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    Former ‘The Daily Show’ host, Jon Stewart, retired FDNY Deputy Chief, Richard Alles and 9/11 victim advocate, John Feal have been fighting for 17 years to help first responders and other victims of exposure to toxins at Ground Zero to get the help with their catastrophic illnesses through the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCR), which will run out of money before 2020 unless Congress votes to renew the bill. 40% of those receiving benefits from the VCR are struggling with two or more illnesses.

    Alles describes a 46-year-old man who had died that morning from what he describes as the “cancers on steroids,” from which he’s seen so many suffer and Feal says that the number of people dying of “government certified 9/11 cancers” will soon eclipse the number of those who died that day from senseless violence.

    I was there, having lived near the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane for 8 years and I can tell you that the toxic brew in those three-foot drifts of pyroclastic dust was the nastiest substance that I’ve ever breathed and it is smell than none of us will ever forget. I didn’t know that I was eligible for such a healthcare plan till I saw this and I’ll be looking into it.

    9/11 is what made me start this blog and the more I see the Mainstream Media lie about everything except in rare moments, like this, the more I feel like I have to keep doing what I’m doing.

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    • How many volunteers were there for months helping provide meals and other forms of help to the Emergency Workers who were working to find survivors and then victims recovery all while thermite originated molten metal burning for months and fumes that included Asbestos that had been used and sprayed during construction of the World Trade Towers.

      The EPA should have been Charged under various criminal charges And Guilty EPA Officials Sent to Prison due to what The EPA had down days into the Emergency Response bravely jumping into a pile of extreme heat, deadly gases and airborne hazardous partials.

      The Incredible Evil action of the EPA and Bush Admin Officials they knowingly committed when they appeared on Site of what actually was a mass Crime Scene took various ground, liquid and air samples and upon returning to Declare that the Site was clear and not Harmful for People to continue to search for survivors and victims human remains!

      “The EPA and Bush Admin. Officials were fully aware from what was determined to be found in the collected EPA WTC samples was Not Safe For Unprotected Emergency Responders who continued trying to Find Survivors and search out human remains.”

      Unlimited Money for War to steal Another Countries Oil or Bomb and Pay Mercenaries to murder innocent Civilians so a Pipeline to be built in Syria, but Dead Emergency Responders Families who have lost the Family’s Provider must Fight Their own Elected Officials for Financial Support and have money to pay for life saving health care and Pay for homecare for Hero’s who jumped onto a burning Toxic Rumble Pile to pull out survivors and locate human remains so Family could have a PC of their Most Beloved Father or Mother who were murdered by Criminal Elements of their Own Government that hides these Evil In human psychopaths that do these acts for an unknown agenda.

      I say the entire Government Employee Staff need to be fired & replaced, Including Politicians in Congress and Senate.

      Make Lobbying a serious Criminal Offense and anyone in Gov. Be jailed for min. 10 yrs.

      The Federal Government is So Corrupt in its Systems and Secrets that it must be remade with changes to make it not financial beneficial through a double check system for all activities to make corruption not worth even a small risk.

      Federal Government’s Are routinely exposed for dealing in corrupt and other criminal activity because the Sums it Money the Federal Government deals with and contracts are worth $ Millions and Billions that it attracts the worst in Human Behaviour and human weaknesses…

    • First Responders are really the most compassionate; dedicated; brave and humble folks we have on this planet. It behooves people not only in the USA but worldwide to come to their aid. It is sad to know that after giving their all to rescue and clean-up the destruction of 911 they are having to face another ‘war’ for their survival & help for their families. These are the best people we have to turn to for help in any situation. Glad to hear of what can be done now to give them aid and support for their futures. It’s a frightening word without their assistance: floods, fires, earthquakes; animal rescue, our thanks to all of them.

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