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This video was uploaded to BitChute on September 16th by Ken Adachi, publisher of the long-running website,

It purports to show the computer screen of a Russian hacker named Aleksey Kapyshev using a Tor proxy on the Dark Web, as he finds the leaked database of individuals implanted with Russia’s Sputnik vaxxine, showing their data in realtime, including their GPS coordinates, whether they are asleep or awake, which firmware the injected chip has, etc. and he is able to find his friend, Ljoha, sleeping at his apartment at 3AM.

The hacker speaks in Russian off-camera with subtitles in broken English.

The address of the “Vaccination place address”, in what looks like a residential neighborhood in the outskirts of Moscow matches perfectly with the geographic coordinates of the “Vaccination place geo”.

This is the address of an actual vaccination clinic, according to this article published on July 19, 2021 on what appears to be the blog of a Swedish web developer named Tornevall, who deprecates “anti-vaxxers” and who is obsessed with stopping anti-vaxx “misinformation” and who sets out to debunk this video.

Tornevall makes fun of the idea that anyone could survive being injected with an “oversized microchip”, which seems like a dumb comment from a tech guy, since we know that we’re dealing with nano swarm technology and we’ve seen how the vials contain billions of graphene oxide nanoparticles and the NIH makes no secret about the future of  “manipulative magnetic nano-medicine” and “super paramagnetic nanoparticles” to deliver COVID-19- and other medicines.

Tornevall says he’s grateful that Facebook’s Politifact fact-checkers in Sweden have labeled the video “partly false information”.

Regardless of whether the video is real or not, we know that the premise is real from this patent, which describes the tracking technology that’s in these vaccines and how it can read your heart rate and temperature and your geographical coordinates and then transmit that data to a dedicated server.

Plus we know from a 2016 appearance on French television by the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, he stated that the plan was to tag 7 billion people with a digital identifier within 10 years.

Therefore, the video may indeed give us a glimpse of how such a tracking system would look on the backend, as it also illustrates what Catherine Austin Fitts means when she says they want to “connect you to the DARPA cloud”.

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  • addendum
    i am not an attorney, but i am familiar enough with patents to assure anyone that the patent referenced above also proves nothing, and discloses nothing beyond current chipping technology. just search for the term “sensor”, which would be required to accomplish anything suggested in these types of presentations. the word only shows up 5 times, and of those, only once describing a function that usually takes place in a lab and requires eyes-on interpretation. there are some digital devices that can detect molecules of many types, but none that can be use outside of very controlled settings.

    what the patent above does do, is to justify something akin to ubiquitous mark identification. the readers of revelations can take it from here – but i read the intent of the issued patent as evil.
    Q: but the patent office wouldn’t issue a patent on something that wouldn’t work, right?
    A: happens all the time. they don’t determine patentability on functionality, merely on novelty. and yes, somebody with deep pockets / influence can get their way – just look at what that evil little bastard *fauci* did with patents in the CCP /C19 runup – lots of manipulation after multiple PTO denials.

    (note to ed: please protect the rest of my identity.)

  • i don’t usually chime in on items like this, but i will say unequivocally that this is technically impossible, and is a trojan horse pile of “information” to discredit serious reservations about the so called “vaxx”.

    i have spent my entire life in technology, have an advanced license for RF radio operations, and designed, built, certified, installed, and ran customer acceptance on advanced semiconductor process tools.

    everyone is by now aware of the “internet of things” and “ubiquitous wireless” and RFID and some such. everyone is also aware that animals of all types can be chipped for RF identification. find pictures of “grain of rice” RFID chips intended for sub-cutaneous use. every one has a visible antenna, and must be in near proximity to the skin in order to be energized and respond to RF energy from the outside.

    objection 1 – RF energy that can penetrate the skin is in the lower spectrum, that is, below the 2.4Ghz that is typically present in many enviroments. 2.4Ghz does not penetrate to sub-cutaneous layers. look it up. the frequencies that can penetrate skin for RFID use are way below that, in the Mhz bands. look it up. lastly, ever lower frequencies require ever larger antennas, which is why the grain of rice RFID “chips” have a lower size limit. this is hard factual physics. don’t take my word for it, look it up.

    objection 2 – Interface with human, GPS, etc. systems. anyone contending that virtually invisible silicon die or even molecular (graphene oxide based or any similar) nano machines has to contend with the fact that – the inside of any animal is a strictly bio-molecular environment, and any electrical signals conducted on nerves or in brain tissue is along insulated pathways that are very difficult to interface with meaningfully with external instrumentation, wired or otherwise. any wireless interface takes advantage of extremely weak EM (electromagnetic) waves generated as a result of nerve or neural activity. reading any of these EM extremely weak EM waves take huge, expensive, magnetically isolated equipment (like PET or MRI machines) operating at near absolute zero for the needed superconductivity of the magnetic field sources or the very sensitive Josephson Junction devices that do the actual measurements. the information output is not of thoughts or any advanced abstract brain function, but data on structure or electrical / EM activity.

    in short, reading your thoughts or your state of health (an advance composite abstraction) or your location or anything else with invisible nano particles is not technically possible. repeating this “information” (trojan horse) will be the thing the MSM ridicules. see the exchange on vaxxes between don lemon and chris cuomo.

    people like sherry tenpenny, catherine austin fitts, or carrie majid, while intelligent and well informed within their realms, are out of their depth with this material. i cringe every time i encounter it. the video above asserts absurdities, and proves nothing.

    we can object to the crap the global reset crew is trying, but fear and panic – along with bad information – is being used against us. repeating this absurd crap has to stop, because it confuses and will eventually will lead people on our side to self-discredit eventually – leaving the battle in disgust. to say nothing of the *justified* mockery that tools like lemon and cuomo will use.

    lets use our brains.

  • This was put together in a fairly clever way, however he made a fatal mistake by including the CPU specs of a Russian CPU that was manufactured in 2011. Look up the CPU model “Elbrus-e2k-e2c+” and you will see what I am talking about. Obviously an old and large CPU like that would not be used for such a purpose in the human body. Likewise it would be easy to setup this sort of ssh login to another machine on your local network that has been setup for this deception by defining that address he connected to in the local hosts settings. Notice he only type ONE command after logging in, and it was a command that ran a custom script to display this information. The CPU information he included can be found here: . Just a friendly reminder that when seeking the truth, NEVER take anyone’s word at face value. Research the information displayed, consult with an engineer, etc. Happy truth hunting.

    • Nice work man. I’m a tech guy, but it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of believing something at face value,..just because it “fits” with a suspicion you might have. So thanks for pointing out these little mistakes on the video.

  • This ” is a form of belief” from decades ago to reference of microchipping society however most ALWAYS believed it would have been done so into ” an arm or part of the body” as an actual chip. “Liquid Chip” gps, or whatever type of tracking system in all people for control. These vaccines.. in a nut she’ll have been in the minds of Gates, and societies behind the black Curtain to develop such a sly, sneaky, decietful action of fear to so many who can nothing but surrender to the the fears and be injected. It’s all common sense knowledge but sadly only for ” those who had the ears to hear what the spirit within was and had always been saying” ( yes that is a biblical term Jesus DID speak of.. regardless of belief in Jesus or not . Doesn’t matter but the intuition and discernment of humanity is their own responsibility to ” have the ears to hear and the eyes to see” what the spirit has ALWAYS been speaking to all on the planet. Centuries, and centuries and centuries.

  • Yes! I saw this when it first came out and I was not at all shocked nor surprised for evil is in control of this world as it is currently Satan’s kingdom as he leads his horde imposters against humanity and whom began doing so in November 1917.
    The bible tells us that it is Jesus Christ that does away with all evil on earth. It is not man who does it, but Jesus and many are being led astray thinking otherwise.

    • Absolutely!! The chemtrails they are spraying also have nano-particles of metals of many kinds and all living things are breathing in those nano-particles making it easier for them to both track us and use technology, such as 5G against us, when we are jabbed with the transfection they call a vaccine. As a transfection, a spike protein virus is injected into the RNA/messenger of DNA which cannot be undone and which causes the ‘vaxxed’, over time, to become the super spreaders and become very ill and many will die. Sad.

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