need to complete safety trials, do we? Who’s we?

      Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • “Someone needs to lay off the substances.”
      Perhaps you should! It doesn’t help to use disparagement to claim one way or another.

      “Why wouldn’t they simply repeat the experiment the next day or the next suitable opportunity and upload the video evidence for the world to see?”

      The doctor stated in the video that she did, twice and both were documented in photographs. In the video photos were revealed.

      I have skepticism, as well. But the usual retort from one that has an axe to grind is to pull up non secateurs like ” not part of some flat-earth sized conspiracy”.

      The approach is very old and over used!

  • As a group, let’s pray for Dr. Carrie Madej. Pray for her protection, her insight and that she continues with perseverance to continue providing us with the truth.

    To Dr. Carrie Madej, you have increased my knowledge
    10 folds as to what this is, could be and the agenda behind this plot.

    Keep up the good fight and we pray for your protection from all who will try to subvert the truth that you have presented to us.

  • This trans-humanist tech was exposed for decades.

    Many people tried to stop it, however humanity en large did not care to lift a finger (Just like to day). Just like with Nikola Tesla (who’s technology is also being used in this), nobody cared then also – and now – we will all pay for our ignorance. Do you believe in Karma?

    Some links:

    1) Clifford Carnicom (CCI) – 20 years of research into Morgellons (aspects: biological + synthetic + payload, electromagnetic and more):

    2) Research Targetted Individuals (like Gretta Fahey) / DEW harrasement / ‘total body-mind control, loss of free will’ – there are people all around the world being experimented on, some of them for more than 40 years. THEY tell you exactly what’s coming for the rest of the world.

    3) Research World AI, nano-technology, HAARP, EMF-based targetting. Some of this is history, since with 5G and IoT smart everything (even people now – with these vaccines) much of the old tech has been phased out for the past 10-20 years. Much simpler now. Look up some DARPA and Lockheed projects (there are whistleblowers). Which leads me to the actual agenda..

    4) The agenda might look physical from where some of us stand (COVID, Great Reset, New World Order), but its deeper layers are hidden/occulted/esoteric (luciferian). You can listen to ~4000 hours of research on this by listening to Bill Cooper’s Hour of the Time (free on internet) – who was shot after predicting 911, where HAARP/DEW (some of this tech – analogue at the time) was used. As you read the works of theosophists (who created New Age – thus you can read the works of New Agers too), satanists, wiccans, freemasons, rosicrutians and other secret societies you’ll sooner or later recognize, that ‘their’ agenda is only half of the truth. The other half is God’s agenda through Jesus Christ as written about in the Bible. You need to understand this aspect to get the ultimate edge in this fight. Next let me paste some verses and conclude:

    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    And then, if you can read the New Testament (KJV), do it. If not, at least read Mat 13:1-38 and ponder it:
    Mat 13:38  The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

    The problem is, that the children of the kingdom have forgotten their father. But the children of the wicked one are aware who their father is.

    As for what’s coming next in the world, most of you probably heard of Revelations’ 666 Mark of the Beast, its coming, but great tumoil comes first. So find out who’s spirit you’re of (Luke 9:55) and hold your peace. God Bless!

  • Amazing video! A big THANK YOU to you and to Dr Carrie Madej for coming forwards and explaining things so well. I, Steve, as a writer, investigator and researcher am working on a comprehensive explanation as to what the 5-6 legged miniature creatures are doing in the vaccines mentioned and shown by Dr Carrie Madej. I have studied Ancient History from Pre-Flood Times, Modern History, Sciences of many types.

    Here is a link to my latest article written today 02/10/2021 about the spiritual side of what Dr Carrie Madej had discovered.

    What she tells us is merely ‘connecting the dots’ of ancient DNA manipulation in humans as was done in Pre-Flood times to the modern equivalent of TRANSHUMANISM. The so-called C. vaccines are clearly created to alter humans DNA.

    I don’t think that this is yet the infamous ‘MARK of the BEAST’ but it is taking mankind along the ‘fast track’ in that electronic 666 system of Revelations 13 infamy.

    What I have written today on my website is just the ‘outline’ to which I will add lots of evidence to back up what I have written. Best Wishes, S N Strutt (Author)
    A lot of the background info is already within my 7 ‘INSIGHTS BOOKS’:

    • The tentacled creature found in the vaxx has been tentatively identified as Polypodium hydriforme, a tiny parasite that infests the immature egg cells of sturgeon and paddlefish and is not known to infest humans:

      Previously, I had published that Dr Robert O Young found the T. cruzi parasite in the vaxx during the course of his extensive investigations of the contents of the four major vaxxes, using various microscopy methods, including Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy:

      T. cruzi causes Chagas disease. Unless treated with Benznidazole within 4-6 weeks of infection, individuals will remain infected with T. cruzi for the remainder of their lifespans, which will be shortened by decades.

      This is biological warfare, after all.

    • Admirable! Pre-flood connection is a good start. Let me help you with some sources on the machinery used:

      1) find/read ‘Abiogenesis of Acari’ by Andrew Crosse (1837) – its short. Explains how crystal-based synthetic life (via electrolysis) is created. Similar principle applies here.

      2) watch by Dana Ashley and note the tummy acids reacting with the chemtrail particulate process used in creation of the crystals.

      3) ex-FEMA ‘Celeste Solum’ speaks in detail on the types of machines used, 33 of them (yeah, right)

      And let’s not forget! While the subject of tech used is impressive on its own, we need to primarily root ourselves on spiritual level, this verse certainly nails it:

      Matthew 10:28:
      And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

  • This is interesting, but authenticity comes only with:
    1. Proof of Vial(s) data matrix barcodes.
    2. Filming with audit worthy sets of participants.
    3. Chain of custody, proof of purity, proof of non-contamination.
    4. Lawsuit(s) filed against Johnson & Johnson/Jansen, and Moderna. Stand on your word of concern as a medical professional it is your duty to follow through regarding these concerns.

    Otherwise, this is just another set of images that have no credibility, and honestly, conjecture.

  • that tiny little octopus looking thing, reminds me of that ALIEN film where she had that inside her, and she took it out on a MED BED before we even knew what MED BEDS were, and then the thing grows huge and takes out one of these inhumans who were out to kill off the human species, See any preprograming yet..

  • That thing with tentacles looks evil. I really believe that when people are getting these jabs, that something evil is going into their bodies. I believe that it’s affecting their brains and making them crazy

  • It is timewe come together and end this massive fraud against every man and woman. Let this be a global ‘Notice’ to the world…and especially EVERY parasite [people] acting as lawyers, judges, registrars within our public courthouses who are to provide good faith duties &services …

    i…claim …trespass [malfeasance, constructive fraud, Barratry

    We the people are not property and no one in said buildings acting as a public servant has contract privately or with service corporation[s] these people act through providing good faith services.

    Let it be known far and wide … the “Rules of civil procedure” … Supreme Court Civil Rules” and other similar named court procedures presented to we the people at our public courthouses have no jurisdiction over we the people to access and move our claim[s] and court outside of this repugnant society who’s entire business model is based on YOUR ignorance… time for change.

    People acting in ANY role providing services have duties and obligations…

    People acting in ANY role providing services don’t have rights…when acting.

    Only a [wo]man has rights…duties and obligations do NOT trump the people’s god given rights!

    Lastly …service corporations… do NOT write laws over we the people…it’s that simple.

    Justice is coming worldwide by people on mass…

    God Speed to all…we will end this evil now exposed fully for the people to see.

    Christopher James

    i just want to say thankyou to the men and women who are on the frontlines fighting for
    (wo)man kind.

  • If you just pull a batch and examine it it under chain of command to do legal matters,these demon will simple say “Oh,that that batch must be contaminated from the factory” oopie👹there is only one way to take care of this way,shhh🏴‍☠️

    • Yes now we know why they used the name GOO gle, that black goo is the menovelant intelligence to destroy human life on this planet.

  • mans inhumanity to man ,is worse now than even in the caves we are headed back into , we must have a final solution that works and lasts forever or die.


    Take  Off  Your  Mask  And  Get  Off  Your  Knees  !    COVID-19 IS FAKE  !
    Unquestioning Gullibility And Obedient Compliance
    Are Unbecoming Of A Patriot  !

    FACT :   Thousands of highly credible and qualified doctors and scientists from around the world are adamantly insisting that Covid-19 is either completely fake or practically harmless and are being deliberately and systematically censored by the Mainstream media and governments.        ( Numbers Correspond To Links In CVHOAX.COM )                                                                2,3,7,8,9,11,14,17,32,33,34,35,36,40,44,55,59,60,61,62,63,69,76,80,82.83,86,90,104,  147,157.

    FACT :   Covid-19 has never been scientifically proven to exist as it has not met any of the four criteria of Koch’s Postulate which is known as the Gold Standard of proof of a virus’s existence. The scientific study of germs is known as Germ Theory because it’s a THEORY !  Germs have never been proven to exist yet have been used to sell vaccines for over a hundred years.  Exosome Theory is far more plausible.  If you don’t know what Koch’s Postulate and Exosomes are then you’re not as smart or as well informed as you thought you were. This is an opportune time to drop your know it all attitude and open your ears.

    FACT :   The creator of the PCR Test used to detect Covid-19 said it was never intended to detect any virus.  Every Covid-19 death was caused by something else and falsely attributed to Covid-19. Do you believe hospitals would be tempted to claim that a patient who died of the Flu had instead died of Covid-19 if the Government gave them $50,000.00 to say so ?   Dr. Genevieve Briand, Assistant Director for MS in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, has proven the alleged Covid 19 has resulted in no excess deaths.       ( 157 ! )      12,23,24,29,40,94,103,120,122,130,135.    9,10,16,17,27,56,88,89,96,117,118,129,143.       21,25,30,67,68,72,84,150,151.      37.

    FACT :   Wearing a mask is utterly ineffective at blocking a virus. A virus can pass through a mask as easily as swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge. Prolonged mask wearing causes brain damage and respiratory illnesses. The first step to overcoming your mask fetish is to admit you have one. Do you wear your mask in your vehicle or outdoors when no one is near you ?  Until recently it was common knowledge that hand sanitizing inhibits one’s immune system while exposure to dirt and filth strengthens one’s immune system.  “ Mask Mouth ”.  If the Mainstream Media  and Government could convince you to do the Hokey Pokey they most certainly would. Unconstitutional and criminal mask mandates are a mass Asch Conformity Experiment.  If you’re worried about getting sick, then suffocating yourself is probably not a good idea.  Any person wearing two or more masks is actively engaging in
    Natural Selection.                   40,57,59,70,(71),78,79,87,95,101,102,132,139.140.

    FACT :   The Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was planned years in advance and has been surreptitiously introduced into the public consciousness through popular culture. Many news articles reporting on Covid-19 are bizarrely coded with strange numbers.   19,20,38,42,46,47,48,52,53,54,56,77,121.         22,39,47,48,52,156.

    FACT :   Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are destroying your freedom and your economic livelihood and your future.  Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are causing the starvation deaths of millions of people in poor countries and soon in formerly wealthy countries. Is it wise to inject yourself with a drug falsely labeled as a vaccine, designed to alter your DNA and sterilize you, to prevent a virus that has never been scientifically proven to exist ? Is it wise for the U.S. Military personnel to be injected with this ‘vaccine’ ?  A perfect analogy to comprehend the social dynamic surrounding the public’s enthusiastic willingness to embrace the Covid-19 narrative
    without question can be seen in the video titled “Key & Peele, Pegasus Sighting”.  Simply change the word “Pegasus” to “Covid-19”.  Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds broadcast also comes to mind. Throughout history rulers have used human being’s deep desire to feel like they’re contributing to the greater good to manipulate the public to act against their own best interests.  “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.   The Emperor wears no clothes.                         Educate yourself or perish.           105,126,127,146,149,154,155.    18,50,51,65,74,75,85,92,100,106,107,108,113,114,119,128,134,149,152,153,158,159,160,161.

    FACT :   Lawsuits are currently being pursued against governments and other players that deceived the public to accept unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws based on a fraudulent test to detect the nonexistent Covid-19.    58,59,64,91,124,131,141.

    FACT :  Four out of five Stanley Milgrams surveyed recommend critical thinking for their patients who want to live in reality and not blindly follow orders from whomever they consider to be an authority.   147,157,162.

    FACT :   Decades of thorough documentation of placebos and nocebos conclusively and irrefutably prove that human beings can both heal and sicken themselves with their thoughts and feelings alone.   Ray Charles.   Thalidomide.   Catherine Austin Fitts:
    Planet Lockdown, the missing 21 Trillion Dollars and FASAB 56.                      (163).


    Will your ego allow you to examine the proof that Covid-19 is fake ?
    Although, the thought of the Mainstream Media and Government lying to this extent is frightening, your denial of this deceit is absolutely terrifying.

    • Really tired of this argument . Yes we know it is all lies but the nature of this bioweapon is hidden. Read in depth letter by scientists “spartacus” the most in depth scientific article on covid yet. Including proof that the same people who made the bioweapon made the jab and suppressed treatments. Criminal conspiracy worse than any seen on earth.

  • Unfortunately, those are fungi and mycotoxins (colors, tentacles, blooming) in the vaccines which is why temperature control is so important. Just another layer of medical fraud, except now blatantly killing people. The end game is cancer. Cancer is a fungus and how would anyone prove the source of their cancer months down the road? The ones dying early are anaphylactic responses by people who have mold and fungi allergies, which many of us do, due to prior vaccine injury.
    This is a new twist on everything they’ve been doing for decades, except this time, fully aware of the outcome meeting their intended purpose, disability and death.

    I think the megalomaniacs behind this are surprised more people haven’t immediately succumbed to these vaccines, hence the implementation of the booster program until you finally do.

    We weren’t born with allergies or most health conditions. I see daily how bright and alert unvaccinated children are, after visiting schools where they didn’t allow ANY exemptions for unvaccinated children, rooms of relatively dull kids by comparison to my 12 under 6 Unvaccinated grandkids.
    My adult siblings and I, were diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar, and me several systemic autoimmune conditions, may likewise have been victims of vaccine injury.
    Do recognize, the majority of vaccine injury is to the brain, through inflammation medically referred to as encephalitis, which can and often does not resolve without long term consequences.
    The US medical system are heirs of the Beast system, descendants of the Nazi’s, except this time, everyone is marked for extermination, and they’ll kill you by other means unless or until you submit to them.
    Yes, some are unwitting agents of the system, but evil is so rampant and looking to devour (kill) all they can. The unwitting have the scriptural ‘veiled’ eyes, and until the veil is lifted, we must lean on His strength, and mirror his sacrifice or perish.

    Our hope is in joining with those who likewise have open hearts and “unveiled” eyes. Don’t ever feel alone,BUT know when to move on, and Prepare to do so.

    • i am extremely sensitive to mold. When i am around it i get extremely depressed
      and i crave sugar/carbs and need alot more vitamin d3( sometimes as much as a 100k iu) lithium oratate and iron.

      • Hey Travis, I’m sorry to hear of your condition, I’m also mold sensitive, was extremely sensitive to EMF. Just wanted to encourage you that you are not alone in the struggle. Keep searching for answers, you’ll find them! One thing I’ve learned over the years is that as I focus more on strengthening my immune system and overall health the more able my body is to resist the sensitivities to mold, EMF, etc. Take care!

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