Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss the findings of Dr Robert O Young, published on August 20th, entitled, “Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines”.

This report should be considered a warning to anyone considering the jab.

Dr Young is a microscopy expert who published his findings, complete with images, after examining the contents of the four publicly-available COVID-19 jabs with various microscopy methods, including Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy.

He determined that the vials contain graphene oxide and nano-sized particles of stainless steel and other toxic metals, which we had already been hearing about, starting with Dr Ruby’s appearances with Stew Peters in early June.

She cited papers published by the NIH about “Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine” as “the future of COVID-19 pandemic therapy” and about SPIONs or Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, in which a magnetic field is placed in and around the lipid-nanoparticle envelope surrounding the mRNA, to drive the spike protein manufacturing technology deep into your cells.

We get a bit more information here about how that mechanism might work from Dr Young’s report. He says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine contains particles composed of stainless steel that are stuck together with a “carbon-based glue” of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) that induce pathological blood coagulation through the continuous degeneration of cell membranes.

Dr Young’s most shocking finding, by far is that the vaccines contain the lethal tropical parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, a microorganism endemic to Latin America that causes Chagas disease.

September 7th can’t come soon enough, when Pfizer is obliged to deliver the complete ingredient list of the vaxx to the FDA, because right now, it looks like the “vaccine” is a deadly cocktail of graphene oxide, SPIONS, spike protein-producing synthetic mRNA and a tropical parasite that causes chronic disease and death!

Dr Ruby says numerous labs are now attempting to confirm or discredit these results.


The implications of Dr Young’s discovery of Trypanosoma Cruzi parasites in the vials are that we may now view the myriad crippling “vaccine side effects” and even the “multi-organ” effects of “Long-Haul COVID” in a new light, when we understand that some of these symptoms might be related to the early stages of chronic Chagas disease.

The T. cruzi single-celled parasite burrows into human tissue to feed on blood. After 4-8 weeks, the infection becomes Chagas disease, an incurable chronic condition with very few symptoms for years until the the organs become so scarred and damaged by the tiny parasites, that it causes heart disease and digestive complications. Chagas disease has no cure and the symptoms can only be managed.

In nature, T. cruzi is usually introduced into the host via the bite of various species of “kissing bugs”. Although the insect vector was eliminated in many countries, it continued to be spread via blood transfusions and organ transplants until 15-20 years ago.

Chagas disease occurs in two stages: 1) Acute stage, which develops one to two weeks after the insect bite, and; 2) Chronic stage, which develops over many years.

In 1–5% of infected individuals, the acute phase can cause life-threatening fluid accumulation around the heart, or inflammation of the heart or brain and surrounding tissues. (Where have we heard that before?)

Unless treated with anti-parasitic drugs, individuals remain chronically-infected with T. cruzi after recovering from the acute phase.

Over decades, 30–40% of people develop organ dysfunction, the most common of which is heart disease. People with Chagas heart disease often experience heart palpitations and sometimes fainting, due to irregular heart function.


I do not mean to add to the confusion about the fake pandemic, with its origins in a bioweapons program – or to its attendant forced “vaccine”, with its its Nuremberg Code-violating lack of informed consent.

However, we have long suspected that the PCR test statistics-driven plandemic was a ruse to “vaccinate the entire planetary population”, to quote Bill Gates and we have since learned that the so-called “vaccine” actually contains a more concentrated form of the weaponized spike protein than the “virus” it’s supposed to treat.

Would those seeking to create bioweapons stop at a respiratory tract-infecting coronavirus? T. cruzi can survive freezing and thawing, allowing it to persist in whole blood and blood products.

An organism like T. cruzi might be a handy in a bioweapons arsenal.

Is the composition of the Franken Clot Shot even more diabolical than we thought?

As Stew says, “This sounds like an intentionally-manufactured cocktail of lethal ingredients being injected forcefully into people in certain places, coerced in other places. People are losing their jobs if they don’t get this thing and they want to lower the age group to 5 years old, to inject as many kids with this thing as possible.

“And Australia, led 24,000 people – kids – unaccompanied by parents or adults into a former sports arena, now turned into the modern-day ‘ovens’ to inject these kids, multiples of which, we have unconfirmed reports are dead. Parents are coming forward, people are upset about this, understandably.

He asks Dr Ruby, “Would you suspect that there would be any medical – any justifiable medical benefit to a cocktail made of these ingredients?”

She shakes her head in the negative, “There’s no disclosure. There’s no informed consent consideration provided to the people that are being forced to take this – ”

Stew interrupts, “Consideration means, nothing anymore. They’re not even a part of considering, in many cases whether or not they are given the choice to take this.

“They are just being told, ‘Take it or be out of a job. Take it or be court-martialed,’ in the military. ‘Go to jail. Go to the brig if you don’t take this thing.'”

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  • This information is SHOCKING!! & INCOMPREHENSIBLE!! HORRIFYING!! This is a Global Holocaust!! Depopulation In Plain Sight! In Real Time!🆘
    This EVIL has To Be Exposed & REVEALED to PEOPLE!!! I’m SO CONCERNED for EVERYONE!! Especially Our Children & Grandchildren!! God Help Us!!🙏🙏🙏🆘🆘🆘🚫💉🚫🦠☠️🚫🙏🙏🙏👑

  • Remember being taught in government brainwashing camp how we beat the Nazis?

    “Have a Coke and a Smile!”– Werner Von Braun

  • Hi,
    I Definitely 100% remember what my Grandma said: Always live below your means.
    She also said: Pay cash or do without.
    Anyway For those who Seek information On The Truth keep seeking cause truth is there to be discovered.

    Title: Germ Theory Covid-19 and Pandemics Debunked
    “The Public and Even Medical Professionals Have Been Lied To For Many Many many years OF Viruses.”

    My mom Born in 1932 Was 100% against vaccines by 1975,
    Which motivated me to read up on Vaccines as a kid and ask questions as a teenager and still take time to Read when I was an adult.
    The Polio Vaccine Between 1955 to 1961 Was Traced Years Later To 98 Million People Having Cancer From The Polio Vaccine Between 1955 to 1961.

    I found this article after reading about the elderly in the United Kingdom in nursing homes were being killed with Midazolam.


    The man who Exposed This recently died suddenly in July of 2021 ,





    My State Illinois Received $174,000 Per Covid-19 Case.
    Each State is listed alphabetical order.

    Lyme Diease Made in The Laboratory and Purposelyfully Inserted into Ticks During The Years 1950 to 1975 !!!


    Dr. Gilbert Pierre Lecture in 1995 ,
    I discovered Dr. Gilbert Pierre Lecture in 1995 when a buddy said: Magneto Genetics ,
    I looked up Magneto Genetics and was Stunned at what I discovered.
    Dr. Gilbert Pierre Lecture in 1995 about a coming mandatory vaccine containing liquid Crystals perfectly Fits Today’s Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine ! ! !
    Dr. Gilbert Pierre Lecture in 1995 said:
    It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory It Was Done in Rawanda in 1994 ! ! !


    Operation Crimson Mist Happened in Rawanda in 1994 !
    And Again in
    Iraq in 2003 !

    There’s A Strong Delusion In The World As To What The Truth Is.

    Pay attention to the Technology That Will Be Used To Control and Spy On Anyone.

    The Virus Is In The Vaccine.

    ALL TEN OF The NUREMBERG CODES / LAWS HAVE BEEN IGNORED during this Fake PrePlanned ScamDemic.



    The article posted in 2014 and Written in 1969 Clearly and Easily Explains How The School System Was Hijacked World Wide By 1969 ! ! !
    It covers many countries and many many many towns and cities throughout the world in this article.

    In 2013, Federal funding for research at places like Harvard, Emory, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill suddenly became impaired when the NIH decided that gain-of-function research on coronavirus should be suspended.

    In 2014 and 2015, this research was off-shored via a US non-profit organization called the EcoHealth Alliance, headed by Peter Daszak, which reportedly received $123 million from US Federal Government agencies and $39 million from the Pentagon, alone and then subcontracted with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    As we learned earlier this week, Daszak thanked Fauci in an email in 2020 for insisting the coronavirus was naturally-occurring when both men knew it was a product of their research funding.

    In 2020, Daszak was cited as a COVID-19 Factchecker by Facebook – and incredibly, Daszak has now been put in charge by The Lancet of their task force to investigate the origins of COVID-19!


    Lucis Trust Co Formly Known as Lucifer’s Trust Co, Founded By Alice Bailey who wrote the 10 Points Against Christianity.


    Screen Shots OF COVID-19 Test Kits Ordered in 2017 & 2018 , Ordered Two Years Before The Scamdemic was Declared. In the article.

    Why Are There 13,000 Scientists Working On An Illegal Bioweapons Program in the United States ?
    The BioWeapons Program Turning Vaccines Into BioWeapons started gaining Traction in 1981 / 1982


    The OPM hack gave China intimate details on nearly all U.S. military personnel and government officials
    The “OPM hacks” refers to China’s penetration and exfiltration of over 22 million personnel data files from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, discovered in June of 2015.

    As J. David Cox, head of the AFGE government union, explained at the time, this hack compromised extremely intimate details about all members of the military and government:

    We believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees.

    The hacked data included social security numbers, fingerprints, dates of birth, pension status, gender, race, age and former addresses. More importantly, it also contained intimate psychological profile information such as:

    Sexual behavior, perversions, and sexual activities lacking in discretion.
    Risk of foreign exploitation, a metric that quantified an individual’s ability to be influenced by foreign interests.
    Using this information, the CCP was able to blackmail, extort or pressure thousands of individuals in key positions throughout the U.S. military and federal government. This is one of the big answers of how so many people in America have been corrupted by China


    Operation Covid-19 ,
    C = Abbadon
    Ovid = Sheep
    19 = Slaughter/ Surrender
    Some Say :
    Cov = Certificate of Vaccine
    I’d = Identification
    19 = Biblical Number = Slaughter and Surrender

    This Country is A Corporation Owned By The Bank of England.







    Not sure when Robert Willner Died , some articles say mid 90s , heart attack.


    George Carlin Quote :
    It’s All Been Planned Folks !!!

  • If you remain un-vaccinated, congrats, you have passed the biggest mind fck ever imposed on humanity. There is nothing dumbo ears Dr Fauci can say to change minds. Each time this clown makes an appearance on the mainstream news I can predict what this bozo is about to say. Laughable they are still talking to him as if he has something new to say. They say the science is always changing, more like the stupidity isn’t changing.

  • All the crap in these vaccines and all the symptoms of them make them a pain to detox, if detoxing a vaccine that gets passed your immune system is possible. I don’t know. Best thing is to not get vaccinated in the first place. But what are we going to do about the vaccinated? Can they be saved? So many members of my family have been vaccinated, to live in a world where they won’t exist would be a sad one. I will really miss them. I hope these vaccines are not as harmful for everyone’s sake. The people who have putted these toxins and parasites into the vaccine have to pay, same with members of the mainstream media who don’t do any investigating but endlessly promote these vaccines like the best thing ever since sliced bread. Although if they were real vaccines they are pretty crappy ones as highly vaccinated countries like Israel is having very high cases of Covid.

  • Think about this people: The conspiracy goes vastly higher than the filthy Democrats and Libs trying to kill us God-fearing PATRIOTS through something as simple as a vaccine.

    No, what those monsters are trying to do is get us to NOT take the vaccine, so we’ll die of that damned disease they created! They are actually high-fiving each other cuz we’re refusing to protect ourselves against THEIR little killer! They’ve already taken a whole bunch of our best radio and TV hosts and minds.

    Well sorry Libs, I’m gonna be around for President Trump’s rightful return to the leadership of these United States of America, even if I’m the only one left standing.

    I’m telling all of you to ignore sites like this, which are so obviously made to trick us into staying away from the vaccine and masks and all that. I’ll bet if you follow the money behind this site you’ll find it goes straight back to the whole cabal of the Democratic Party, ANTIFA, and every one of them.

    Just remember, the less of us, the less of us that will vote for the right people in the next few years!

    • If you follow the money (such as it is) behind this site, you will find that it is sustained by advertising, occasional affiliate marketing and small donations.

      Not ANTIFA or the DNC, I can assure you.

    • @Rob, there is no virus. The virus was their Plan A, but they have failed to create the patented Covid virus and it’s many variants. Dr Fauci and his cronies have spent decades trying to harm mankind, they keep failing because the natural, human immune system is too strong.

      So they have to resort to Plan B, which is to create the illusion of an actual pandemic driven through mainstream propaganda and big tech censorship. Remember 15 days to stop the spread? That was a social conditioning program to get all of us to participate and to make it feel like there is a real virus.

      The symptoms of Covid is graphene oxide poisoning. Graphene oxide was introduced in the 2019 Flu vaccine. The PCR test is flawed, if you consume alot of sugar then you will test positive. The inventor of PCR who mysteriously died months before the pandemic has said it cannot detect viruses and he was also a major critic of Fauci. Because the PCR test generates many false positives they use it to drive up the hysteria.

      • Well then what was I so sick with in early March of 2020 ???? I do NOT make these things up. I had a fever, sore throat, cough, loss of sense of smell, raging headache, etc — but it was so early in the whole “pandemic” that there were no PCR tests to give me and NO i have never ever received a flu shot in my life. So I don’t have any graphene oxide in my system. I’m as organic as they come, dude, and I treated the illness with herbs (since my terrified, locked-down clinic wouldn’t let me come in and be seen by my own doctor).
        I am frankly very tired of hearing “there is no virus!!!” Yeah, there is. Or was. something made me sick (& I am almost never sick) and it took hard work and 2 full weeks to recover. The PCR tests were the wrong approach to use — not my fault! — and no I was never swabbed either, they didn’t have enough tests to spare one on unimportant me. But don’t tell me (or others) that because the PCR tests can’t find a critter, the critter doesn;t exist. Bullsheet. SOMETHING made me very sick!

        • Likely EBV as many globally have been testing positive for for some time…Radiowaves and EBV BOTH discovered in the mid to late 1880’s…95% of the population have EBV (obviously the vaccinated)…EBV is the first virus found associated with cancer in humans…There is much more but my memory is not in my favor due to similar MYSTERY illness!!!

  • What a bunch of bullshit!!

    Please get vaccinated to save yourself and protect others.

    Professor of Pharmacology

    Dr. Klark Bogh

    • Right! The people of the world that multiplied for millenniums will suddenly all disintegrate if not for these brand new vaccines on the scene!

    • Did you see Israel? The most vaccinated country is now experiencing the biggest rise in Covid cases. The vaccine fails to protect anyone. If it is a real vaccine then it is a shitty product. A shitty product they want to recklessly inject every single person with, including pregnant women.

      Covid symptoms is graphene oxide poisoning. Graphene oxide is in all the vaccines and the 2019 flu shot. It suppresses your immune system to induce covid.

      • carefully research and SLOWLY read, and then re-read, exactly how the so-called “vaccine” works. The newest crap — the mRNA ones — turns your body into a irus-producing factory. So you go walking around, shedding the struff all over everyone. THAT’s why the most vaccinated places have a huge upswing in cases; it’s induced! And the media (liars that they are) should not be using the term “vaccine” anyway, it has a legal definition and this jab does NOT meet that definition. There’s a lot more to this. Keep digging. You’re on the right track — keep digging.

    • Dear Dr. Bogh,
      Spoken like every other Pharm D I have met, and I’ve met plenty: never seen a drug they didn’t like. Even Oxycontin, because although highly addictive, it did kill pain.

    • You are a deep state shill
      Go find the right place to troll

      If you think this is hoax, prove it
      If you wanna truly save people, why don’t you help yourself 1st, so you can educate?
      What an idiot.

    • That’s what we normal citizens think of the Dr.’s, nurses and those in positions of power, they’re all a bunch of bullshit!

      Get properly f***ed “Dr. Klark Bogh”. You and your constituents are part of the problem

    • Bunch of BS and Please get vaccinated to save self and protect others? You do not speak reasonably, which calls into effect the legitimacy, and, haste behind your credentials, It’s not a vaccine. At this point, any licensed doctor knows this is a perpetuation of a false medical model. Therefor, we have many doctors using the Nuremberg excuse for testing people without informed knowledge, which nullifies any subsequent consent, Dr. Bogh you would be guilty of crimes against humanity with such a week hearted, unscientific, and, misguiding recommendation,

    • The vax has waning immunity, and even then it only protects against severe illness. Supposedly. But idiots think it’s a traditional vaccine that prevents contracting covid, spreading covid, and dying from covid. It is NOT a panacea, so stop treating it like one. Your credentials are meaningless when YOU’RE part of the problem of baseless claims that the jabs are going to stop this bioweapon scourge.

    • Careful with this one…..and others to come? They may be the false flags James Corbett is warning about to blame the antivaccers !!!!!

  • Isn’t it ironic that the pro-vaxx crowd who been poking fun at the unvaxxed for taking horse de-wormer do not realize that they will be in greater need of horse de-wormer for the vaccine parasites.

  • I can’t believe the comments here.

    If you hate how Dr Jane Ruby looks (I think she is gorgeous) then remember she is wonderful inside and out while you are not.

  • So you are telling me that the vaccinated have to worry about graphene oxide poisoning, spike proteins, blood clots and now an ORGAN EATING PARASITE?!?!?!

    Remember, this deadly cocktail jab of poison has been APPROVED by the FDA in record time for all, including PREGNANT WOMEN and KIDS!!! What an unprecedented milestone for science. TRUST THE SCIENCE!!!

    The SICKOS are rolling out their new BOOSTER shots program this month!!! The science says you need a booster EVERY 6 MONTHS to be FULLY VACCINATED!!!


  • I been telling people that if this was a real pandemic wouldn’t there be dead homeless people? Would we really need to be told to put on masks, hand sanitize, social distance to stop the spread? Wouldn’t our borders be shut down and no refugees would be allowed? Wouldn’t politicians follow the same guidelines they impose on us in their private gatherings? Would the mainstream media need to push vaccines this hard? Would social media companies be censoring to this extent? Would they need pop up vaccination sites? Would they really need people to go door to door? Would they really need to take freedoms away? Would cases really sky rocket during the hottest part of the summer? Would a rushed vaccine really be recommended to kids, pregnant women, those with pre-existing conditions and those with natural immunity? Would cheap and proven therapeutics be ignored and then demonized after plentiful of evidence of effectiveness? If it is really about saving lives and protecting others, wouldn’t a passport system include therapeutics? Wouldn’t good news about Ivermectin stopping covid in Mexico and India be shared? Would doctors with effective, alternative treatments be censored? Wouldn’t they have an actual sample of the virus in isolation that can actually be studied? Would they really need to bribe hospitals with ridiculous amounts per death they classify as covid?

    Finally, if this was a real pandemic why is the narrative centered primarily on the vaccines and vaccination rates?

  • Mainstream news reports FDA approved PFIZER VACCINE.





    The FDA is playing BAIT & SWITCH with the American public!!!


  • This is more evidence that this vaccine is totally toxic and should be completely avoided even if your job is threatened and you never dine out or go to another retail store again. I think a lot of people are very deluded about this. They associate vaccination with social mobility and high status. I read that the CEOs of all these big corporations are vaccinated and that is why they feel they can impose it on their workforce. The only vaccines available in the U.S. are the EUA ones, that is, experimental. Hopefully, someone will sue these “vaxholes” big time.

  • I wonder about the boosters. The satanic global cabal’s plan to introduce a social credit system across the globe is failing.

    Would they make the boosters non-toxic to rebuild trust in vaccines and then announce covid is over shortly after?

    Or would they make the boosters just as toxic and continue pushing their original all or nothing agenda?

  • There is one part in Dr Robert Young’s findings that isn’t apparent to me.

    When he goes over Figures 24 & 25 regarding the Spike Protein Effect is he saying that after injection of the vaccines an acidic diet, toxins and wireless signals (5G) help activate or bring out the symptoms of covid?

    • Young believes acidic diets are bad for you, and should switch to alkaline foods/diet. Toxins are any chemical that should not be in the body. Some are transferred into the body on food. 5G like any other electromagnetic radiation is bad for your body. They have, for example, knew about the dangers of telephone microwave towers decades before cell phones. Here is a study done last year on 5G. Note the disclaimer correlation is not causation https://emfmadness.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/study-of-correlation-coronavirus-5g-bartomeu-payeras-i-cifre.pdf
      Dr. Stefan Lanka has turned the whole concept of virus as pathogen, on its head, and demonstrated that the measles virus has never been isolated in pure form to show it actually exists. he says viruses are damaged cells.

  • if you would like to find out about the rights of mankind and what’s real and what’s fiction check out thesovereignsway.com i: man signed up and i believe there offer expires thursday 9/02. It’s a 10 week course. hope it helps.

  • Hey people, nobody is putting a gun to your head demanding that you take the experi(mental) technology masked as a “vaccine.” Governments and pseudo vaccine corporations are “offering” an experi(mental) technology, no different to a supermarket that makes an “offer,” the choice is yours as to whether you accept and take the “offer.”

  • Sometimes I see a little too far into the future. European American Whitey, is being used to exterminate all of the Middle Eastern Arabian peoples, so that the Jews, can have all of the land and abundant resources. Then here in the North American region, the land west of the Mississippi River, will be handed back to the Spanish Indio Aztec Brown peoples. And the eastern side of the Mississippi region, will be given back to the First People or Redskin Indians, as we call them. My question is, will the European American Whitey, then be forced to go back to Europe? Or perish in FEMA camps? My guess about the other peoples here in America, Asians and Africans and others, will assimilate where they are. This is not sarcasm. These are valid observations and questions. One of the North American Lakota Tribal Elders, the late Russell Means, said about America, “…a nation founded in deceit cannot last”. Any comments? Capt Joe Kelley.

    • That is becoming less of a concern. You see, my friend, the global elite’s plan is crumbling apart before our eyes. The global elite will continue to act like they remain in control, but they are not.

      They are cowards and cowards are dependent on others to do their bidding. The portion of the population they have manipulated to do their bidding of promoting vaccinations and pushing for mandates is beginning to wake up. The numbers of this manipulated portion of the population that is against Vaccine Passports and/or taking another booster shot is growing.

      My friend, stay vigilant and safe. Their next play is a false flag event. They will promote a mass gathering such as a protest to attract those they wish to demonize. They employ the same tactics over and over, each time they do it becomes less effective.

  • This pandemic reminds me of pro-wrestling. Some people know it is fake while others don’t want the illusion to be ruined.


  • It is about time we get some more research to support the claims originally discovered by La Quinta Columna in Spain.

    I have shared the article below over two dozen times and called a conspiracy theorist just as many times.

    Can’t have a basic conversation with brainwashed people. You would think graphene oxide poisoning symptoms being exactly the same as covid would raise concerns, it did not! I am surprised, but I shouldn’t be. Signing away your right to sue Big Pharma before taking a rushed, experimental jab did not raise concerns to these people either.

    I’m ready to give up. I just know, given the opportunity that these people will turn on me out of spite when the opportunity presents itself. When I been trying to save them from the harms of the vaccines. When will they learn the elites, the mainstream media does not give a damn about them and their family? When?

  • Things are getting very, very, very, very interesting…

    Not one, but two SENIOR LEVEL VACCINE REGULATORS from the FDA are resigning. Why leave such an important position after working oh so hard in approving a “Safe & Effective” vaccine against a 99.98% survival rate virus? Aren’t heroes like them needed now more than ever to save lives?

    Could it be because of this new report? The original report is almost 2 weeks old but no one knew about it until the ever popular Stew Peters covered it’s findings with Dr Jane Ruby. The timeline is very interesting…
    – August 20th: Dr Robert Young publishes his findings.
    – August 30th: Stew Peters & Dr Jane Ruby cover Young’s findings.
    – August 31st: 2 Senior Level FDA Vaccine Regulators resign.

    The ship is beginning to sink.

  • Interesting info. Wished I could share this video to my circles.
    Why on earth is this Dr. Ruby presenting this important info wearing a plunging neck-line and with such heavy make-up, looking more like a woman of the streets than a medical doctor? Doesn’t she know that her exposed vanity would make her opinions hard to take seriously these days by regular folks who are straining to sift out misinformation?
    Hard to share videos with more unnecessary controversies attached to it.

    • Does everyone have to look like you? Is this about killing the messenger? Take a look at yourself in the mirror. The good Dr is trying to help humanity. What are you doing? Is that jealousy? Capt Joe Kelley

      • I’m not the one killing the messenger. Personally I can process information without bias but not most of the world that is conditioned to image marketing and branding. I’m quite sure Dr. Ruby isn’t ignorant about it, yet she’s presenting an important message with a provocative distraction shooting the message along with the messenger in the foot. Just exercising critical thinking in this aspect too.

    • My friend, listen closely, I have a special message just for you. Your words towards others is a self reflection of what is going on inside you. Those who spread hate also hate themselves. They always have low self esteem.

      I recommend you to look at your words towards Dr Ruby and ask yourself, what insecurities within me was responsible to cast such remarks? If you do this each time you will eventually catch it when it happens and then address it. Then I guarantee that you will become better because of it and good things will start streaming into your life.

    • Why must a keen observation be brushed aside and then misconstrued presumptuously as jealousy or insecurity when you don’t know the observer personally?
      Can you folks not see the importance of Truth and how it should be conveyed?
      And are we now tagging conservative folks as Taliban-ish?
      Aren’t these videos intended to be distributed to as many cultures in the world as possible to spread the truth? Whatever happened to context and dress-code?

  • Forwarded Message :

    — Why My 1990 Flu Cure Works —


    If I’ve eaten sugar during
    the day, which shifts my
    body toward an acid state,
    I sometimes wake during
    the night with a stuffy nose.

    If if I take an eyedropper of
    Glyco, invariably that symptom
    – always preceding a 5 to 7 day
    cold – is gone in about 10 min.

    Glyco is a mouthwash—and
    a powerful Alkaline-Inducing
    solution!, increasing oxygen
    in the blood.

    If you have an oximeter, the norm is about
    97–merely 5 minutes of taking Glyco, the
    oxygen reading jumps to 100.

    Here is what’s happening there ( found
    somewhere on the internet ) :

    “Oxygen’s fondness for electrons can be attributed to its electronegativity, which is the second highest on the periodic table. But it is 2 electrons short. So, oxygen is always trying to steal electrons from whatever atom is less willing to keep its electrons so that it can complete its outer valence shell.”
    Here is one of the best
    explanations, re why
    my cure for flu works,
    as increasing the
    body’s pH from, say,
    7.0 to 8.0 shocks it
    into an alkaline state,
    which flu bugs can’t
    tolerate. In other words,
    Oxygen kills flu-bugs by
    robbing them of their
    hydrogen ions :

    “Edward Vaccaro, – BS Chemistry, La Salle University (1978) –
    Oxygen is actually a base. Acidity is defined by the amount of hydrogen ions in a solution. The scale used is a logarithmic function called “pH” which is the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions in solution. This means that the lower the pH the more acidic the solution is. Given that pH is a logarithmic function the difference between a pH of say 6.0 and 5.0 is that 5.0 is ten times more acidic than 6.0.
    “Oxygen is negatively charged in ionic form. It is also highly electronegative. Hydrogen ions are positively charged. They neutralize each other forming water.
    Oxygen also forms oxides with metals and when dissolved in solution are actually bases. These bases are the opposite of acid and carry pH values above 7.0. Acids and bases neutralize one another forming water and a salt. So oxygen is not acidic at all.”


    • Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) does just that, delivering oxygen into the blood stream to knock out almost all pathogens by stealing their electrons. It can be used as a mouthwash as well as to be ingested in small doses effectively. CLO2 is by far the safest oxidative therapy since it is the weakest of them all thus only selectively denaturing foreign substances while gentle on the body’s own tissues.
      No wonder, the FDA totally banned it in 2020 and arrested the individuals that were very vocal about its efficacy against corona viruses.

      • hin,

        One may take a chorine bath ( very diluted ),

        —-but not ingest it—

        like how athletes take a magnesium bath to
        heal muscle injuries. Rather than CLO2, try
        Glyco ( explained below ) or Alka-Seltzer—or
        alkalizing baking soda (( Alka-Seltzer contains
        it, and had been invented as a Flu remedy in
        the 1920s )) :

        — The Chemistry Underpinning My Flu Cure —

        Forwarded Message :

        Bill Sardi,

        If I’ve eaten sugar during
        the day, which shifts my
        body toward an acid state,
        I sometimes wake during
        the night with a stuffy nose.

        If if I take an eyedropper of
        Glyco, invariably that symptom
        – always preceding a 5 to 7 day
        cold – is gone in about 10 min.

        Glyco is a mouthwash—and
        a powerful Alkaline-Inducing
        solution!, increasing oxygen
        in the blood.

        If you have an oximeter, the norm is about
        97–merely 5 minutes of taking Glyco, the
        oxygen reading jumps to 100.

        Here is what’s happening there ( found
        somewhere on the internet ) :

        “Oxygen’s fondness for electrons can be attributed to its electronegativity, which is the second highest on the periodic table. But it is 2 electrons short. So, oxygen is always trying to steal electrons from whatever atom is less willing to keep its electrons so that it can complete its outer valence shell.”

        Here is one of the best
        explanations, re why
        my cure for flu works,
        as increasing the
        body’s pH from, say,
        7.0 to 8.0 shocks it
        into an alkaline state,
        which flu bugs can’t
        tolerate! In other words,
        OXYGEN kills flu-bugs
        by robbing them of their
        hydrogen ions :

        “Edward Vaccaro,
        – BS Chemistry, La Salle
        University (1978) –

        “Oxygen is actually a base. Acidity is defined by the amount of hydrogen ions in a solution. The scale used is a logarithmic function called ‘pH’ which is the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions in solution. This means that the lower the pH the more acidic the solution is. Given that pH is a logarithmic function the difference between a pH of say 6.0 and 5.0 is that 5.0 is ten times more acidic than 6.0.

        “Oxygen is negatively charged in ionic form. It is also highly electronegative. Hydrogen ions are positively charged. They neutralize each other forming water.

        “Oxygen also forms oxides with metals and when dissolved in solution are actually bases. These bases are the opposite of acid and carry pH values above 7.0. Acids and bases neutralize one another forming water and a salt. So oxygen is not acidic at all.”

        – end of report –


    • My friend, the mega wealthy globalists and their puppets will not be able to walk the streets. They will have to flee into hiding because they won’t be welcomed. They will be hunted down world wide and put on trial.

      There will be another Nuremberg like type of event in the near future my friend. Everyone who was involved in producing these poisonous jabs, promoting it, administrating it and mandating it will be put on trial. In the original Nuremberg the excuse of “I was only doing my job” was not good enough, many doctors, nurses and members of the media were hanged. Also those who resigned when it was apparent things were changing were also hanged.

      The only ones who were sparred in Nuremberg were whistle blowers, without them Nuremberg would have never happened. Because things currently are breaking down at a rapid pace, I believe the window to come forth and spare yourself from another Nuremberg like trial is closing.

  • The so called “Conspiracy Theorists” weren’t kidding when they coined the term franken shots. It is exactly what these so called “vaccines” actually are. The “Conspiracy Theories” continue to be proven true.

  • Graphene alone is a warning signal. The ability to produce nano size particles just means very small, like transistors in a computer chip which are approaching 10 to 5 nm.
    What’s worrying with graphene is it can be manufactured one atom thick…..that is much smaller.
    Nano tech was allegedly used in the 9/11 massacre,as nano thermite , thermite us design to weld high grade steel and cut through metal.
    It really is obvious that the co vid brigade highjacked the 2019 flu cycle. We must be aware that winter is coming. I personally suspect that the vaxxed are dying from the new vivid variants created by newly vaxxed people.



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